Friday, May 22, 2009

I Surrender (3-27-09)

Many of you have been surprised by my quiting blogs. Quiting is not a true option for the Christian man but surrender is a necessity. Christianity today is bogged down by too many worthless traditions. Worthless in that they are based on false premises and not true to the gospel. The true gospel preaches Christ as the center of all things. People of the type that are always looking at others to inspect their fruit do not know the gospel and perhaps do not even know the Christ of the gospel.

In Psalms 37:5 says to commit your way to the Lord. This term has the historical association of placing your burden upon a camel by rolling it off you to it. Another way to think of it is placing a letter in a mail box. You don’t sit around waiting for the mailman to pick it up. You have committed it to their service without a concern. The best revelation I’ve heard on this came from Pastor Melissa Scott who acquainted it with the rolling away of the stone of the tomb of Jesus. Jesus doesn’t need the rolling away He passed right through the stone but we on the other hand need the stone rolled away to become witness to the resurrection power.

I have great confidence in my Christian walk but I would very much like to point out that I do not have confidence in myself. I believe the Bible’s report and experientially know my spirit that I was born into Adam’s fallenness. Nothing good resides in me. I was born and knew nothing of truth or freedom. I was a slave to the devil, this world, and my flesh. I was already entombed in my trespasses and sins. By revelation the resurrection power liberated me.

Recently I was under great spiritual oppression. The pressure of these experiences are always the same; don’t commit your way unto the Lord. Adam was disobedient and this is our inheritance. But with the Last Adam we have been given power to trust. The power and gifts are all from the Lord. If we commit our way to Him He will do the works. We can walk in them but are powerless to perform them. Think of a physical healing. My sister has terminal cancer. I can pray until I’m blue in the face for her healing, can add fasting, and tears but nothing I can do will create healed flesh. Contrary to my efforts is the Lord’s. I can share with my sister promises of God, even reveal some of the fuller knowledge He has given me about her healing being a work set out for Him to do for His glory like the blind man from birth healed by Christ, but only committing our trust in Him will liberate us from the entombment of fretting.

The bride’s glory is that she walks in the honor of her Husband. The Father set out works for Christ to do through His body. For me right now that is the work of Dorean. I will fail you all but if I surrender my will, desires, and works unto the Lord He will work. Will the fruit inspectors curse His work? Yes they will even in the name of God. They are my witness that nothing good resides within me. The only answer I have to offer you for your hope is right there in Psalms 37. That formula works because it is His way. The end of the man who commits to the Lord is Peace. Only Jesus gives peace continually.

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judge allslop said...

Syndicate surrenders!!!
Of course it will be settled. There is so much dirt in these type of transaction that discovery, a civil suit procedure, would reveal much too much. Too bad they don't have Alsup to fix it.

UBS, JPMorgan Drop Asset Seizure Appeal in Milan
By Elisa Martinuzzi and Sonia Sirletti

May 25 (Bloomberg) — UBS AG, Deutsche Bank AG, JPMorgan Chase & Co.and Depfa Bank Plc dropped an appeal against the seizure of 345 million euros ($482 million) of assets amid a probe into alleged fraud involving derivatives sold to the City of Milan, said two lawyers representing the banks.
The banks dropped the appeal at a hearing in Milan today. The prosecutor is considering a May 7 request by the securities firms to put up about 100 million euros of cash in total in exchange for having the assets returned, the lawyers said.The police froze the banks’ stakes in Italian companies, real estate assets and current accounts. The City of Milan is suing the four banks after it lost money on derivatives it bought from the lenders in 2005. The banks earned about 101 million euros in what prosecutors call illicit profit for arranging the contracts.“The banks probably didn’t want to run the risk of a ruling against them so early on in the case,” said Giampiero Biancolella, an attorney who’s not involved in the case. “Lawyers may be buying time to reach an agreement with Milan outside the courts.”Officials for Deutsche Bank and Depfa declined to comment. The claims at issue will be discussed in the course of the investigation, said UBS’s lawyer Giuseppe Bana.