Monday, April 30, 2007

Don’t Let this Pass Over You (04-07-07)

What we call Easter is and has always been the central hope of the children of God. Resurrection is a power not of this world. There is nothing within this world that can resist that power, not even the almighty United States. What you need to pay attention to in the Passover story is God’s timing. When we are suffering we always have sense of urgency that tampers with our perceptions of time. With God though timing remains precise. In the first Passover God was fulfilling the prophecy given to Abraham and Jacob at the exact time. When Christ gave himself it was at an exact moment of fulfillment for many prophecies. There was no other time in history that would prove God true and every man a liar. Passover week this year gave me the sense that God is still about His perfect timing.

On Monday 4-2 New Century Mortgage filed chapter 11 bankruptcy. On 4-3 Fannie Mae fired 1400 workers as part of a downsize. Could it be that the market is ripe for exposure? As we come to the moment of truth with our claim and theirs the public, and jury pool, is being bombarded with mortgage concerns. Divide and conquer is the great tactic used by the defacto government against us and all their enemies. It’s funny but God seems to have set up the perfect milieu to expose our enemy to this tactic. New Century out of self-preservation will now rat out their banker-backers. I suspect these confessions shall be very beneficial to us. As many of you suffering has gone on too long. God is late but He sees so much more how to deliver. It says whom the Son sets free is free indeed. We have been patient and obedient which has allowed us to see God’s timing arrive. Watch how He will perform in such a way that our trust is justified and our doubts proven vanity. The death angel will Passover with its threat because Christ has already conquered death with perfect timing. He has been resurrected, is alive, and is about His business, which includes caring for you, me, Dorean, truth and timing. Praise the Lord! Amen!


provb1022 said...

When Christ gave himself it was at an exact moment of fulfillment for many prophecies. There was no other time in history that would prove God true and every man a liar.

This is true. In the fullness of time God sent forth His Son ....His deliverance from the fraud of these banks will come in His exact timing.

GYHOOYA said...

'Time' is a funny thing. If one were to take a good look at how it has been used here and throughout histiory to get the meant of our wanted Gov't ways done you could very easyily see the use and misuse of power in this case there is no hiding it and no explaning it away the act that hve been done here that show the power at work and their disrgard for any ones right in the process of their doing is the last thing they are concernd with .
The facts that go ito the use of locking someone up to get the power they have to be lost or lessened is see in many different time throughout history and most of the time it work well ut in a new internet world that the Gov't is just getting used to the fact that these guys put this BLOG into play they had not counted on and it has keep what we must all aggree on something that would have gone to the way side and all would have drifted off long ago from the interest in the dorean group or this fight or pligght withever way you look at it there would be not but a hand full the had the interest that in compare this site keeps in the 100 maybe 1000 who knows for sure but this is for sure the Gov't will do whatever it takes to stop the large numeber that had formed around this at when they stepped in that is for sure and that is the answer that people like Justics who finds so many things interesting will never say or admitt to because to do so would expose him for the person he is who more than likly is gianed by something like this or thatt the banks kep there footing because it lines his pockets with your money and why would he work tio harm that

thae facts are there if you choose to see them so much so it is becomeing harded for the Gov't to make a move without openng up a window to se these but nevertheless they have done what they have and wioth or without their help they will be exposed fro it soon

So take a good look at the real goings on and then see for your seldf about the stories told here and teh power that is in this and for what end is it.

You can't not see it it and latter I will show you exactly how all of it was done and for what reason so that even a simple mind could understand it

Remember something all of the news is control in one way or another in some way lage or small if need be but the one that is still king when it comes to being able to say and do what right or the truth is the NEWSPAPER and let it be known that their are still plenty of people that take what the newspaper has to say as the truth so what out fora bite coming soon that will show these underhanded liers for what they are ,
they made their chose back just aa bit ago when they crossed the line of unfair and down right just mean by my take on it so will see who gets the last fact in when the TIME comes just watch how it works by

near the end said...

There are already many reporters watching what happens here.

mogel said...

Here we go again!!!!!!!!

