Saturday, January 17, 2009

The eyes of the Lord (1/2/09)

The year has changed but God remains the same. Many of you are making resolutions but I question will you make the one resolution that matters? I don’t think most of you have been attentive to the small but potent truth that nothing escapes the eyes of the Lord. When you entered Dorean or I formed it none of this was a mystery. All the suffering that has ensued is still seen. There is a place of judgment in the eyes of the Lord for His enemies. (Rev. 19:12, Amos 9:4, 8) but also the look of a doting lover for His chosen. (Duet. 11:11-12, 1 Chr. 16:9, 1 Pet. 3:12) Can you comprehend that God has looked into the land you’re called to possess and viewed it with favor? That He sees your path and all things concerning you? Have you ever seen lover’s eyes as they adore their cherished? This is not a look of danger or lack. All that lover owns is at the disposal of the one adored. Could you imagine a God so possessed with this love that He would take on all our weakness just so He could relate His love to us? If you can, do you really suspect a man like Alsup vested with all the power of the devil himself can thwart what God desires for you? If you are covinced he can I declare you don’t know God and have never looked into His eyes. You don’t understand the eternal marriage union of God and man. You have no understanding of how this love affects the events of the finite. Look at your disputes or agreements with my writings and see if they don’t pivot here. We are so naïve and selfish to think God’s delays are to our harm. How little trust resides in our hearts. Can’t you recall the giving nature of human love? How much more is Christ a giver when He layed down His life? The eyes of the Lord are upon you. They will judge you in turth if you are a retard ignorant of His love, or they will search out every opportunity to bless you if you love the holy groom. It may take the eyes of faith to see that the eyes of the Lord are upon you but I recommend you open your eyes to this truth.


Yetter said...

Isaiah 12:2 – I will trust and not be afraid

mogel007 said...

Dec. 24, 2008 UPDATE: We are currently awaiting our SSL certificate so that you can be assured that your private data is protected. This should be ISSUED SOON so stay tuned...

January 17,
"Please check back in a FEW DAYS as the Phase One website will be live soon...""We are so naïve and selfish to think God’s delays are to our harm."
Is it God or man that is working on the website to protect private data of clients? If it's a man's problem, why not get another web designer that can MEET the time line promised of a few days as a projection? Certainly there is more than one honest & competent web designer that can be trusted.

It really doesn't matter to me, but it's important to "do what you say" & "say what you mean" & those sayings should be a standard for everyone to follow.

If time projections can't be met, than why not just say so & explain the problem & make things clearer? At least then, we don't have to hear comments from Nemo like "just 90 more days" with a chuckle in his eyes.

I do recall that the settlement website was suppose to come up a long time ago too, but this over 2years ago as I recall.

As I remember, the web designer WAS BLAMED for this non-event. I hope it's not the same web designer, is it, on the new site?

I just want to tell a client that the website is up & functioning & not have to give reasons or suppositions why they can't log in when I told them long before settlements were soon & imminent & of course that hasn't happened to date, ALTHOUGH, I'M CONFIDENT THIS WILL HAPPEN.

If it's a poor choice in choosing people, like Attorney Spielbauer, may have been, at least that was said that "he was a mistake & THAT HE DIDN'T FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS so he got fired", however in the beginning, he was touted BY SCOTT, as "fortunate to have him on our side", than why not say a huge mistake was made by hiring an attorney in the first place & that wasn't part of God's will or plan. Course on the other hand, maybe losing or dismissing all of those Civil lawsuits was God's will & plan, even though "it was hoped and believed that a precedence could be set". I certainly don't want to judge that issue.

Course if this is all part of God's plan, than I stand corrected, but at times, I don't always understand man's doings as opposed to God's doings or God's plan of His time table.

I have always wondered why Phase 2 of the client settlements, couldn't have started a long time ago & what was the need to wait to implement that?

Course we are waiting on Phase 1 still, even though this plan was known about EVEN BEFORE THE DOREAN GROUP WAS STARTED & even before the initial mortgage challenge was implemented.

I'm certainly not complaining, or criticizing, just trying to understand current events & trying to rationalize past events.

Course more than all of that, I want to have a client believe what I say when I tell them they will be able to start phase 1 by logging in their information SOON.

judge allslop said...

“Bernie Madoff was no rogue trader. He was successful for as long as he was because he blended in. He was one of the crowd. He was an independent player within the greatest financial swindle in history, the US financial markets and ultimately the US dollar.”
Another whistle blower story. Martin Armstrong sits in prison, sent to serve an 8-year term without a trial. He outlines the corruption in our markets, our government, and our regulators. He is another imprisoned patriot, whose crime was refusal to turn over to the banking cabal his computer program source code that detects market rigging. His work directs attention to market rigging generally, but in particular within the commodities markets. He points a finger at several agencies and corrupt firms like JPMorgan, who he identifies as the originator with AIG on packaging and selling of Collateralized Debt Obligations, the leveraged mortgage bonds. In particular the Commodities Futures Trading Commission was cited in detail for deep collusion. See his white paper written in prison on a typewriter. The corrupted authorities probably reason publicly that release of his detection methods would jeopardize the system to foreign control.

dr. ira gilac said...

".....corrupt firms like JPMorgan,


jp mongrels motto was: "i never gamble.." [wenever he 'invested' in a stock or comdity]

of course he never gambled...the 'fix' was already in to inflate or crash the stock if he was short

poopoo said...
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poopoo said...

mogel said: "If it's a poor choice in choosing people, like Attorney Spielbauer"

I don't think Spielbauer was a poor choice. His background was criminal, with very little experience writing complaints for civil matters, on top of the fact that he had to learn the subject matter (mortgage fraud) in a matter in a few weeks.

