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I recently taught a bible study on the Book of Ruth which deals with the kinsman redeemer provisions of the law. This is a great allegorical story for the truth of redemption, which is lost to most of the world. It is one of the truths that divide the masses on the blog and perhaps the sole reason I mention God at all. Dorean promises redemption from fraud and from the overarching fraud, which has come in to defend it. Now redemption not being understood by the many will be confusing and be ridiculed by the masses. For the few though it resides as an endless well of hope. In the book there is a character I call the barefoot redeemer. He is the first in line as kin to Naomi and Ruth. He has all the legal rights and is symbolic of the law. The law was a schoolmaster but never had the power to redeem. Every view upon the law found us lacking and deficeint. In this state we could only be condemned. Many people even in their good intentions have found themselves trapped in this law of condemnation. It is something we inherited in the curse of the fall; the knowledge of good and evil. In Romans 3:21-26 it is made clear that there is a righteousness apart from the law and I’ll add exceeding the law and that being the faith of Christ. This righteousness is not absent the law but satisfied it. Boaz in the book symbolizes Christ who having a desire to redeem was diligent to do all that He had to do to obtain the right. He went to the barefoot redeemer (the law) and satisfied it. He did this in the courts of heaven in front of all the witnesses by contract. Only then could he redeem by right.

In the New Testament we are admonished not to judge lest we be judged by the same standard we use. If we use our knowledge of good an evil like most here then the law will condemn absolutely. In Christ we have His faith, which exceeds the law without minimizing the law. The term used for God in this book is Shaddia that gives us a clue of the stories intent. Shaddi is “Almighty” which must automatically contain authority over the law. The other connotation of the name is the breasted one. The mother side of God. This nurturing, mothering bosom that we all ran to when we were perplexed by the discipline of our fathers. As Christ teaches us a righteousness greater than the law we are disciplined and nurtured by the same redeemer. I point this out to you because many here have all the wise judgment they presume because absent most of the facts and knowledge of anything greater they use their myopic midget minds to pronounce their decrees of good and evil. One of the great markers of this wonderful gift is others are always evil and I am always good. Harsh judgment for others and mercy for me. Can you think of a more severe judgment then to be lost in your trespasses and sins and believing you are good? I have never professed my righteousness on here except that I boast in Christ and His ability to keep me obedient. I can forgive those who for a mere $3,000 think I owe them my life wrongly and then hate me when through a greater righteousness than their law I willingly give it. I encourage all of you to run to the faith of Christ for you will discover a righteousness apart from the law that will never allow you to view the law or righteousness in the same way again. It is only this truth exceeding the foolish righteousness that can assist you in standing in opposition when it violently attempts to impose itself upon you. There is far more to a trial of Dorean, the mortgage industry, and society than simple formulas that wicked men will get there just deserves. That is mere child’s play not capable of solving adult problems. Righteous men suffer and wicked men don’t it appears. Can that tell you more about your God than Shaddi? No my redeemer lives and the law you take comfort in has been nailed to a cross lost to a better plan resurrected.


Counselor said...

Kurt--Where does the concept of the Jubilee come in? I ask because it appears more and more that absent divine intervention, the system is so rigged in favor of the banks that even the most solid arguments in commerce and admiralty or contract are in peril. What are your thoughts?

Pauligirl said...

Mogel--something you quoted from that "stamp" site:
In addition, most of the time when you get official communication it has a red-meter postage mark on the envelope rather than a cancelled stamp. This act is mail fraud. If the envelope has a red-meter postage mark on it, they are the ones who have engaged in mail fraud, because there is no cancelled stamp.
Red-meter postage marks are considered "pre-cancelled." It's not mail fraud and the postal service has to approve the machines. From the USPS website: Postage Meters help you speed your mailings and give you the cost controls you need for your business. Conveniently print postage for your mail or packages right from your place of business.

What do you think a cancellation does? Oh, and I did email a question to UPU. I'll let you know what I get back.

mogel said...

Pauligirl said: "It's not mail fraud and the postal service has to approve the machines."

The credit card industry approves credit cards, does that mean that one cannot commit "credit card fraud"?

It's my understanding that those that use this service do so on credit. They still haven't paid for the postage, but receive the service on credit. What if a business prints all of those metered postage stamps & chooses or conspires not to pay their monthly bill? Didn't they get a service without paying for it in that scenario and can't that be construed as mail fraud, cheating the US postal system out of revenues?

In other words, the presence of the metered stamp is not proof that it was paid for, as a cancelled postage stamp is.

Precancelled is not necessarily equal to prepaid.

mogel said...

Counselor: Jubilee is a historical term for a time of celebration or rejoicing. It is defined in Leviticus 25:9 as "Yoval" in Hebrew, as the sabbatical year after seven cycles of seven years.

God's people in the jubilee period would forgive their debtors as part of the spirit of the celebration that came every 49 or 50 years.

My guess would be that the "Jubilee" if it's applicable to the Dorean Process, and this is a faith issue, that it will come as a formal official declaration and agreement that the dorean clients alleged debts are officially forgiven and they can stop making their payments under protest without fear of foreclosure.

In the Lord's prayer it says: "forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors".
As you know by the concept of the Dorean theory and process, the client is the creditor in the lending transaction and the bank is the debtor.

I believe Kurt & Scott as trustees for all the clients, are willing to follow the spirit of the Lord's prayer and forgive the lender banks of their transgressions & fraud as long as they offer a fair financial settlement soon that will in turn also benefit the clients.

Counselor, if you believe that the Dorean Process is as Kurt believes, a God inspired process, given through revelation, than it doesn't matter what the odds APPEAR to be in court. I think Kurt has already many times stated his position on his chances in this poker game of sorts. Go back and re-read his many posts if you are still unsure of his thoughts. He feels victory is certain because God's words can always be counted upon, and as you know, he has been adjudicated to be sane, "and he likes his odds".

Course Counselor, you have also assumed that there will be a full blown trial, a jury picked & a jury deciding on the issues, instead of a settlement. Maybe your concerns in your scenario of a jury trial don't exist since Kurt has also said "that there won't be a trial".

Kurt & Scott are taking the most risk and they like where they are, & what they have accomplished, considering all of the events that have taken place to date. What more needs to be said, other than be sure to sign your RSVP & send it back that you will be attending the celebration & jubilee party.

Pauligirl said...

mogel said...
Didn't they get a service without paying for it in that scenario and can't that be construed as mail fraud, cheating the US postal system out of revenues?
Yes. But that was not the subject.The subject was that a lack of a cancelled stamp was mail fraud.

Brother Love said...

Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. I AM ALIVE!

Love to all........

mogel said...

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