The Federal Reserve is jealous of other forms of electronic money out there & uses government to do their dirty work again & targets the number 1 E-currency company. Of course, false charges of money laundering/child pornography, had to be lodged against E-gold/G&SR in order to accomplish and justify the government's devious acts:

"On April 27, 2007, the government served seizure warrants on G&SR
ordering it to freeze, liquidate and turn over to the government the operating e-gold accounts of G&SR and e-gold Ltd. The value seized, about $762 thousand worth of e-gold from e-gold Ltd. and about $736 thousand worth of e-gold from G&SR [on top of the $0.8 million seized from G&SR in 2005, and the approximately $1 million spent by G&SR so far in its defense] constitutes the bulk of the liquid assets of both companies.
Perplexingly, a post-indictment restraining order states "Nothing in the provisions of this restraining order shall be
construed as limiting the e-gold operation's ability to use its
existing funds to satisfy requests from its customers to exchange
e-gold into national currency, or its ability to sell precious metals to accomplish the same once approval has been obtained." Having taken virtually the entire operating funds of G&SR and e-gold Ltd., that is, the e-gold in both companies' own e-gold accounts, it is unclear if the government has even a basic grasp of the operations it has been
investigating for three years at a taxpayer expense in the millions.

The most remarkable element of the restraining order is that the US
government deputizes e-gold with plenipotentiary powers to act as judge, jury and executioner against any account user e-gold itself has deemed to be a criminal."

notorial dissent said...

Good old Mooney, a day late and a dollar short and without a clue.

The Federal Reserve had nothing to do with the downfall of E-gold, but the Treasury Dept, the Secret Service, and the FBI certainly did. They were busted for currency violations, money laundering, record keeping, and aiding and abetting in illegal money transactions. All of which are Federal felonies. I find it interesting that the company’s listed assets total only about $1.5 M, not very much money for what was supposed to be such a big operation.

Sounds like you found another winner to back there Moogs.

mogel said...

Notarial Dissent:

The next thing you will probably say is that there is no symbiotic or parasite relationship between the Treasury, the FBI, Secret Service & the Federal Reserve.

Egold was busted for ALLEGED VIOLATIONS. The charge of egold somehow abetting child pornography is a joke. And because of the possibility that some egold client did something wrong, the owner of egold has to suffer financially? Where's the justice in that?

mogel said...

Notarial Dissent:

How is the prosecution going to prove "intent" and "knowlege" in the case against egold owners? How are the owners of egold suppose to know what business some client/egold account holder, is engaged in or know exactly all of the time what clients are doing with their money? Must EXTENSIVE background checks be done before an account holder is even accepted by egold? How does egold know if someone is lying on their application for an account or is even engaged in illegal activities? How much due diligence is REALLY REQUIRED for a business before you become a target & create liability for yourself?

Has it all come down to, don't do business with anyone that might have an offshore account or has offshore activities because than you become a target of some Federal investigation?

Are you somehow suggesting that the books of egold are based upon lies & that they have more assets than they disclose?

I thought Paypal bought out egold? Am I mistaken on that point?

mogel said...

Notarial Dissent said:

"The Federal Reserve HAD NOTHING TO DO with the downfall of E-gold, but the Treasury Dept, the Secret Service, and the FBI certainly did."

You must also believe that Charles Manson HAD NOTHING TO DO with the Sharon Tate murders either, huh?

After all, did Charley kill anyone? Of course not, so he must be vindicated & anyone that believes he should be punished or played a part in any felony is just a whacko.

sop3 said...

Removal of E-Gold - Published 27.04.2007

It appears that a U.S. Government court order has forced e-gold® to close down or confiscate many e-gold accounts. Most of the exchangers out there have been closed by order of the US Government.

Please note that it appears the accounts of a number of the largest exchangers and largest users of e-gold have also been closed or confiscated overnight: millions of Euros of gold have been lost or confiscated in this event. A couple of large exchanger's accounts have been shutdown.

Due to this, we are forced to stop accepting deposits and withdrawals through e-gold at this point. If everything gets sorted out and cleared, we may start accepting payments and withdrawals through e-gold again at a later time.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause some of our users, and we can only recommend our users to apply for HOI accounts which, as we earlier have explained earlier, is the most secure way of transferring funds in and out of your xxx accounts.



ha, i m sho the beast hq'ed in urope is very happy about

"...shut down and millons of euros have been constipated......"


sop3 said...

dun worry, a little bit o' ex lax will get 'em to s**t out all the uros...


truth aint it??? dont we just have the best govt. money can buy??

didnt get that did you?

an fo this, theres soiders fightin in iraq to die for?

fo what?

