Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Hanna in the book of Samuel was a good wife and woman. In the normal course of her life the circumstances allowed her rival to provoke her. Humanity is cruel and full of envy. At every turn where it appears by circumstances alone that one’s life is blessed compared to another our wicked hearts use the gift of knowledge of good and evil as a touchstone for critical judgment. Fortunately for the Christian we are liberated from this foul exercise. This liberation does not come by the title Christian which unfortunately is proven over and over by the hypercritics who think that they add credibility to their judgment by a piety overcoat. How far they are from knowing the God they claim to know. Christ liberates from this heart because He never possessed it. He only knows the love of the Godhead. His judgments would be true and just at any provocation addressed toward us. Yet love, His love, has no envy or weak constitution that needs to stand upon the shoulders of another. He can look to himself and judge the other not in their circumstances but in His character.

Suffering under injustice and displaying circumstances that seduce the hypercritics is a temptation to become like them. But what Hanna did as a practice we should all take note of is she went to the Lord. Lay your complaint, injuries, and hope on the alter of love. This is a trustworthy place. If you beg the hypercritics for mercy they could not give it.

At the alter of love you are not judged by the knowledge of good and evil but rather the knowledge of true love. A true love that knows the value of a human soul and the transient worth of circumstance, let the wise of this would provoke you, revile you, and condemn you. They will see soon enough that God loves you and that their formula for judgment is folly. Will it change their judgments? Never, even if hypercritics prey upon them, they will never go to the alter of love. If they would God would heal them of their hatred and they would lose their judgment. That is the treasure they will not sacrifice.


judge allslop said...

Witness the culmination of the Fascist Business Model in full glory. The merger of state and big business has shined like a gigantic spotlight of blatant financial crime, profiteering from warmongering, and seamy treason. People who expect justice are delusional. The system has been taken over the edge, far past the brink of failure.

BofA near $8.5 billion settlement on securities
By Joe Rauch and Maria Aspan
Tue Jun 28, 2011 9:38pm EDT

(Reuters) – Bank of America Corp is close to a deal to pay $8.5 billion to settle claims from a group of powerful investors that lost money on mortgage-backed securities, a person familiar with the matter said on Tuesday. The deal could embolden investors holding mortgage-backed securities filled with now-toxic home loans to pursue claims against other large mortgage lenders such as Wells Fargo & Co and JPMorgan Chase & Co, analysts said.

judge allslop said...

WTF, can't find those pallets of c notes yet? Expect Bernanke to make a quick get away to Tel Aviv.

KABUL, Afghanistan — Citing fear of reprisals and political interference in his investigation of the largest financial scandal in the country, the governor of Afghanistan’s Central Bank announced his resignation Monday while in the United States, saying that he no longer felt safe in Afghanistan.

OMO said...

Sad case of Sunny Shue. He didn't stand a chance against the N.Y. crime-family judge. Shue was a nobody with no money. Where would they find a lawyer willing to take on this slam-dunk murder case?

He tangled with a New York judge who he accused of defrauding him.

He was told to "back off" by two NYPD detectives.

An FBI agent in charge of institutional mortgage fraudcases warned him to "be careful."

He made a video saying his he concerned for his safety. Two weeks later, he was dead and the policereport, medical examiner report and handlingof the body don't appear to add up.



Joseph said...

Committing fraud & getting caught is only a 2% cost of doing business:


Anonymous said...

mayor siezes foreclosed homes from banks


Anonymous said...

oct. 28 is cum soon.

all the 'family accts' will be settled mints by then. real ease da mooney from da ptb.

if not, then the god of the you knee verse will take out da hole plant.

judge allslop said...

Pulling back Superman's cape to find a 90lb weakling, with rickets.

"Yesterday at the Annual Conference of The International Association of Clerks, Recorders, Election Officials and Treasurers (IACREOT), Register John O’Brien revealed the results of an independent audit of his registry. The audit, which is released as a legal affidavit was performed by McDonnell Property Analytics, examined assignments of mortgage recorded in the Essex Southern District Registry of Deeds (MA) issued to and from JPMorgan Chase Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, and Bank of America during 2010. In total, 565 assignments.that the degradation in standards of commerce by which the banks originated, sold and securitized these mortgages are so fatally flawed that the institutions, including many pension funds, that purchased these mortgages don’t actually own them because the assignments of mortgage were never prepared, executed and delivered to them in the normal course of business at the time of the transaction. In a blatant attempt to engineer a ‘fix’ to the problem, the banks set up in-house document execution teams, or outsourced the preparation of their assignments to third parties who manufactured them out of thin air without researching who really owns the mortgage.”