There's too much for the newcomer to learn (and unlearn) in this business, so he is forgiven. Kurt and Scott are not forgiven. They lead people down the Primrose path called Dead-End Street, although they certainly do not deserve 25 years in prison for that. That's the sad part of it all.

Nonetheless, Dorean client communication hasn't change though : It is still poor.

~~The Swami~~~ said...

I found a video of our old friend Gran Teasley(Mortgage Alternatives Fame). Well at least he is talking about something he might know about.

dr. ira gilac said...

obamanation to set up 'govt. bank' ????

By Tim Ahmann

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The incoming Obama administration is considering setting up a government-run bank to acquire bad assets clogging the financial system, a person familiar with the Obama team's thinking said on Saturday.

The U.S. Federal Reserve, Treasury and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp have been in talks about ways to ease a banking crisis that is once again deepening -- and a government-run "aggregator bank" is among the options.

Outgoing Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair both said on Friday a government bank was one of a number of ideas U.S. regulators had been discussing.

The source said advisers to President-elect Barack Obama, who takes office on Tuesday, were also considering the idea of an aggregator bank among a range of options that could be pursued.

David Axelrod, a top adviser to Obama, told Reuters the new administration would have something to say about a fresh approach to the financial crisis in "the next few days."

"I'm not going to get into the structure of how we're going to approach the revamped financial rescue package," Axelrod said after speaking to a conference of mayors in Washington.

"What we have to do is approach this with a lot more transparency on the front end."

In addition to steps to bolster banks, Obama officials want to aggressively attack the underlying causes of the credit crisis: the sharp downturn in the U.S. housing market and the related deterioration in mortgage-related assets.

"There are a range of things we're going to have to do to stabilize the financial community and part of it is going to involve housing, and part of it is going to involve how we approach this issue generally," Axelrod said.


In outlining the idea of an aggregator bank on Friday, Bair and Paulson said the government could use money from the Treasury-administered $700 billion financial rescue fund to capitalize a new institution that would be able to absorb toxic assets now weighing down bank balance sheets.

The hope would be that taking these bad assets off the hands of banks would allow the banks to attract badly needed private capital and renew lending, the original intention behind the bailout fund known as the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).

"I think the key thing is assets purchases, and if you buy something, you have to put it somewhere," said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody's

A surge in U.S. mortgage defaults led to a global credit crisis that has raged since the summer of 2007. Last week, Goldman Sachs estimated that losses worldwide could mount to $2 trillion, about double what has been realized so far.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown told the Financial Times on Saturday that banks need to reveal the true size of their losses as a step toward moving past the crisis.

While officials have been discussing leveraging money from the U.S. bailout fund, it is not clear whether the fund is large enough for the task at hand.

"They may very well have to come back to ask (Congress) for TARP Two," Zandi said.


Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said on Tuesday it was critical to bolster the banking system as a complement to the effort underway in Washington to enact a huge package of tax cuts and spending to lift the recession-mired economy.

"Fiscal actions are unlikely to promote a lasting recovery unless they are accompanied by strong measures to further stabilize and strengthen the financial system," Bernanke said, laying out three possible ways to aid ailing banks.

The government could buy the assets, perhaps through so-called reverse auctions, as originally planned, but analysts said that is an extremely complicated endeavor and it no longer seems to have traction among policy-makers.

Bernanke also said the government could offer guarantees against losses on assets that would be ring-fenced but remain on bank balance sheets, a tactic the government has used to help Citigroup and Bank of America.

The third option would be to set up bad banks with government cash, an approach similar to the U.S. Resolution Trust Corp, which liquidated almost $400 billion in assets from more than 700 insolvent savings and loans institutions from 1989 to 1995.

dr. ira gilac said...

wha i dun undastand is dat ho cum noone undastans dat da govt. can only create 'debt'

it cannot crate jobs

" "" do a bailout/rescue

it can only crate debt and misname it as crating jobs/rescue/bailout

dr. ira gilac said...

...well, it look like da first leg of da trifecta is in...

da holy 'cardnals' have deefeeted da eagles.

in loominati simbolsm, da cards reprent da cumming theocracy headed by da A/C

da eagle represnts da usa, which is now done...finis...ova...c'ya...usa which is da fed govt. is about to claps...

so da cards and da poop is now in da stoopor bowl..

slop calls it rite agiain...

now, i will admit dat teh 2nd leg dont look so good...da stealers are beeting da black evil ravins 13-0 in da 2nd qtr.

but it still early yet...

dr. ira gilac said...

still alive...stealers flagged fo passs intafearince @ their 3 yd line....ravines run it in from there....

stollys 13 chavez ravines 7

dr. ira gilac said...

with 2 mins left in da 1st 1/2

habakkuk said...

Prediction: Dirty Birds beat Steelers....Dirty Birds and Cards in Super Bowl.

Cards Win!!

dr. ira gilac said...

halibut, yo too late wit dis...i already called dis last week...yo can check the earlier posts here

dr. ira gilac said...

not looking too good now...stellars jus kike a feel it 16-7 with 3 mins left 3rd qtr...ravines haf a very good d but very bad 'o'...barring turnovas, they may be already too far behind jug beans 'in da end' to cum back....

dr. ira gilac said...

i relly dun wan to see da stellars win becoss they mite den actally win da SB an as i am a c'boys fan i dun wan the stellars to be da first teem to win 6 SBs...rite now, only 3 teems have won 5 SBs...da stellars...da 9ers an da 'boys....look like da steel curtain all ova agins from da 70s with 'thins go better with coke' meen joe green...dwight white...ernie 'tomahawk' holmes and lc greenwood...jack lambert...etc....

dr. ira gilac said...

strated da 4th qtr...not good...not good at all...

habakkuk said...

