Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Revolution IX (3-20-09)

This revolution is not of the flesh and yet it is to be revealed in the flesh. It is said that for Christ a body was prepared for Him. This body is the bride. His fleshly body was a type of His indwelling ultimately through His bride. The mystery of His marriage and the two becoming one flesh is to vast for our comprehension but not beyond our contemplation. There is a fullness of time for the Son to be revealed. 2000 years ago a woman gave birth. Mary is also a type of the feminine bride. She was set aside as a virgin for God’s work to reveal the Son. As then so it is now. We as the last church age before our taking Labor in the pain of contractions to see His coming. Also we are like His own flesh that had to learn obedience through suffering. For many ages now we have had to learn obedience through suffering, but at the end of the age, like fine wine, we should be savory to our Lord. Obedience should call us to the truth of this revolution. It is a timely truth because the Son is about to appear. The world is getting dark. Like in Egypt it is a darkness that can be felt. The bride though shines in the brightness of His light. When there is an antithesis such as this there must be confrontation. What most of you don’t understand about me is that I am not preparing for this revolution but I’m being prepared by it. I have Christ presence within me. With Him comes absolute truth. No judge or three letter agency can intimidate me away from this truth. No suffering can bring me to betrayal. I need to see the Son appear for my whole being groans in birth pangs. In the fullness of time Christ appeared to reveal His kingdom of flesh in love and in the spirit. Now out of the flesh and the spirit He will be revealed in power. What we call miracle are to be normal for this bride at this revolutionary time. The body of Christ was holy. The spirit of Christ is holy. The bride is likewise to be holy. It is our destiny to sing “holy,holy, holy.” Out of holiness Christ will do His work. His holy bride, His holy flesh, by His holy spirit the Son will be revealed. Those who don’t understand what significance Christ was during His hour upon the Earth cannot fathom how much more potent His work is now. This is not the hour to shrink back in fear. He is near! No liar, no money changer, no plutocrat, no nation, no work of the devil is safe in their darkness. His revealing light is present, active, and shining through His bride. Dorean is just a small example of what faith and obedience will bring. How much more if we all put on the armor of God? Even in this success I still search my heart. We have a holy God and I know to be face to face with Him reveals my wickedness. In Him is my redemption and in His light my darkness becomes light. As I personally revolt against the darkness within me I must face the same in this world. As He has conquered me with Himself He has made me more than a conqueror in this world. He has to do the same for you because of the fullness of time. Come to the revolution where light conquers darkness. And that’s the truth!


taycamstu said...

If anyone has any update or current information on Kurt, Scott or Dr Fred please post-thanks.

Yetter said...

t-stu. You may want to pay close attention to recent events.If you know,they know.