The Full Report may be requested at www.mcdonnellanalytics.com

OMO said...

Some guy from the crowd tries to grab the French leader. We need more people like him. :) Look how fast security jumped on top of him: lightening fast.


Joseph said...

Credibility of lady called into question. I knew it:


A lady cries rape, any lady, and it seems all ladies come to the issue & assume it's true. That's sick if you think about it before all the facts are in.

This is looking more & more like a political issue & not a sexual issue.

Joseph said...

From Business Insider - more on the poor hardworking innocent victim:

"...She also has apparently lied to investigators about a past rape in her plea for asylum in the US, as well as an unsubstantiated claim of genital mutilation."

Now do you see why he got bail with no conditions?

Her testimony MEANS NOTHING. She's a profession con-artist and liar with a bank account to prove it.

Anonymous said...

anyone know what this is about?

its real, just saw it in this mornings newspapter. you can probl look it up in PACER.

must be somethingh to do with Admin Remedy/UCC.

in the legal section of the paper

here it is:



U.S. District Court

Case No. 11-246/ML

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA v. M/Y BRITTANY LEIGH II

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the vessel BRITTANY LEIGH II was arrested by U.S. Marshall on June 17, 2011 to enforce a preferred mortgage lien. Persons claiming a right of possession or any ownership interest in the vessel must file a verified statement of right or interest with the Clerk of the Court by JUly 15, 2011, and serve......


you can look up the rest if you like.

is the corporation now attaching "vessels" , ie., your body? if you do not make yourself surety, then you should be ok. key is to know how to not asume surety for you starman.

Anonymous said...

maybe its a good thing.

if they are now starting to enforce "vessel arrest/UCC-1, then they will start to arrest corrupt judge 'vessels" and mtg lender vessels and poltician "vessels" and the hole thins cum down...

maybe all those UCC fillings will start to be enforeced now by the U.S. maritals.

note to jub beans, better start to cleen out yo porthole


Anonymous said...

The case against Dominique Strauss-Con is about to hit the wall, say reports. Even more curious among the critically aware is that our theory that Dominique Strauss-Con's embarrassment out of the IMF was a PTB hit-team effort to slander him out, at least temporarily, has been played out such that Christine LaGarde could be moved into place to keep running the PTB agenda.

Yet another 'sexicide' of a politician who questioned the PTB. We have to wonder how many other pols have been booted this way? Make one wonder about Shitzer, Dedwards, and Weaner, to name just a few...

Anonymous said...

"maybe its a good thing."

on the other hand, IF ppl dun wake up and learn about UCC, then from now on, when thye sing a contrak fo they STARMAN, they have NOW BECUM SURETY FO THEY STRAMAN.

not good.

so if they take out da fat, and fill a lean on yo straman, then you will be cooked but good. no fat. all beef.

Anonymous said...

"Persons claiming a right of possession or any ownership interest in the vessel ....

so wahf i fill a UCC lean on part of her body?

if she good lokking, then i will fill ucc leans on her loins.

den i can cum in when i want.

i gift up da rest of her bod to ho ver want it.


Anonymous said...

maybe i fill a UCC so i can also get an attrackment to her teats too!!!

then i can milk it fo a wile.


Anonymous said...

Florida continues to show a rather disconcerting willingness to throw its citizens’ rights under the bus to help the banks. The state created special foreclosure courts to clear up a substantial backlog, which might not have been such a bad idea if they had been properly implemented. However, they were staffed with retired judges, many of whom seemed to put speed over due process. There have been numerous reports of judges refusing to hear motions or evidence presented by borrowers, to the point where the ACLU contested the procedures used as violations of due process.

To some degree, this has become moot since these kangaroo courts are expected to be shuttered (they required an extension of funding to continue). Moreover, new foreclosure filings have slowed in Florida as a result of the robo-signing scandal. The revelation of widespread abuses by banks has led some judges to dismiss cases with dubious documentation; judges are also complaining that banks are seldom coming to hearings on foreclosure cases.

Never fear, with government bought and paid for in America, someone was certain to try a fix. The Florida governor has, in effect, suggested that if banks can’t meet the existing requirements for foreclosure, then the solution obviously is to lower them. From a Daily Business Review article on a speech Florida governor Rick Scott made to the state bar association (hat tip Lisa Epstein):

The governor called on judges and lawyers to look for ways to cut court costs, improve efficiency and clear up the foreclosure backlog “as quickly as possible.” The clogging of the courts by foreclosure cases is discouraging businesses interested in moving to Florida, Scott’s main priority, he said.

