Thursday, July 29, 2010

Which Witch Is Which 4-15-10

Someday I will write a completed work on this thought. I am becoming more and more aware that the American body of Christian believers is altogether too infected by the world. Even the call to come out of the world is infected by blind leaders infected by the world. The best example of scripture I can see is King Soul. He was chosen by God but not by the criteria or desire of God. He was chosen to please the eyes and ears of a worldly people. To show them the predictable demise of their pursuit. It’s what I see happening today and I am brokenhearted over the church’s participation. Whether Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Tea Party or none of the above your vote is worldly. The philosophy that good people need to cast their vote to elect righteousness is a lie fabricated in hell. Only God can build righteousness and the heart of a man serving His God is the only one who can know how to serve his neighbor. The creeps running the government can never change without a new birth which is the provident domain of God. Further, supposed brothers came to court to testify against me. Even if I am evil where is their trust in God? Our court system is pure witchcraft. Never will you be able to surrender your Godly promise to a witch and have it delivered. Saul learned of this death by the witch of endor. Where is our faith? Even if this world steals your house through fraud are you going to God or the witches for your remedy. Let me explain further. Dorean was a God ordained venture. We enticed the witches to war by righteous invasion into their profits. We had no choice but to dabble in witchcraft not as our remedy but in warfare. As individuals our choices are routinely obvious. Divorce the world. In the larger scheme of things God hears the prayers of injustice and advances through various machinations of war. He will raise up a Goliath who is too proud to understand his demise. In these instances God’s rules of engagement can deviate from what He commands in the normal course of your relationship. Dorean did not seek witches for our remedy but were sucked into the coven by our stand. If it were a matter of just m life and not warfare my actions would have been governed differently. Rejoice that God has sent champions into battle. It is only proof He is trustworthy. When you are injured give it to God. He knows your need. Never go to these witches by filing or vote. The world is advancing to a destiny you have no part of. What concern is that to you? Fox News, CNN, Rush, are not God’s prophets. Obamanation needs a heart transplant from his creator. How are you going to assure that by the folly of the world? Yes holy leaders bring peace upon the land and evil breeds evil but that battle is the Lords. Pray, fast, prophesy, live holy and apart from this world and let God be God. If He raises up a Dorean thank Him for the gift and continue pressing for that high calling. A calling not of this world. Jesus died by political corruption and wicked judgments. Do you think He is blind to it? He overturned all the kingdoms of this world by the gospel message. Where is Ceasar now? Where is Rome? The righteous can still be found holding an office never given them by vote or delegation, it was a gift of God. The moral majority, the conservative right, the Christian coalitions are all a mistake. I truly like Francis Shaffar and his heart after God but his hopes to advance it politically was folly. Newt Gingrich is God’s man? Please! How about ethical William Bennett? God’s men are rejected by this world. They get strange commands that don’t tickle the ears of the populace. I had a magistrate name Brazil who claimed to be a student of the Bible. Yet, not only was his actions indistinguishable from the other witches they were more offensive because he was most deceived. The patriot movements, sovereignty, even the UCC are not holy. They are worldly devises to prevent men from seeking God. As you know I cam not ignorant of these devises nor do I promote ignorance but never will these arrest my hope from God. Do you read of Paul. He knew political and ecclesiastical law but that was not his message. He sang praises and jails were opened. He prayed and fasted and after shipwrecked and all lives saved the pagan chieftain of the island they landed on got saved. No vote, no planned mission, no moral contract. Only God’s work. The world is correctly interpreted as being in turmoil and Obama was right about brining change. Open your spiritual eyes and reason with God and I promise you what understanding you gain would never arrive by Hanity, or any self-righteous pundit. Cast our vote with God and perhaps He will show mercy and heal this land.

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