SOP, really? Well, maybe thats confirmation. Did you call the Ravins "dirty birds"?

dr. ira gilac said...

well, if they gonna do it, it haf to be now...mitch burger jus skanked a punt fo only 21 yds...raven take ova at they own 40 yd ling....they haf to sko here or they done.

dr. ira gilac said...


stellars just flag fo pass instafearince again...dis time in da end zone...ravages haf da ball at da one yd. line.

dr. ira gilac said...

ravines run it in fo td!!!

windows xp is good!!!

stellars 16

ravines 14

we got a game gong on here!!

dr. ira gilac said...

here is my post from the last blog entry from da yo can see wha i mean.

looks like the SB will haf 3 'bird' teams in it...ravens, cardinals and eagles...

based on the fact dat the illminati had the "patriots' win 3 SBs, to showcase the (false) patriot spirit and bring attn to da paytreet act, then the time fo da patreets is ova...eevrynone now nose dat it was a frawd and so the paytreets football teem had to be taken down as well, and they have.

now as we are cumming to da false milliinal kingdom to be led by the BMR/RCC/poop they are gong to set the SB teems as a match between wha they percieeve as good v. evil

so natch, the 2 teams that will beat the odds and get there are the 2 bird teams...

representing evil:

the black evil looking birds...THE RAVENS

represetning 'good':

(and also da BMR/RCC/poop/AC) are THE CARDINALS

(also in RED and reprenting the BMR/RCC prelates of the same name)

and natch, good prelates win over the evil birds...


in a squeeker, maybe by a FG 3 PTS or less

yo herd it hear first, in probly da biggest upset since 69' when broadway joe namath made his famus 'guarentee' to beat the colts as 17 1/2 pt. undadogs

da cards will be nowerhe near 17 1/2 pts dogs,but considering that the odds were even greater than this to even get there...

go back to the beginning of the season and look up the odds of arizona winnning the SB

ill bet it was over 500:1


this viewpoint is from the illminati/nwo/RCC/BMR is illuminati symbolism...

ie., it da immolati wanted to send a message using hidden smbolism, then they would fix it so that the evil black bird ravens play the holy red bird cardinals and then have the cardinals win...a similar to da poop winning...

obviously, from a vegas gambling perspetdtive, the two teams favored to play there wood be the eagels and stealers...

i firmly bleeve that the loonymati have now developed methods to easily influence the outcomes of games and whole, world series etc.

they have done so for the patreets winning 3 SBs and also aloowed the red sox to cum from behind aginst the yankees to win the WS after beeng down 3 gamse to winning 4 in a row...impossible under normal conditions in a world series

so well see if dis is a loonati controlled sb

2:52 PM

dr. ira gilac said...

wha a DUM ASS ravin mofo....sum dumnut just got a unsprtosmans like conduct penaalty fo 15 yds...ravins go from there own 40 yds line t there own 13....wah a f****ng dumbell...that guy shoud be sent to da lcoker room rite away and sent home...he just cost them da game...

dr. ira gilac said... all ova....stellars just intasept ball an bring it all way back fo a it 23-14 with only 4 mins left...

dr. ira gilac said...


habakkuk said...

I told you....Steelers beat dirty birds....Steelers go on to win the Big Game!


habakkuk said...

Wow! what a hit

dr. ira gilac said...

yeah...i acutally felt it myself in my living room...tork about gettin 'yo bell rung'....whew!....hope is ok...they said dat he was moffing his oms an talking, but dat he has serious pain in da neck...even worst dan jug beans dat a bad pang in da neck!!!

dr. ira gilac said...

da steel curtan snap shut da red birds wil haf ta save me!!!

they gonna haf to haf a conviction of carnals in womb to pray fo aridzona...

judge allslop said...

Events have occurred that highlight clearly the orchestrated corruption and fraud that will forever mar the nation’s history. Whether supported or disliked, outgoing President Bush suffered a shameful incident in Baghdad at a press conference. He adroitly put a least bad face on the incident, citing how freedom of speech is apparent. The shoes thrown by Iraqi journalist Muntader al-Zaidi at Bush had inherent meaning that eclipsed all the American fawning media. Al-Zaidi had motive to highlight to the world that Bush, VP Cheney, the USMilitary, Halliburton, and the hidden JPMorgan supporting cast have the blood of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis on their hands, with some informed estimates putting the figure at one million dead civilians. Bear in mind over 1.5 million Iraqi refugees living in Jordan, Egypt, and Turkey. In my opinion, far more embarrassing and symptomatic of international disgust at the outgoing US Regime was the incident at the G20 Meeting in December, where numerous heads of state refused to either look at Bush or shake his hand. Such a shun is unprecedented in the annals of state relations. This marks the end, in my opinion, of the most shameful, damaging, and disgusting administration in modern history.

judge allslop said...

