Friday, June 29, 2007

Our Mediator (06-07-07)

One of the things I notice about myself which I suspect is typical with many of you is my desire to gather enough information to feel I have a full grasp of my circumstance. There’s a real vanity about this desire and a real temptation to doubt. Faith is a trust response to God’s word. Because God is unfathomable our reason demanding confirming evidence is really looking for the opportunity to be in control, to be God. In my trial I’m surrounded by these situations of trying to calculate every possible scenario, every strategic maneuver. What I think has been our greatest success is that Scott and I have been patient and attentive to hear God’s direction. He is so much wiser and clever. To trust God appears risky and yet it is the safest most secure direction to head. I doubt in two strange ways. One that God understands my needs or my circumstance. Two that if I trust Him He might fail me. Both are absolutely false. We have many great ideas on what to do but we no longer live to ourselves. Christ is now the mediator to all my relationships. I am dead to this world, to this trial. Christ is mediating as my advocate. The enemy contends with Him and His plans. I do not contend with my enemy I contend with Christ. As soon as His command arrives “Follow Me” I must or be disobedient. If I fail I have no problem with my enemy I have a problem with my Lord. It’s a solitary individual relationship absent any other parties. For the first time though when I follow I have the true capacity to relate to others because Christ knows them. This is where all our advantage comes from and where our enemy is whelmed by our mediator. This truth is the same for your trials. Don’t look for resolution outside Christ for it resides in Him and Him alone. Even as I write this it has all been mediated through Christ and by that alone will have life if you are not like the doubters lost in themselves commenting here.


neodemes said...

Kurt, for the first time since you started this blog, I can say good post and I agree with you.

sop16 said...

soory greenscom,

geuss that they dun want yo to no aobut dim mak "death touch" fighting while yo in the cam.

they romoved the post.

maybe yo can hire an acupurnctist as a bodygod??

like i said before, in TCM (traditional chinese medicine) all the acupuncture points are the same for healing/injuring.

so you can just get a good acupuncturist should be able to protect yo.

those chisnese were some smart mofo's.

they figured out theory of yin/yang which apply to everything.

yin/yang = at the extremes, yin must change to yang or yang to yin or cease to exist.

exmaples everywhere:

yin turns into yang

yang turns into yin

sun rises and sets

moon rise sets

tide rise and falls

winter turns to summer

heat turns into cold

(when yo sick)

fever turns into chills, right?

chills turn back to fever, right?

someone throw a puch at yo, just look at it as incoming energy (yang energy) and turn around and deflect it and send it bak to whre it came.(yin energy)

everything is energy (qi)

yo shold have watched to most realistic gong-fu tv show series ever made starring david carrotine


they talk about the qi, you can lern a lot form the show

they even talk about TCM, the most advanced healing method on the planet

TCM uses herbs, acupuncture, qigong, gua-sha, cupping,

all rearrange yo energy to achive energy balance






so, if yo got a weak heart, yo spleen wiil get weak as weak fire energy cannot create earth energy



means if metal energy (lung) gets strong, wood (liver) energy gets weak

if wood eneryg gets strong, then earth energy gets weak because with wood, the earth is moved

like a tree growing in the ground displaces earth (dirt) etx.


and with tcm, even herbs have hot/cold energy

so if you get a cold, then you take warming (hot) herbs to drive out the cold.

if you have internal heat, you take cooling herbs to quench the heat. etc.

whatver form you use, herbs, acu-p, qigong, you balance the imbalance with the opposite

so too much yin is balanced with adding yang

too much yang is balanced by adding yin

too sedate (yin) then add yang (exeercise)

too yang (hyper) then add yin (rest)

as yo can see, i have studied this in detail and am a student of TCM

sop16 said...

oh, and i almost forgot about the yin/yang symbol of the two "fishes" swimming around with an eye on each

the dark fish is yang

the light fish is yin

the dark "eye" is yin

the light "eye" is yang

so no matter how much yin or yang there is, the symbol show that there must always at least be a "drop" of the other inside or they both cease to exist

lik when someone dies, natrually....

yin separates from yang completely

also, as in cancer; a lump (yang) is forming in the body as the components of the blood (yin) are beginning to separate out

again, yin separating from yang and allowed to continue to complete separation, death results

so healing cancer; simple matter of using herbs for reassimilating yin and yang for smooth flow of blood and dissolving the lump

the lump also is a form of "concentrated energy" (thats all)

so, this also means that somehow your thoughts are focused interminably on a point
which corresponds to where the lump is, as the lump is in an acu-p channel and this channel can be determined and thus what the woory is about as worry is focused energy on a thought (point) related to the spleen which governs thinking.\

early chinese didnt have a word for cancer.

too much worry/thought/pensiveness stagnates energy and damages the spleen

too much anger makes energy rise damages the liver

too much sadness slows down/stagnates enrgy and damges the heart (crying)

too much fear makes energy descend and damages the kidney (wetting pants)

too mcuh grief scatters energy and damages the lung

sop16 said...

