Friday, November 12, 2010

Changing Appeal 2-11-10

As you have been noticed there is a prophecy that touches on our deliverance that Scott and I are trusting in. The appeal was not fitting within this window so it was not considered. But in recent developments this may no longer be the case. Of course What I’m now seeing is the development of kind of a perfect storm of deliverance. Much had to change just to see this and much out or our control will have to develop perfectly but the hand of this Lord is apparent. I can now say as I have always said in faith that we will prevail but now through my reasons. It is not as if merely an when that confronts us. This is not a lay down where sloth is effective. It is still war but tactical weapons have developed and must be deployed. It is m greatest desire that the Lord will use Dorean as a modern example of His power and effectiveness while proving again trusting Him is warranted. If this occurs it matters not for I am not the defender of God. He is mine. Regardless I have my joy and my proof that Christ is trustworthy. Though the chances are appealing His changelessness is the true delight.

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