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves, in the course of time, a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”
The crime syndicates entrenched within the United States have to date almost killed the nation from strangulation, depletion, and market control. The four syndicates are: financial (Wall Street), Fannie Mae (mortgages, now under USGovt aegis), military arms (Pentagon), and narcotics (CIA). The TARP incidents and securities fraud behind the mortgages serve as evidence of the crimes by Wall Street, to date not prosecuted since the Securities & Exchange Commission is staffed by insiders, whose job is to cover up the fraud, to enable targeted assault against hedge funds, and to conceal the systematic naked shorting of stocks. The Fannie Mae fraud has been exposed from formal audits, but kept under wraps, swept under the most giant of rugs by its nationalization. The Pentagon fraud involves sales of entire weapons systems for scrap cost, in close cooperation with the mafia of a small Middle East ally nation.
In keeping with the entire financial crime syndicate series of bond fraud, numerous failures, forced mergers instead of additional failures, numerous nationalizations of the most acidic of dead financial firms, secret slush funding of JPMorgan in the wake of the Lehman bust, and finally TARP confiscation by the Federal Reserve nine banks, here comes a lunatic merger between the brokerage subsidiaries of Morgan Stanley and Citibank.
Those involved in the TARP usage say the legal change has effectively repealed the only enforcement mechanism in the law dealing with lavish pay for top executives. Furthermore, bank executives defiantly refuse to mention details. Thomas Kelly from JP Morgan Chase, which received $25 billion from the TARP, said “We have not disclosed that to the public. We are declining to.” Barry Koling from SunTrust, which received $3.5 billion from the TARP, said “We are not providing dollar-in, dollar-out tracking.” Tim Deighton from Regions Financial, which received $3.5 billion from the TARP, said “We manage our capital in its aggregate.” This is crime syndicate behavior in sophisticated polished style with massive defiance and audacity, stealing in broad daylight. The plan is underway to consolidate bank power. Those outside the select group of nine Federal Reserve banks that refuse to cooperate will surely be killed off in ruin. The latest news has FoxNews joining Bloomberg in the lawsuit against the US Federal Reserve to force disclosure of TARP fund usage, under the Freedom of Information Act. The outcome will make clear the nature of the financial crime syndicate.

mogel007 said...

Dr. said: the ARIZONA CARDINALS win the SB

in a squeeker, maybe by a FG 3 PTS or less

Fine. I'll take that bet. What do you want to wager for real? I'll take the Steelers with + 3 at the beginning of the game since you believe the Cardinals are favored & you will give even odds, so if the Steelers even lose by 2 points, you still have to pay me whatever I risk upfront. Deal?
I wouldn't be surprised if the Steelers were favored by at least 7 points when the odds do come out.

If not, than don't make predictions like this if you can't back it up with a financial risk of your own you want to really back up. It isn't fair or right. LOL

Obviously you were wrong about the Ravens winning their game against the Steelers.

mogel007 said...

Dr. said: da cards will be nowerhe near 17 1/2 pts dogs,but considering that the odds were even greater than this to even get there...

go back to the beginning of the season and look up the odds of arizona winnning the SB

ill bet it was over 500:1

I'll take that bet too. How much do you want to wager before the research is confirmed? Course I'd even bet more money on the 500:1 bet than I would bet on the Steelers to win the Superbowl.

Any time you picked at the beginning of the season to win the Superbowl would have paid out very well. Probably at least 4-1 if not more, & most teams probably at least 10-1 or more. What's your point? Whatever team you picked at the beginning of the season to go all the way, was probably a loser.

mogel007 said...

Correction: Any TEAM YOU PICKED, not any "time" you picked.

mogel007 said...

The Cardinals wouldn't have paid 500 to 1 to win the Superbowl. It had to have been lesser odds, probably closer to 50-1.

mogel007 said...

Dr. The Cardinals have never been to the Superbowl ever and the Steelers will definitely be favored since they have a better record & have the #1 Defense, and a pretty good offense & much more playoff experience & many Superbowl rings. Yet you still want to bet on the Cardinals & make some sort of prophecy too by linking good & evil here?

What do you base all of this upon other than your need to root for the under-dog team? Everyone loves a Cinderella story, but come on. How much do you want to wager? How much do you really believe in your predictions?

mogel007 said...

Dr. said i firmly bleeve that the loonymati have now developed methods to easily influence the outcomes of games and whole, world series etc.

I firmly believe you are full of it. Put your money where your mouth is or stop your nonsense posting.

notorial dissent said...

What’s a matter Moogs, surely not having a crisis of faith after all this time, or possibly a moment of sanity-nah, too late for that, didn’t your prophet come down of the mount of hubris with the revealed gospel of Kurt, has to be at least as valuable as all those liens, bonds and notes dim and dimmer tried to buy their freedom wit. Surely, after all this time you haven’t lost faith that all those mortgages are going to be cancelled, Kurt is going to be acquitted, Kurt is going to be out of jail, Kurt is going to be exonerated, all those liens are going to generate millions, or the web site is going to be up RSN!!!!!!!!!! Did I forget anything that has come to pass yet??????

dr. ira gilac said...

i still think dat da carnals will will as they represtne the false cumming therocracy...yes, i was rawn about the ravines BUT rith aabout da carnals.

no queston dat da stellars are a better team. my prewous guess is that agaisnt the carnals they wuld be about 11 point dogs but i havent checked it yet.

some more research finds that pittsburg is a hot bed of freemasonry too.

so perphas the loominati outcum is still intact. good vs. evil

stellars vs. cranials

we will haf ta less than 2 weeks

dr. ira gilac said...

they wuld be about 11 point dogs but i havent checked it yet.

obvously a tippo

they would be 11 pont favs

judge allslop said...