"too much anger makes energy rise damages the liver"

apply to martial arts:

if you can sense energy as the masters can, then if you going to get into a fight, you know when someone is going to try to hit you, as

before they can hit you, there energy must rise, (not in quantity, but actually in height from botton to top)

so in xingyi-quan 5 elements, you know that metal cuts wood, so when they liver energy rises, you cut it down with metal (lung) energy

so in order to stop a wood (liver) attack (crushing fist) you would use lung metal (cutting fist) and you would literally need strong lungs to use this punch (cutting fist) just as you would need a strong liver to use crushing fist.

sop16 said...

too much worry/thought/pensiveness stagnates energy and damages the spleen

too much sadness slows down/stagnates enrgy and damges the heart (crying)


these two may seem similar, but are not arising form differnet energy imbalances

as exmaple, the difference betwen choosing to lie in bed when you are able to get out of bed (healthy) and lying in bed when you are not able to get out of bed.(sick) even if you wanted to.

forced vs. unforced action or choice

sop16 said...

how many peple lives are destroyed by doctors telling them that they are depressed.

as in above example;

depression in TCM is energy imbalance.

so, if you dont do much it may be one of two things;

stagnated enrgy; you can do things but dont want to; this is real depression

or not doing things becasue you have no eneryg to do them.
in this case, your energy is depleted and you must rebuild it first. to take drugs which force you to "move" will furhter deplete your energy and will kill you.

again, not doing things because you dont want to vs. not doing things becauese you are not able to for lack of energy.

if you see a parked car, you dont know if its not running becasue it cant run or because its just parked there temporarily but is capable of running.

habakkuk said...

SOP, I am so fascinated by that stuff....Where did you learn about that? Is there a good book you would recommend?

I looked at that youtube video...Thats unreal.

I agree, the Chinese where way ahead of their time.

A friend of mine told me about this:

I know, I know....this has nothing to do with mortgage fraud but its Friday night and we all need a break:)

Karen said...

really appreciated you blog today, what we can do, He will not do, but what He wants us to do, we must do.

sop16 said...


a good beginning book i recommend is daniel reids "complete guide to health and healing"

you can get a used copy in paperback from amazon as its out of print now.

i have studied TCM for many years now and its still one of the best even for intermediate or advanced students, but for beginners no equal in my opinion as it covers all the aspects of energy, not only acu-p, but qigong, and others including herbal energy and tonics

covers the 4 diagnostics of disease:

too much(yang) or too little (yin) as imbalance results from too much or too little of a component of:

yin, yang, blood, and qi

the eight indicators of diagnosis of disease in TCM

is the energy imbalance:

internal or external?

hot or cold?

empty or full?

waht is the status of blood and qi?

here is the link to amazon with the book and others by the same author

but this book altho a beginners book, would take one years to master and understand completely all the aspects it covers in TCM

The complete book of Chinese health & healing (Hardcover)
by Daniel P Reid (Author) "The Chinese word 'Tao' (pronounced 'dao', as in Dow Jones) is cropping up with growing frequency throughout the Western world..." (more)
Key Phrases: energy commands essence, deep diaphragmic breathing, lower elixir field, Five Elemental Energies, New Medicine, Four Foundations (more...)

(10 customer reviews)
10 Reviews
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See all 10 customer reviews...

link below:

Reid's third book on Chinese medicine, martial arts, meditation, and related subjects is thorough, clear, and informative. It opens with an account of the three treasures of Taoism: essence, energy, and spirit. Then, Reid weaves ancient and modern Chinese healing and Taoism together in order to paint a good picture of the background and current practice of his subjects. The portrayal involves contrasting Chinese and Western theory and practice--contrasts that sometimes identify major problems in the Occident. It also involves defining medicine broadly so that material appears on low-energy electrical waves as well as on the dangers of the standard American diet. While the book contains much practical material on Chinese remedies and techniques, it also underlines the Chinese emphasis upon prevention; indeed, "traditional physicians regard disease as a failure of preventive health care," Reid writes, "not as an opportunity to test new drugs on patients." William Beatty --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

sop16 said...

i must also mention that altho i have studied TCM for many years, I have still not forgotten who the Supreme Healer IS.

