Thursday, February 02, 2012

Bully Pulpit

I know many of my critics are enamored with judge Alsup. Like sheep they presume I am the lawless and he is the just.

When I sent in my 2255 he insisted I supply a memorandum of law (A very unusual request) after he received this he denied my motion. He accused me of meritless and frivolous claims. He is entitled to an opinion as a man but in his office he is suppose to be ruling according to his laws.

Something he probably doesn’t know I know exposes him as a mere tyrannical bully who wants to crush me because I won’t honor his creep show. A man on this yard copied my argument and sent it into Alsup the week after me. Alsup granted him a hearing with out a memorandum of law. All’s fair in love and war but not courts. I’m not complaining for I still feel called to defeat such wickedness. But for critics to condemn me under a standard they will excuse him for reveals to me they are not principled just break winds of opinion. Seem like there’s a lot of this going around but few have the power of Alsup to give their injustice the power of law.

I submitted a rule 59c motion to reconsider asking him to follow the law but my expectations are that a leopard doesn’t change his spots once a bully tyrant always a bully tyrant. More to come soon, the law is on our position.


mogel007 said...

US Dept. of Justice goes after Swiss banks, their affiliates, and clients that tried to hide funds due to alleged taxes unpaid. The US government is hurting for funds now that they are even going after the banks now in Switzerland where tax evasion is no crime, and doing unprecedented things to get money back here. This should be the trend in the future to economically survive for the US:

judge allslop said...

I really fucked up. Is that how you spell his name? Your honor, who would have thunk it.

judge allslop said...

The banks created the MERS system as an end-run around the property recording system, to facilitate the rapid securitization and sale of mortgages. Once the mortgages went sour, these same banks brought foreclosure proceedings en masse based on deceptive and fraudulent court submissions, seeking to take homes away from people with little regard for basic legal requirements or the rule of law.

persistancepays said...

dont maffa...

it all gonnna cum down strating the first week of march an cunt in you ing the whole year. da hole freakin zonist sytem of banking.

this is what the clif hgh/webbots say.

starting march 2, the sh8t gonna start hitting da fans.


banksing sytem collaps

WWIII being with eye ran


ho nose wha else????

persistancepays said...

also it say taht there will be...

"drooling humans walking around [from the complexity] of it all"

as if in shock :>(

persistancepays said...

This [sense of shock] is so [vital/alive] that it will be [personally affective] of nearly all
humans/life on earth. In the descriptors of the [complexity shock], we have repeated sets
that provide some sets going to the broader response patterns of the humans who endure
the [complexity shock]. These patterns include the frequently forecast [drooling humans]
who are [struck dumb] by the [process (of) living through the complexification wave
crest]. Additional descriptors include other [responses], including [SOC's (self
organizing collectives], and what we are calling [shockwave riders]. These sets refer to
what must be considered as a [new (in the 21st century) human]. These [shockwave
riders] present a [new psychology], and even a [new physiology] that will be part of the
forecast [new definition (of being human)]. In some cases the [shockwave rider ] will
[present] as an [idiot-savant], while in others the presentation will be [specifically
focused (within an otherwise 'normal' human)], and in yet others, something of a
[synergistic emergence] appeared.
All of these (and others not discussed) responses to the [complexity shock] are those that
proved enduring enough to make it into the longer term value sets, though we note that
this did not indicate effectiveness.
In the organization of reality, many orders of life (in the taxonometric sense) here on
terra are what can be called 'fourth order'1. A key characteristic of 'fourth order life' is
that there is little to no outward differentiation of individuals. Think insects...basically,
within their sub-order divisions, all insects of a type look alike. In contrast, third order
life is where there is no individuation amongst individuals (think amoebas). In fifth
order life, there is differentiation between individuals. Think humans where the
exception is any form of physically identical characteristics, and even then, as with
'identical twins', there is differentiation mentally.
While we live on a planet where the first, second, third, and fourth order life is
dominated by the fifth order beings, ourselves, it must be noted that our bodies/minds/ki
may be fifth order, our [organizations] are distinctly [fourth order] in their operation.
The [mass process/mass consumption/mass production] systems that characterized the
past age of humans are distinctly 'fourth order' in principles and operations. It is a true
statement that most of the additional (beyond expected/normal) suffering at the
individual human level through this decade (2010-2020) resulted from the transition
contention between fourth and fifth order thinking. That [fourth order concepts] had to
fail as an operational modus for the human species was imposed by universe,
1 Note that the Mayan long count calendar records the movement from the 'fourth sun' to the 'fifth sun', coincidentally.