“Anyone who believes that Mr Madoff was able to do what he did without the SEC, the Federal Reserve, or the Dept of Treasury detecting anything should not be allowed to play with sharp objects. Furthermore there are more Madoff’s out there and that is what the bailouts are really all about. Secretary Paulson and Fed Chairman Bernanke are willing to bankrupt the United States and destroy the US dollar in order to save a select few. This whole process went on behind closed doors for years, but now it is completely out in the open and it is obscene in its scope and magnitude. The fact that Americans have not taken to the street in protest shows just how much society has decayed. Television and video games have left most Americans brain dead.”

dr. ira gilac said...

"...are willing to bankrupt the United States and destroy..."

yes...this is true..but beleivers are exempt.


...sort of remines me of what "w" said...


dr. ira gilac said...


'dont go in there...theres a breed of vipers in there...

'breed of vipers, eh!? problem...give me something diffuclt to do..."

dr. ira gilac said...


actually, thats only 1/2 the verse...the hole verse is..


but as bankers are prolly closer to serpents (brood of vipers) than scorpions, i figured taht was apropo.

of course, having all the power over the enemy is pretty powerful too!!

dr. ira gilac said...

...speekng of a brood of bankers..i meen vipers...

Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting in the Kremlin today that President Obama’s attempt to complete the building of his power base to topple the US Federal Reserve Banking responsible for collapsing the economy of the United States, and dragging the rest of the World with it, was dealt a ‘serious setback’ with the last Kennedy scion, and daughter of the last American President to attempt to destroy the Federal Reserve, Caroline Kennedy removing herself from replacing the vacant Senate seat of the departing Hillary Clinton, and as we can read as reported by the New York Post News Service:

“Caroline Kennedy has told Gov. David Paterson that she is withdrawing her name from consideration to replace outgoing Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in the U.S. Senate, The Post has learned.

Kennedy cited "personal reasons," according to sources.

Her stunning move comes as sources revealed that Paterson had intended to appoint her to the now-vacant seat today.”

These reports, however, state the ‘personal reasons’ behind Caroline Kennedy’s abrupt withdrawal was her having received a ‘direct threat’ by ‘email correspondence’ from ‘known sources’ within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) stating that should she continue her quest to become a US Senator she would become ‘a statistic like her brother’, a direct reference to the assassination of her only sibling, John F. Kennedy Jr., who was, likewise, murdered when threatening to take the US Senate seat he had been told ‘belonged’ to Hillary Clinton, the wife of the then departing President.

Though not known by virtually any of the average Americans currently suffering under the unrelenting assault upon their economy by the US Federal Reserve Private Banking System, the purpose of this carnage they are causing has not been lost upon many of their top economists, and as we can read as reported by the Wall Street Journal News Service:

“Interest rates on bank deposits are near zero and the Federal Reserve guided them there for a reason: they want to remove incentive to save and jumpstart the spending cycle. While saving is an intuitive individual solution, it's the death knell of an economic ecosystem measured by the sum of its parts and reliant on the velocity of money.

What we're witnessing isn't a garden-variety, one-and-done recession; it's the cumulative comeuppance of a massive credit bubble rooted in faulty monetary policy aimed at avoiding small, corrective recessions.”

Equally unknown to the American people is that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated due to his signing of Executive Order 11110 on June 4, 1963, which was aimed at destroying the US Federal Reserve System and returning the power to make money to the United States Government from which it was stolen in 1913 after most of the top American industrialists opposing a central banking system were murdered with the deliberate sinking of the Titanic after their refusal to finance Britain’s planned war against Germany in World War I.

To the greatest historical context surrounding this titanic battle currently unfolding in the United States, we previously touched upon in our January 16th, report ‘Assassination By Plane Crash’ Of Top American Bankers Fails In US”, and wherein we explained that this current battle is a part of the war began in the 19th century when the European Rothschild Banking Empire, backing the Northern United States, engaged in open warfare with the Southern United States backed by the Vatican.

The founding fathers of the United States had long warned their citizens against the European Rothschild Banking Empire, of which we can read:

“The Founding Fathers were strongly opposed to the formation of a central banking system - the fact that England tried to place the colonies under the monetary control of the Bank of England is seen by many as the 'last straw' of English oppression and that it led directly to the War of Independence.

In 1791, Alexander Hamilton, the Secretary of the Treasury, made a deal to support the transfer of the capital from Philadelphia to the banks of the Potomac in exchange for southern support for his Bank project. As a result, the First Bank of the United States (1791-1811) was chartered by Congress in that same year. The First Bank of the United States was modeled after the Bank of England and differed in many ways from today's central banks. For example, it was partly owned by foreigners, who would share from its profits. It was also not solely responsible for the country's money supply; its share was only 20%, while private banks accounted for the rest. The Bank was bitterly opposed by several founding fathers, including Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, who saw it as an engine for speculation, financial manipulation, and corruption.”

Unfortunately, however, the masses of the American people over this past century have ignored the warnings of their Founding Fathers and have watched in horror as their Nation, since the Federal Reserves taking power in 1913, has involved them in two World Wars, the Great Depression, numerous other wars, including the Middle Eastern wars they are involved in now, a the present collapse of our World’s entire banking system.

On the ‘positive’ side though, that is depending upon which side one is on, President Obama’s ascent to the Presidency of the United States is showing that for the first time since President Kennedy’s assassination, the Vatican power structure is, once again, on the ascendancy since their defeat in 1865 during the American Civil War, but which, these reports state, almost assuredly means that another brutal American Civil War will soon have to be fought.