Yeshua HaMashiach.

as TCM is based on earthly truth becasue western medicine deals in poisons (toxic drugs which all come from petroleum products, i.e., oil) so TCM is as close to the truth as one get can get regarding healing is concerned from an earthly perspective, but not a heavenly one.

if god wants one to get well, he will regardless of using TCM, and if god doesnt want one to get well, then he wont even using TCM.

i myself have exhausted all study of TCM that i can do as at the highest levels of TCM, TCM becomes spiritual; ie. begins to use chinese astrology and the bagua (the eight trigrams) for healing, which christians cannot do.

if you notice, the dim mak video that you have wathced, the master is not really using gong-fu as much as he is using qigong, which is the skill of energy control,

thus, just tapping someone and having the skill to rearange theri energy and casuing injury without actually using punches and kicks

these are what the chinese call the internal martial arts (yin) vs. the external (yang) martial arts.

external martial art= gong-fu; trains muscle, power, reflexes, technique

internal martial art = taijiquan, xingyiquan, baguaquan trains internal eneergy, mind, resistant to pain/injury

so, as you can see, both styles are effective and as one advances in one style, eventually one trains the other aspects also to combine the two.

so young MA students train the hard external styles they like to watch in gong-fu movies

older student trains the internal soft styles that you saw in teh video

both are equally effective at repulsing attacks but the internal styles takes loinger to train.

a beginning student takes 3 years of external (hard, like gong-gu) training to fight effectively

the same beginning student needs
10 years of internal (soft, like taijiquan) to fight effectively

in 10 years, they are both effective fighters

so, you may ask, why bother waiting 10 yeers to lern to fight effedtively?

the answer, grasshopper is way too much long to discuss here in a forum.

a couple of simple answers:

suppose you start MA training at 50?

there are health benefits to studying the internal soft MA's

these are just 2 reasons form '0000s of them.

habakkuk said...

Ahhhh Soooooo....I understand.

Dont worry, I wont go off the deep end with this stuff...I have read up on some martial arts and i stop where they start getting into spiritual stuff that is against the Holy Spirit.


sop16 said...

if yo want to take classes in either soft or hard chinense MA, a good place, whre i have taken a class or two is

yang's ma academy

under the direction of master jwing-ming yang

master yang also has published more books than any other chinese MA instructor

sop16 said...


Don't forget the evening of July 4th into the 5th, Cliff from will be on CoastToCoastAM with George Noory.

Cliff's a low-profile guy, but there's enough stuff in the predictive linguistics that deserve a general public airing, that he's agreed to do it.

sop16 said...

speaking of the spiritual, i was thinkign of k & s and i bet that they could (and should) write a book when they are out, on their experiences while in confinement.

as they have reached the end of the journey, just about, i am willing to to bet that the money is not even a thought for them any longer.

not that they cant use some, as we all have to pay bills etc.

but,just that their spiritual experience has taught them much more than money could ever make them happy.

they got to enjoy a long walk on the beach with THE MAN

it would be interesting to read a book they could write in a year or two

near the end said...

I would buy it.

sop17 said...

have checked the martixengetics site.


some parts seem to be like chinese qigong work.

some parts did not.

overall, if i stidied it further, i would bet that it has much similarity to qigong healing hands

where one touches a person and injects healing "qi" into their body.

nonetheless, the whole issue of a raising of consciousnesss and a paradigm shift; could this be a prelude to the rapture.

also rember, that the apostles were given healing ability of touching the sick.

should not a christian have the same power and ability to heal with their hands "in yeshua's name"

as i am aware that a "shift" is occurring, i am increasingly tempted to try to place hands on a sick and say the words, "I heal you in Yeshua HaMashiach's name"

however, failure is not an option, so i dont believe that i have been given that power....yet.

if the paradigm is shifting, then i will know when the time is right to attempt it, as the HS is being poured out and those worthy will be given these powers soon.