The cessation of the building tension language in March 2012 was/is correlated with the
degradation of the [global currency systems] as well as providing the [three 'spikes'] that
[puncture] the [balloon of planetary derivatives] in a [massive catastrophe (financially)]
in or around the June solstice of that year, 2012. The [2012 derivatives destruction]
produced nearly [destroying deflation] on a level and scope that had never before been
seen on earth (we think).
The [deflation explosion of 2012] rocked the world. In a sense, given that the actual
initiation of the process began in March, the [derivatives destroying (damaged
documents) debacle] of [late spring/ early summer 2012] should have surprised no one,
yet, given all the ruckus globally, apparently many humans were caught unaware.

persistancepays said...

That the planet [shed] over [90/ninety percent] of the [notional 'wealth'] in such a short demonstrations] planet wide in 2012. Of course, losing the first 90 percent made it only
slightly easier to lose 90 percent of the remaining 10 percent over the next few months.
Yet at the same time, real 'wealth' in the form of calories of stored food, energy, the
knowledge/skills to grow more, produce more, sky rocketed in value.
This was the greatest wealth transfer in history. (DINAR RV?-ed.) The quadrillions of paper debt dissolved
into constituent fibers releasing the bonds that have held down humanity these last
thousand years and a newly reborn species emerged from the cotton cocoon of paper
currency debt.

persistancepays said...

forgot to add, "c'ya central bankters!!!" ie., da feral reverse "bank"

Oh, as a side effect, the metals (gold, silver, nickel, copper et al) as a representative for
calories in a trade ready fashion, also saw their nominal 'values' skyrocket in all
currencies (while the currencies themselves had meaning).
Markets, as places of speculation and greed and exploitation, faded as the decade
progressed into a resource constrained economy globally and 'smart' became
synonymous with successful in a world free of laws and lawyers. In the developing
resource constrained world of the 2011 to 2020 decade, the successful models did not
have internal parasites such as central banking and masonic courts and 'managers' as a
class. In the new world it was [produce or die], and as central banksters produced
nothing from nothing with nothing at risk and yet demanded something from everyone
for their no risk no work efforts at producing nothing, they died. As did 'markets' as
places of speculation and exploitation.
Universe became too serious for such non productive endeavors, rather suddenly, and
especially in our local part of the solar system.

persistancepays said...

good by feral reserve

"In the new world it was [produce or die], and as central banksters produced
nothing from nothing with nothing at risk and yet demanded something from everyone
for their no risk no work efforts at producing nothing, they died.

judge allslop said...

Want to get rid of a crime scene? Bury and cement it over.

Obama administration to move forward with closing Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
By Brady Dennis, Published: February 2

The Obama administration plans to push forward this spring with efforts to wind down government-backed housing giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and attract more private funding to mortgage markets, Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner said Thursday.

mogel007 said...

If anyone is tired of the daily European soap opera with surrealistic tragicomic overtones, they can simply shift their gaze to the eighth-largest economy in the world: the insolvent state of California, whose controller just told legislators has just over a month worth of cash left.

From the Sacramento Bee: "California will run out of cash by early March if the state does not take swift action to find $3.3 billion through payment delays and borrowing, according to a letter state Controller John Chiang sent to state lawmakers today. The announcement is surprising since lawmakers previously believed the state had enough cash to last through the fiscal year that ends in June."

OMO said...

I found the website where I purchased the book How To Refuse I.R.S. Process. The book is $30+ $7 shipping. There are no instructions of how-to in this book- only copies of documents one man sent to IRS to stop their collection process, which he claims worked. If I did not also have the book Martial Law Rule by Robert Wangrud, I would not have understood this book.

