Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Agency is promulgated and widely affects us but few understand it. It is similar to the fiduciary duty of a trustee but the relationships are different. The Constitution is a trust document for future generations but an agency document for the living. Agency is created by a Power of Attorney or other documents. Parenting is a fiduciary relationship the parents having created the beneficiary and having a bested interest in the general well-being is a trust. God-parents on the other hand is agency. The parents have partitioned off a sliver of their powers under a contingency agreement where the child is the principle. Principles are the key to agency. In the Constitution, sovereign people are the principles and congress is their administrative agent, the president is their executive agent and the judiciary is their equitable agent. Agency being very dangerous in that agents are always tempted by the lust of greed, power, and self can abuse their relationship. The Constitution had many safeguards placed by the populists that have all been erased by the reconstructionist. There was the State and its rights as a hedge but the Senate which protected this was wiped out when it was made a second house of representatives. Our reps would be restrained by the executive if cowards and crooks weren’t our only choice. The judiciary was kept in check by jurors who have lost all power and grand jurors are just as lost. Last, there was the convention which has turned into a two-party charade instead of a place where intelligent sovereigns insist on proper agents. Now our evil agents have done one thing brilliant and honest. Let me see if I can create a word picture here for understanding. Imagine if you will a 30’ circle of wood on a 5’ wooden stake like a stop sign on a lollipop. The stake is solid and represents truth. The circle is our Constitution which is likewise solid, truthful and level for all participants. Standing parallel is one of like in size and dimensions but the stake is hollow, only having the appearance of solid truth and the circle is just a loop, only a frame of truth with no inner substance. This is the reconstructed government of our agents which is wholly illegal, a breach of duty, immediate nullification of power and office except under one condition. Now imagine inside this loop is an intricate web of a deadly Black Widow. She in the nature of government would be the servant of man but in a corrupted nature destroys the man. Now imagine one fine gossamer thread between the true government and the new. We’ll call that thread “exemption.” Inside this loop we have 60 million separate strands called codes, rules, and statutes. Once you are attached to a statute you must immediately begin the mating dance to find the loophole or favor or face certain death. In this world you are not a sovereign principle, you are a social, economic, and legal retard, incompetent. Agents now have to become fiduciary which is more power and open to discretion. How does this happen? That is a good question to ask the 40 men who watch 2 hours of cartoons every night in my pod. How have they all been reduced to 4-7 year olds making no decisions and desiring mere entertainment and escapism? The answer is through effective and intentional programming. In this our agents are truly evil but we have only ourselves to blame. Now we have a 4-7 year old competent caught in the web of deception. There is no hope and no chance but that stench would be hard to hide so we must create about a 3% survival rate and advertise this without discussing the 97% destruction rate. These 4-7 year olds couldn’t find the loopholes or understand a favor if they fell through it so we must mandate representation. Here comes the bar to the rescue. NOT! Once they appear, “exemption” is cut off. Now how does one deal with an immoral agent seeking the elevation of fiduciary who knows he is wrong? You turn off the cartoon world of fiction and exit via exemption back to the substantive form of truth. Because they left this exemption open they have the benefit of self-deception that all they do now is the product of your ignorance and a necessity by your reckless nature. Through this has the frame of truth it is an evil they will never escape from in their souls. But exemptions are doors always open until the owner shuts it. Agency is replete in the banking industry and our remedy. It is a subject one must study and something never inculcate by cartoon. Hopefully a little curiosity has been created.


WillToFight said...

I don't have to say to you Kurt "how well said!" Yeah our inate sovereignty has been slowly chipped away esp. from 1913 forward, sold to the international bank of Roth?????.

We must take our sovereignty that is/was guaranteed by the Constituation/BillofRights.

Every sector of this society is corrupted by greed, conflict of interest, etc., and must be stood up against.

Many of us appreciate the role you are playing in this Kurt and Scott, and what has been taught so far.

I'll continue my study, Knowing we have much ignorance by the agency of programming to knock down!

Stay Strong, keep teachin!

Solvo said...

I have to catch my breath after reading that one....

WillToFight said...


Go to the sight below and begin your deprogramming.

Tony Tuba said...

I had someone ask me today if I like "Taco". I told them NO - I'm Gay!

KYHOOYA said...

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Tony Tuba said...

Taco, you sure make friends fast. I know you must be upset. Come on over for a while. I'll rub your shoulders and the inside of your thighs. We will have a grand old time. I'll love you, even if nobody else will.

down but not out said...

A couple of weeks ago I stated that I would no longer watch this blog. After my post I was told to check back in two weeks for some big news regarding the C.E. and the trust company. So whats the big news. I see nothing

imbigo said...

who told you to check back, tcob?

imbigo said...

check your sources.

imbigo said...

zup will& solvo.

imbigo said...

almost forgot!!!

without prejudice
BIG"O" 1+1+1=1


Elmer Fudd said...

imbigo said...
who told you to check back, tcob?
Wasn't it solvo?