Friday, November 12, 2010

Courageous Ridicule 3-09-10

I truly wonder at how people can ridicule my courage in this battle. Is it really wisdom to say the government never loses? In whom do you place your confidence? If you know God can you doubt His victory. Perhaps the human element, Kurt’s weakness is the factor of your concern. So God is strong just incompetent. He lies when He says His strength is perfected in weakness. Almost every time He delivers His children the enemy is confounded. Look at those notable quotes and you can see our enemy completely had their wits about them. Their intelligence was completely lost in moronic behavior. David knew victory over a lion, that gave him confidence for victory over a bear, that gave him confidence for victory over a giant, that gave him confidence for victory over a king. This is not my first rodeo and my confidence is well seasoned by a food whose course always leads to victory. Now if you lack at patience is wagging your faith then your arrogance has blinded you to the ways of God. God will be your servant in love but never a slave to your will. If you like to look at life through your expectations try looking at the expectations of God’s enemies. Then maybe a few lions, bears, giants, and kings will enter your vision. As for me and my house we continue to trust the Lord.

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