But, with Caroline Kennedy’s withdrawal from joining President Obama’s Forces, the new American leader is left only with his Vice President, Joseph Biden, who is the Vatican’s top political figure in the Untied States groomed for power since childhood and having withstood the murder of his wife and child upon his first election to the US Senate.

It goes without our saying that in this brief report, even when coupled with our multiyear effort through these reports to educate the American people to these true things, it is incumbent upon these people to begin a more thorough examination of these things for themselves, and which they should so choose to do will show them, unequivocally, that our words are true and what they have been taught is totally false.

Most astounding of all is that should these American people learn the truth of this massive war currently unfolding around them, and destroying many of their lives, the would realize that in order to help the forces of their new President, and help save their Nation, their support of the President Obama’s sworn enemy, the US Federal Reserve System, should cease at once, and totally.

And, the quickest way to defeat the European backed Rothschild banking empire, known as the US Federal Reserve System is to, simply, stop paying them through their criminal mortgage payments and credit card bills and, instead, start investing all of their money into US Savings Bonds, and which puts their money directly into the hands of their own President and Government instead of those European banking powers seeking to destroy them.

Should the American people decide in mass upon such an action, and as these reports state, their recovery would be ‘so swift as to amaze them all’. But, so deluded have these people become to believing that the US Federal Reserve Systems method of defining them called Credit Scores, that they have failed to realize that these Credit Scores have actually nothing to do with them at all, but are, instead, a reflection of their worth to the very banks that are destroying them.

One can only wonder when these poor deluded people will ever awaken to the scam being perpetrated upon them.

But, one can also hope that they will awaken, and as one, rebuke as a united people the insidious powers seeking to destroy them….just like their ancestors did in founding their once Great Nation.

© January 22, 2009 EU and US all rights reserved.

[Ed. Note: The United States government actively seeks to find, and silence, any and all opinions about the United States except those coming from authorized government and/or affiliated sources, of which we are not one. No interviews are granted and very little personal information is given about our contributors, or their sources, to protect their safety.]

dr. ira gilac said...

President Obama’s Forces, the new American leader is left only with his Vice President, Joseph Biden, who is the Vatican’s top political figure in the Untied States groomed for power since childhood and having withstood the murder of his wife and child upon his first election to the US Senate.


...and in fact, sloop predcted long ago beefo dis aticle ever came out, that some "EVENT" will remove obama from office; eether a legal event or an illegal event. yooze yo imagiantion for wha type of event..

then, the BMR will have they man

bmr- babyloneen misery relgion

dr. ira gilac said...

an sloop corrctly predicted dat obooma wood becum da pres da minit dat he anunced dat jb wood be his vp

if it not obvious to everynun rite now, this is a global war to da death between da bmr and the sinagag of satan

corse da bmr is really headed by the tribe of dan who filtrated it

the tribe of dan, which means juge in heebroo is in an all out war with da juice of da other tribes

eveerynone else is just caught in da crossfire

as a previous article pointed out, the tribe of dan is angry for being dissed of the blessings given to torah beleiving juice from da bible days 2000 years ago.

dan now cums to make up for it by giving dem some punchment.

as only anther joo can dish out punchment to a joo.

anyone else will only get themselve hurt/killed

so for da juice, dan is now a formidable enemy whihc they are goiing to find almost impossible to overcum.

"...was heard the snorting of the horses of dan.."

not good when yo here yo horses snorting (fire)

it like they a noo marshall in town ho cums in with snorting horses.

dr. ira gilac said...

corse da bmr is really headed by the tribe of dan who filtrated it

so yo can take this to its logcal conclusin...

da poop, eether this one or the next is from the tribe of dan...and thus really a joo...a very, very powerful man indeed in this kingdom.

dr. ira gilac said...


govt. is SO BROKE, now they gonna play HYIPs....heeheeeheeee......

maybe i should tell them about belly baal....they can buy there MTNs from him fo they 40%/week....LOL!!!

To make sure they filled their pockets as full as possible, the Bush gang had Treasury Secretary Paulson use the $700 Billion the Fed gave them to buy MTNs (a highly lucrative investment in European banks) from another European bank. Paulson bought two bundles of $350 Billion each. Then Paulson began to hunt for a buyer to buy the MTNs from him.

A contact of mine in the US has been involved in MTN buy-sells for years. My contact heard about the $350 Billion in MTNs which were available. My contact was told that the seller’s name had to be kept secret. My contact choose not to get involved because it was too much of a coincidence. The fact was there was a secret seller who had two bundles of $350 Billion MTNs available to be purchased.

My intel sources tell me that Paulson eventually sold the two bundles of MTNs $350 Billion each for close to $550 Billion each. This meant the Bush gang split over $1 Trillion for themselves and it was all from money stolen from the government.

If any of you can send a copy of this Dove Report to Lou Dobbs at CNN, or Jim Cramer at Mad Money on CNBC, or Chris Matthews at MSNBC, please do get this information to them. They probably do not know about the secret MTN buy-sells, but they want to know WHY no banks are lending! Basel II is WHY!


yea, send them da reeprot...maybe they wanna buy sum MTNs fo themselfs....

dr. ira gilac said...

MTVs-meatium term nots

dr. ira gilac said...

A contact of mine in the US has been involved in MTN buy-sells for years. My contact heard about the $350 Billion in MTNs which were available. My contact was told that the seller’s name had to be kept secret.

reely?! can yo put me in tuch wit yo contack? pleeze?

an DUN WORRY! i will keep his name a seekrit too..i wont tell anynone about da MTNs...not EVEN JIMMY NOONE WILL KNOW ABOUT IT!!

