Saturday, March 25, 2006

Risk (2/22/06)

God is the object or objective of all men. Man cannot help but ask himself: Who am I, How did I become, and what created all that I’m relating to? Creation forces man to answer these questions with rejection, endless deliberation (procrastination of non-choice) or a subjective inwardness. Here is the problem with an objective view of God. He is uncertain, unattainable, and unreasonable. Every approach to Him is like a roped bridge spanning a perilous canyon. It is a risk! The crowd by nature is a collective for security; added power. It appeals to the coward and is to avoid risk. The world will hate the Christian because he is given over to risk. The modern church has reversed this in appearance when they created the cheap grace doctrine to embrace the crowd. Now the Christian mob calls the real Christian a fool. This is seen here on the blog. The so called righteous who know enough of the spoonfed scripture to puke it up in ridicule of the men who are living in risk. Without risk there is no faith. The greater the risk the greater the faith. Without faith it is impossible to please God. How many critics without risk have all the answers? None of them can know the truth because the crowd is untruth. Truth is subjective of the individual which is another subject.


Seen it in Utah said...

So, join the righteous church of Kurt the risk-taking prophet! From his cell he can spew wisdom and prophecy to the faithful. How about it Moogie--you follow Kurt as a prophet? He does claim prophetic powers, you know.

neodemes said...

Salvation is by Grace of God NOT DisGrace of Kurt Johnson

willtoflght said...

Such spew is right,you both are good at drivel.

WillToFight said...

I did not buy that information!

It was sent to me.

NeMo, there are people out there who know you, don't like you and know your a hypocrit!

I would not pay for information about you or any other on this site. It's not worth my time!

When it was sent to me, I thought it funny to do you as you've done many others on your site!

How does it feel?