The prices for some of the books on this website are an outrageous rip off- e.g., the book In Their Own Words, which paperadvantage is selling for $150 when I bought it directly from the author for only $50!

Go to the tab BOOKS and TAPES at

This is a MUST READ before embarking on a Mortgage Elimination Program!!!
Non-judicial vs. Judicial Foreclosure; Foreclosure on Deed of trust vs. Foreclosure on Note; Why possession of note is not required in Non-Judicial Foreclosure; Understand Closing, Escrow Agents, County Records, Delivery, Acceptance and Consideration; Four Corners Doctrine; Truth in Lending and Three Year Statute of Limitation that May Apply; Fair Debt Collection Practices Act - Uses & Misunderstandings; Legal theories that may be harmful; Quiet Titles; State vs. Federal Courts; Difference between Note and Deed of Trust; Recording Deed of Trust; Three Parties to a Deed of Trust; Trustees - Duties and Obligations; Importance of understanding Notice of Default; Requirements upon trustee prior to trustee sale; Curing defaults; Renegotiations of loans; Refinance of loans; Short Sales; Importance of understanding 11 days prior to trustee's sale; Restraint of truetee's sale and pitfalls; Trustee's Sale; Recording of Trustee's Deed; F.E.D./Unlawful Detainer and its only Affirmative Defense; Setting aside a trustee's sale; Appeals without possession of property. CDs and manual are included in the package. Audio tapes available for extra charge.

OMO said...

Click on the tab where it says books and tapes tab you'll find books with information on Mortgage Foreclosure which include:

Why possession of note is not required in Non-Judicial Foreclosure;

letterkenny said...

Pardon me for being "naive"!
But, how come ACLU is not in the picture here?

persistancepays said...




Your last 26 days of life...

On March 2, 2012, the zionists (isreali mossad and cia agents) who are the stooges of the central banksters, will attack an American naval ship (as they did with the USS Liberty).

They will try to sink this ship with a huge loss of life of American sailors.

They will pretend to be Iranians to make you mad at Iran.

They intend to provoke officialdom in the US and Russia and China into killing us all.

Much of officialdom (masons, illuminati, agents of rome (opus dei et al), zionists) are in on this false flag attack, and their fervent hope for WAR to end your life, and the lives of over ONE BILLION other humans (your relatives on this planet).

So much of humanity on this planet has been made crazy by the rothchilds/rockefellers and all the priests/potentates and other assholes who put themselves on top of us all by lying and cheating and murder.

They plan on yet another fucking great war to kill off as many of us as they can.

If they succeed, and the war is created;

no more taxes will i pay ever to anyone.

no more of their laws will i obey.

if i survive the smoking, nuclear wasteland that will be the west coast of the USofA and most of earth, and there are any of the former central banksters and their masters alive, i will swear the remnant of my life to bringing them to justice. And i know what that means, even if the psychopathic pedofilic fucktards do not.

My message to them...all of officialdom is know fear. You live on the fear of others. Now it is your turn.

Fear us now.

We know you now.

Your names are recorded.

Your lives are in our hands.

Killing billions of us only convinces the rest that we have nothing left to lose.

You taught us to fear you.

Now the fear is gone, only hate remains.

Fear us now.

Or we come for you later.

posted February 6, 2012 by clif high

persistancepays said...

the zonists dun it!!!

mogel007 said...

Legal system is corrupt beyond all recognition Judge tells Harvard Law School:

mogel007 said...


1. Did you know that part of the fine you pay goes into the judges' pension fund?

2. Did you know that many court documents are “signed” with a rubber-stamp? Did you know many attorneys have this rubber-stamp so they can fake the judge’s signature?

3. Did you know the IRS maintains a criminal investigation file on every Federal judge?

4. Did you know that the Post Office is not authorized to serve process? Did you know that they are not bonded for that, they are not paid for it, and the postman cannot see into the envelope, so he cannot swear to the contents of what he delivered (and he usually doesn't see who received it)? Do you realize that “service by mail” is therefore illegal? Did you know that "receiving" mail is a voluntary act, and you have the right to refuse mail?