BTW- re: da $350B of MTNs...i only need to buy about 1% of da MTN..dats enuf fo me....can yo brake it up in small amts?

judge allslop said...

Want to stop the corruption and fraud in Govt and Wall Street?
Published Date: 22 January 2009
A CHINESE court condemned two men to death today and handed a life term to a former dairy boss in the first sentences for those involved in the country's contaminated milk scandal.

dr. ira gilac said...

maybe i should tell them about belly baal....

maybee he can help 'baal' dem out....corse baal already a good frend of theys....

judge allslop said...

Include Chinese justice for bought Federal jackasses in robes presiding over sham trials.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President George W. Bush, in a final act of clemency, commuted the prison sentences of two U.S. Border Patrol agents but steered clear of high-profile pardons for former vice presidential aide Lewis "Scooter" Libby and others.

dr. ira gilac said...

xsellint atrical....

dr. ira gilac said...

da intental focaxter.


neodemes said...

That website working yet?

Let's check...


dr. ira gilac said...

....jus anther story about yo 'good ole' uncle scam' govt.....wha they tring to do? pisson everynun??

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I recently interviewed a couple in IDAHO, Veral and Judy Smith, of LBT Technology (Bullet moulds) who have been under extreme attack from the US government. (See previous report, "They're KILLING MY WIFE....")

They admitted to me that part of the attack has been BIG GREEN MILITARY HELICOPTERS hovering low over their home and garden where they grow things to eat.

They did not realize that these helicopters were sent to spray deadly chem/bios on their property and crops.

After the helicopter(s)exited the scene, they found themselves becoming very sick when they attempted to eat their fruit and vegetables in the their garden.

A similar situation with BIG GREEN MILITARY HELICOPTERS occurred on ORCA ISLAND off the the coast of WASHINGTON.

In the course of investigating and exposing the NWO agenda, I traveled there to investigate, and the local people described to me a situation of a BIG GREEN MILITARY HELICOPTER hovering over the island for a long time.

After it exited, MANY in the local population CAME DOWN with terrible respiratory infections, sinus problems and related illness, with identical symptoms.

A health food store owner confirmed this, and told me how she ran out of supplements and herbs for a while, as people rushed in to find relief from the BIG GREEN MILITARY HELICOPTER episode.

David Zerbe, militia leader in Casper, Wyoming,admitted that his crops and herds were being sprayed with a MILITARY HELICOPTER and having deadly effects. He finally got fed up when he realized this was a NWO military tactic.

HIS solution? He hauled out a high calibre weapon, aimed and fired it and BLEW THE GLASS out of the helicopter the next time it hovered low over his land! It went limping off into the distance. The next day, he received an irate phone call from the military complaining about the damage to the helicopter.

Strange however, that the military voice complaining HAD A THICK RUSSIAN ACCENT!!!WHAT is the military doing to the American people? And are they also using FOREIGN TROOPS to MAKE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE SICK?

-Pamela Schuffert reporting with A.F.I.R.M (Americans For Integrity in Reporting and Media)

notorial dissent said...

But I was just certain that St Kurt had prophesied that his acquittal, the refunds, the website were all gonna happen RSN!!!!!!!!!

judge allslop said...

Bruce,you've got much bigger things to worry about than Kurt.
"Owners of capital will stimulate the working class to buy more and more of expensive goods, houses and technology, pushing them to take more and more expensive credits, until their debt becomes unbearable. The unpaid debt will lead to bankruptcy of banks, which will have to be nationalized, and the State will have to take the road which will eventually lead to communism."
Carl Marx(Das Kapital,1867).

Jan. 23 (Bloomberg) — First Centennial Bank of Redlands, California, was seized by a state regulator, the third U.S. bank to fail this year, as the recession deepens and the slump in the housing industry sends home foreclosures to records.

dr. ira gilac said...

hey, scratch crawfish, ho da sock makeit gonna do tomory??

ho is da solo clips gonna fect it?? they say dat jug beans is involve in dis solo clips...dat da sun gonna be in 'aqueer-he-is'...izzat troo???

jug beans is all happy now dat he say dat he in da *ss of..i meen age of a queer-he-is....a queer-he-is....

Friday, January 23, 2009
The Jan. 26 Annular Solar Eclipse
The distinctive feature of an annular solar eclipse, is the ring of light around the Moon, as it passes between the Sun and the earth. This phenomena is a result of the Moon being at it's greatest distance from the earth(apogee), at the time of the eclipse.

Although the ancients saw an eclipse as a malefic influence- we are wise to look at each lunation individually, and make judgments with an eye to the specifics. Because the Jan. 26 eclipse falls in Saturn ruled Aquarius, I think the astrologers of old might portend negative consequences- which in some cases, is probably a valid prediction. For instance- this eclipse conjoins the radix Sun of India's Republic chart(1/26/50, 10:15 am), and the Feb. 9 lunar eclipse hits the Sun of India's Independence map(8/15/47, 12 am). And with the General Elections only a few months away, the eclipse activation of the Sun(leadership) in both national charts, does not bode well for the party in power. As always, context is a crucial factor in interpretation. Eclipses don't occur in a vacuum. (Note, the total solar eclipse of Aug. 1, 2008, did portend the violent attacks of November in Mumbai.)