see how the HS comes in. most those soliders dont have the HS, so they dont know they dyin fo nuthin. if they did, they would not go there in the first place.

good ole' auntie sam, i meen unkle scam......

sop3 said...

but you good ole govt aint dun with you yet. they got somethins comin make 9/11 look like romper room.

fo one thing, there are comets coming near the earth soon wihhc are going to cause mass destruction, make so called terroists look like capt. kangaroog.

these comets are going to dirupt the whole earths magnetic field and cause millons to die.

why dont you govt. tell you this???

coz they lookin out fo yo best instants, as in instant death.

yep. gawg washinboard would be done prowd of the govt. today....

poopoo said...

what is going to happen to the terrortits when the comit comes? They can't possible hide anywhere from a comet.

notorial dissent said...

Moogey blathered The next thing you will probably say is that there is no symbiotic or parasite relationship between the Treasury, the FBI, Secret Service & the Federal Reserve.

Well, they are all either Federal Offices, Agencies, Depts, or corporations. The Treasury has oversight over anything having to do with money, and both the FBI and the Secret Service have responsibility in monetary crimes, so I guess you could say they have a relationship couldn’t you????

The reason e-gold got busted was for reporting, record keeping, and for currency violations. While it may come as a surprise to you, it is a legal requirement that any business doing what they are doing, keep good records of who their customers are, and what they are doing, and report transactions that come under the reporting requirements, and somehow, having customers with names like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse don’t cut it.

Intent my dear dumb Moogey will be proven by their sloppy or non-existent record keeping, by the ficticious names their clients used, the lack of tax id numbers, the transfer and reporting violations, and mostly by them not having been properly licensed. Not going to be any big trick. There is no requirement that they do a background check, there is a requirement that they get valid id information from their clients, which they didn’t do. As to how much due diligence is required, it mostly breaks down to jus following the law, which they weren’t. What it comes down to is don’t try and do something dishonest and then you won’t have to worry about getting caught, now will you? As far as I have been able to determine, there has been no question about their books, although I think some of their claims will come out as fraudulent once they have been really audited. Why would Paypal have bought them out, they want to stay in business.

Moogs, the Federal Reserve has no enforcement or police powers, but the Treasury does, and they take people making unreported currency and transfer operations without legal authority very seriously. If it has to do with money, in any form, it comes under Treasury regulation and authority.

sop3 said...





This ought to be very interesting to watch - will the corpress let this one out of the bag - I mean it's out to the aware people who go for more than spoon feeding, but will the spoon-fed ever hear of this? We await...

OK. lets see what the Controlled News Network does with the story?



as the bible says that all conspricys shall be revealed someday, CNN will come out with the story that the Feral Reserve really isnt a govt. org after all!

cant wait fo that day!

habakkuk said...

ND said...

"Moogs, the Federal Reserve has no enforcement or police powers, but the Treasury does, and they take people making unreported currency and transfer operations without legal authority very seriously. If it has to do with money, in any form, it comes under Treasury regulation and authority. "


sop3 said...

OK, cant wait for my weekly LOLO!!!! fix.

for all you peepls who like to read true conspercy storess, the new one is out:

01 May 2007


got to go read it now, see if they any mo loomati running naked down the street; as a good person, maybe i can offer them some cloths....or if they cant pay they gorcery bills....LOLOLOOLLOOO!!!!!!

sop3 said...

all i can say is WOWWWW!!!!

this report has more info in it thatn all the others put together.

cant even begin to know where to begin, but one thing i am surmising, is that the feds attack on e-gold is somehow related.

good or bad i dont know, but its def related.

eitehr e-gold has been a place where the "ops" have been able to hide they money, or, they are all broke and have found a "cash cow" to raid, figuring that no one will care if they raid a money trnasmittal business that is somehow involved in "child porn" which the ops probably use e-gold to buy the chld porn themselfs as they are "lucifers childrens"

i will try not to use e-gold, because altho i know tht e-gold is a good company, these ops are now really probalby desparate and will try to steal all e-golds assets form them.

sop3 said...

from World repots:

• The question therefore arises, and we are not joking:



here is the story, Mr. Story:

if yo read the bible, it explain it all:

read the Book of Revelation. in it you will find that it says, that there are 3 "kingdoms" which will be "pulled up by their roots"
by the BEAST (ROME)

it is beginning to appear that the poor brits will in fact be one of them. it makes more sense when you fact in that the brits are the only ones who managed to kep their own currency GBPs and fight off the euro and now accoding to you report, the brits want to witdraw from the youvebeenpeeing urine, and yo no, that the iron fisted grip of the BEAST (ROME) will never let that happen. ingland will never escape the clutch of the beast. (rome,who right now are using they proxy agents, usa, germany etc. until they take full contnrol after the rapture)

now, the quewstion is, who are the other 2 kingdoms who the beast will try to destroy. any guesses??

scotland? wales? ireland? good guesses as these are technically all the UK, but somehow, i dont thnk so.

how bout some of the nordic countries? norway, swweeden, denmark, fineland, etc.???

sop3 said...

and the connection is becoming mo and mo obvious everyday

DG $$$$ = WANTA $$$$

when one get pay, the otehr get pay.

so, if you wiat fo yo dg $$$$, dont complain to dr. f, just write you email to the whit haus, tell them to show yo the money! that yo waitin fo.

Stillwaiting3 said...

I am getting ready to refi my house. My house is still in the DG Trust. Can I still refi if I am set up this way?
If not what do I do?

notorial dissent said...


Do you have a copy of the trust document?

mogel said...

Notarial Dissent: You don't know what you are talking about! You are no expert on this particular subject matter. You're brainwashed like most of the masses. The courts are protecting their lie, and fantasy world, pure & simple. They'll not be able to do this indefintely though.

Here a guy that's an attorney & has had 20 yrs. first hand experience as an attorney & legal officer for the legal departments of the Federal Reserve Banks of New York and Cleveland. He is one of the Federal Reserve System's recognized experts on the legal history of central banking with the pledging of notes, bonds, & other financial instruments. An expert doesn't get any better than this. The expert witness is:

Walker F. Todd (Ohio bar no. 0064539) Expert witness for the Defendants Walker F. Todd, Attorney at law 1164 Sheetbrook Drive Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022 (440) 338-1169, Fax (440) 338-1537 email:

Here's a case he was involved in:

Bank One, Plaintiff


PRATIMA, Dave, jointly and severally

See the affidavit he filed in court once:

This affidavit shows the truth on the subject. The Federal Reserve publications such as "modern money mechanics" or "Two Faces of Debt", and many others also spell out what is really happening in the loan transaction too. It is no fantasy as you allege. There's enough proof out there & enough written on the subject to show that the courts are the one's harbouring the lies & fantasy.

Course any client fighting your lender, don't expect or ask Mr. Todd Walker to be an expert witness for you since he is also been "bought out" so to speak. He will only now testify in a court proceeding where the contract specifically has the words "legal tender" in your contract & he is not one to "rock the sytem or cause any waves" either anymore.

Mr. Todd knows how the System works, but he has turned his back on doing the right thing. That's what separates Kurt & Scott from almost everyone else, they have put their lives on the line for what they truly believe and know. That certainly doesn't make them a scam artist as you allege, but someone dedicated to the calling they have received.

Makes me wonder what you will say when Kurt & Scott will go free?

notorial dissent said...

Moogs, hate to break it to you, but I do have more than a little knowledge of the financial industry, in fact, I have right at twenty years in the banking, brokerage, real estate, and legal areas, so I have seen first hand the things you are having delusions about, so I not only have no illusions about it, I know how it is done for real.

Walker Todd is as big a fraud as dim and dimmer. There is no case on record of ANY, repeat ANY court ever paying even the slightest bit of attention to his work of fiction.

Further more, when I checked with the Federal Reserve on an employment verification of old Walker, their response was WHO??? so I would suspect his work record is right on par with his financial acumen, which is to say nil.

So far from being “an attorney & legal officer for the legal departments of the Federal Reserve Banks of New York and Cleveland”, he along with dim and dimmer is a fraud, and not even a good one at that. His so called affidavit is a piece of poorly written drivel of no legal or evidentiary value, and the case you so proudly point out “Bank One vs. HARSHAVARDHAN”, guess what, they lost!!!! which is no surprise. As to being bought out, I suspect the promise of sanctions if he participated in any more attempted mortgage fraud was enough to send him back under his rock. I quite frankly doubt if old Walker can add a column of numbers and come up with the same figure twice.

As to Kurt and Scott going free, there will be pork in the treetops long before that happens.