5. Did you know that you can report crooked judges to the Court Administrator?

Doug Bray
Mult Co Court Admin.
1021 SW Fourth Street
Portland, OR 97204

Kingsley Click
State Court Admin.
1163 State Street
Salem, OR 97310
Click here for other states
Or Click here for other states

6. Did you know that many of the judges haven't signed the correct oath of office as specified in the Oregon Constitution?

Article VII (Amended) Section 21. Oath of office of Supreme Court Judges. Every judge of the Supreme Court before entering upon the duties of his office shall take, subscribe, and transmit to the Secretary of State the following oath.—I __________ do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States, and the constitution of the State of Oregon, and that I will faithfully, and impartially discharge the duties of a Judge of the Supreme, and Circuits (sic) Courts of said, State according to the best of my ability, and that I will not accept any other office, except Judicial offices during the term for which I have been elected.—

Did you know that in many of these judges' oaths, the words "and impartially" are gone?

Did you know there are no records of the 1910 vote amending Article VII? And that Gov. Frank W. Benson signed the Amended Article VII twice while illegally holding two offices?

mogel007 said...

Speaking of the Oregon Constitution:

Article I, Section 16. Excessive bail and fines; cruel and unusual punishments; power of jury in criminal case. Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed. Cruel and unusual punishments shall not be inflicted, but all penalties shall be proportioned to the offense.—In all criminal cases whatever, the jury shall have the right to determine the law, and the facts under the direction of the Court as to the law, and the right of new trial, as in civil cases.

7. Did you know that Judge Solmonetti got "retired" when his bonding company wouldn't renew the county's bond because of his misbehavior, and the county had to dip into the general fund to pay off malpractice claims?


And did you know you can report crooked judges to the Insurance Commissioner?

Deborah Lincoln
440-1 Labor and Industries Building
Salem, OR 97310-0765
503-378-4271, 503-378-4636 or 503-378-4484

8. Did you know that if you do not have an attorney to represent you during sentencing, you cannot lawfully be sentenced?

9. Did you know that you can ALWAYS remain silent because the State judge cannot grant you immunity from Federal prosecution?

10. Did you know that the judges do not hold the full judicial power of the state? Did you know that they hold the military power?

11. Are you aware that a mere signature is not defined by law as Evidence of Authenticity? See Rules of Evidence Rule 902.

12. Did you know that if you have a complaint about an attorney, you will get much better results if you file your complaint with the Professional Liability Fund (the insurance arm of the Bar Association) as well as the Bar Association? Did you know that the PLF has a formal complaint procedure, and they actually pay out money?

13. Did you know that the Oregon Bar Association (run by the Oregon Supreme Court) lets drug-addicted attorneys and judges continue to practice, and keeps them out of jail with a special program, the Attorney Assistance Program?

14. Did you know that only 63% of Oregon's licensed lawyers pay the $2,100 per year for supposedly "mandatory" malpractice insurance? (

15. Did you know that the original purpose of the Bar Associations was to weed out the most incompetent of the incompetent?

This information is free provided you give credit to

OMO said...

I remember Alan Watt recently saying in one of his videos that they no longer regard us as men or women anymore- the regard us as males or females. Male or female what? I then saw this article the other day on yahoo:

COLEVILLE, Calif. — Updated at 5:30 a.m. ET: Blast at California Marine base's family housing area that killed one person and wounded two others was related to the unit's propane gas distribution system and not associated with activities at the base itself, Marine spokesman Nicholas Mannweiler tells The Associated Press.

Updated at 4:25 a.m. ET: A female has died after an explosion and fire at at a Marine Corps base in Coleville, Calif, Capt. Nicholas Mannweiler tells NBC News. A male and a female were airlifted to hospitals in the area in serious condition with third-degree burns.


In other words, they don't regard us as men and/or women anymore.

OMO said...

Find a judge who agree with the bankers:

mogel007 said...

Man acquitted of murder is still in jail 2 years later:

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