The Jan. 26 solar eclipse falls in the sign of Aquarius, along with Jupiter, the Node, Chiron, and Neptune. The conjunction with benefic Jupiter is a key factor in determining the eclipse potential, and suggests a more favorable turn of events, than would otherwise be forecast- although, Jupiter symbolizes big things, and big isn't always good. The strong emphasis on Aquarius speaks to the progressive and altruistic possibilities that lie before us, as we move forward with a new administration in place, and a glimmer of hope in our hearts. While the eclipse on the USA's(7/4/1776) South Node, alludes to endings of some sort, that are linked with past actions or conditions. The financial implications of the eclipse-Node contact are shown by the Sagittarius rising(Sibly) version of the US chart, with the South Node in the 2nd house. Moreover, the spiritual direction(South Node) of America is receiving impetus from the eclipse, which also opposes Mr. Obama's natal Sun in Leo. (The Aug. 1, 2008 eclipse occurred 3 days before his birthday.)

The eclipsing of the Sun's light represents the death or end of one phase of development, and the light's return signifies a rebirth or fresh start to a new cycle of growth. The eclipse puts an emphasis on whatever planet it conjuncts or opposes, and whatever house it falls in. Again- as eclipses are not lone factors, one must consider the condition of those planets/houses being activated. And of course, a solar eclipse will often require a trigger some time later, to set-off it's latent power. In this case, transiting Mars will cross the eclipse degree around Feb. 12/13.

Another way to understand what an eclipse might mean for a particular place, is to note if there are any planets on the angles(points of manifestation), as these will tend to color events with their own energy. A good example in this regard, is the big Saturn-Uranus opposition on the eclipse meridian at Jakarta, Indonesia, which suggests some extreme weather or natural disasters in that region. And it should be duly noted, that the path of the eclipse passes over Indonesia. If the Jan. 26 eclipse is not activated by transiting Mars on Feb. 12/13, the Full Moon of April 9, 2009, may trigger the latent power of the eclipse and it's ruler Saturn, which is sharply placed at Jakarta.

The Greek astronomer Meton of Athens observed that a period of 19 tropical years is almost exactly equal to 235 synodic months, and so eclipses repeat at the exact same degree every 19 years('Metonic cycle'). The Jan. 26, 1990, eclipse occurred at 6-7 degrees of Aquarius- precisely where the current eclipse falls. One might reflect back on that period to understand the possible effects of this months eclipse.

The Jan. 26 solar eclipse is a member of Saros series 131 that began Aug. 1, 1125, and ends 1244 years later, on Sept. 2, 2369. Interestingly- the first eclipse in this series at 15 Leo, was powerfully placed(conjunct the IC) at the US capital- while the eclipse angles are the same as President Obama's relocated chart for Washington, DC. Therefore, the current solar eclipse may have some special significance for the US and President Obama, if we consider the Saros series to which it belongs, as an interpretive factor.

dr. ira gilac said...

can somenun esplain all dis to me???

aquarius....being in da 'house'...hose house??? 2nd, 3rd, 5th house...which house?? yo dun wanna be in jug beans house...unless yo got eyes beging yo yo can see himm cumming from behind yo...

Tuesday, January 06, 2009
Jupiter in Aquarius
Jupiter's 2009 passage through Aquarius will tend to bring out the best qualities of that sign. And the USA will certainly play a leading role in the expression of Jupiter's vibration, and also, the birth of a new world order, reflected by the signature Saturn-180-Uranus. The first exact opposition occurred on Nov. 4, with Obama's stunning election victory, that changed the whole landscape. And the second opposition is Feb. 5, soon after Obama takes office.

Jupiter entered Aquarius on Jan. 5, at 10:42 am, EST. The chart for this ingress('entering into') in Washington, DC, shows Jupiter, Mercury, and the Moon's North Node, in the 11th house of friends, 'hopes and wishes'. (This is the house most associated with Aquarius- the 11th sign.) And Jupiter rules the Pisces Ascendant, where radical Uranus is rising, in opposition to Saturn. In other words- the key aspect of these times, is on the horizon at the US capital, as benefic Jupiter changes signs.

This synchronicity is rich in symbolism, as Jupiter- ancient ruler of Pisces, will be happier in Aquarius than Capricorn, and so Uranus(in Pisces) will also benefit from this energetic shift. And Uranus is stirring an awakening in the collective spirit even now. Moreover- Saturn(ancient ruler of Aquarius) in Virgo, suggests practical application or refinement for Jupiter's expansive drive, so progressive innovation and altruism(Uranus), can manifest and take shape in the real world.

The planet Saturn- ruler of authority, time, and responsibilities, moving through Virgo- is the anchor holding the celestial energies together, and honing their focus at this point in time- especially Jupiter, newly in Saturn-ruled Aquarius.

dr. ira gilac said...

scratch, i dun like this part of it....

"Jupiter's 2009 passage through Aquarius will tend to bring out the best qualities of that sign. And the USA will certainly play a leading role in the expression of Jupiter's vibration, and also, the birth of a new world order, reflected by the signature Saturn-180-Uranus.

so now, dis queerius bizness gonaa make jug bean hapy coos is gonna brng in 'da nude world orda'....not good scratch....not good at wha dis about uranus???....never mine...i dun wanna no...tell jug beans...dats his fav planet...uranus...

dr. ira gilac said...

the birth of a new world order,


dr. ira gilac said...

shows Jupiter, Mercury, and the Moon's North Node, in the 11th house of friends, 'hopes and wishes'. (This is the house most associated with Aquarius- the 11th sign.)

an theres dat '11' again...da 11th house...hose house is dat???

beans....dat yo house????