Thursday, March 30, 2006

Transversing (3/22/06)

For the past 6 weeks I have been forced by the call of God in my life to transverse what I’ll call Wonderland. I had to accept bogus jurisdiction in order to deliver a message. That message was delivered faithfully and that work is completed to my knowledge as to my part. Our next court appointment is April 4th. The side effect of the message was a competency challenge which is no big deal but part of the record protection at the stage of this action. We have been wrangling over my representation of myself. (Farretta) This is not settled and will not be by our next hearing. The court has been playing 3-card-monty with information needed to settle the issue and I have tolerated it to accomplish the goal of the message I needed to deliver on 3-21-06. I’m not Alice, not a fiction, and as a real man need real facts to make real decisions. This is the path I currently see before me.

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we2believe said...

We are praying for your triumph. Stay strong.