“It scares people … and is clearly having an impact on the economy,” he said. “I’m looking for The Bar to come forward with suggestions on how to clear this up. Maybe we should consider nonjudicial foreclosures.”

Scott encouraged judges to carefully review verdicts to look for “meritless” cases.

“If we have a huge verdict that seems ridiculous, that adversely impacts companies who want to come to this state,” he said.

The connection between a foreclosure overhang and companies’ willingness to move to Florida seems pretty strained (and who are these business champing to relocate to Florida, anyhow? The idea that this is a meaningful number of entities in a weak economy sounds like wishful thinking). Scott presumably subscribes to the widely-discredited Mellonite logic that foreclosing rather than trying to do deep principal mods for borrowers that have viable incomes and flooding the market with foreclosure sales would somehow be an economic plus.

And look how he would like to square the circle: by turning Florida from a judicial foreclosure state (where the foreclosure has to be approved by the courts) to a non-judicial foreclosure stat (where the lender merely has to advertise the pending foreclosure and can then foreclose if the owner does not go to court to oppose the action). The good news is I am pretty sure this is easier said than done (lawyers please pipe up). I believe that in non-judicial states (or at least most of them), the bank has the deed, while in judicial foreclosure states,the borrower is the owner of the house, but has granted the lender a lien against it. That’s why lenders have to go to court: to enforce their rights under the lien. So even if there was interest in Scott’s idea, I don’t see how it could be applied retroactively.

Note that Scott floated this trial balloon after giving lip service to the rule of law:

Scott, who holds a law degree from Southern Methodist University and who was once a partner at a large Dallas law firm, spoke of his “great appreciation” for the law and called lawyers “the stewards of our government.”

judge allslop said...

Quote from a crime syndicate Don.
"fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again."
The assets are a joke! The market laughed.

New York Fed Halts AIG Bond Auctions on Market Conditions
By Caroline Salas Gage – Jun 30, 2011 3:11 PM MT

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is halting its sales of mortgage bonds acquired in the rescue of American International Group Inc. (AIG) after coming under criticism that auctions were damaging credit markets.

OMO said...

Credibility of lady called into question. I knew it:


Since when has the credibility of a victim's past ever interfere with the prosecution of someone who clearly appears to have raped the victim?

It appears that the victim and the accused have come to some agreement. Money, not time, heals all wounds.

OMO said...

The DSK case is over? Wow. I would never have guessed.


judge allslop said...

The name Quantitative Easing is an insult to human sensibilities. It is hyper monetary inflation, which would sound bad. Heck, Neo-Conservative was another euphemism a few years ago. It also fooled the public, an easy task. The dominant themes in the USCongress and Executive branch are clearly paralyze, polarize, and partisan. Tainted money has been followed by tainted morality, policy, justice, and representation.

Fed’s Massive Stimulus Had Little Impact: Greenspan
Published: Thursday, 30 Jun 2011 | 5:24 PM ET

The Federal Reserve’s massive stimulus program had little impact on the U.S. economy besides weakening the dollar and helping U.S. exports, Federal Reserve Governor Alan Greenspan told CNBC Thursday. In a blunt critique of his successor, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, Greenspan said the $2 trillion in quantative easing over the past two years had done little to loosen credit and boost the economy. "There is no evidence that huge inflow of money into the system basically worked," Greenspan said in a live interview.
No shit maestro!

Anonymous said...

anyone know what this is about?

i guss dat its safe to ass you an me dat noone nose wtf the "vessel attachment" is all about, eh???

noone probly even bohtered to lock it up- but it was a real case in the newspaper.

so what happens in a "vessel arrest"

cum on, wheres da beef???

wheres dr. flinston on dis???

where he at???

Anonymous said...

doesnt anyone know anything at all on this?

you ppls all supposed to be experts here, so what up?

judge allslop said...

Com'on Doc every one knows about the vestal virgins from a whiter shade of pale.

Anonymous said...

waht about virgin invetmints???

Joseph said...

The only thing "clear" is that she is a prostitute:

The Post reported that the Sofitel housekeeper was a "hooker" who "routinely traded sex for money with male guests" and that after the purported May 14 assault, while under the protection of the District Attorney's office, she "was turning tricks on the taxpayer's dime," the lawsuit said.

OMO said...

The only thing "clear" is that she is a prostitute:

And DSK is her pimp.

Joseph said...

"the accuser had not been truthful about her background and the aftermath of the alleged attack."

After the case developed, the maid acknowledged she had lied to prosecutors about being gang-raped in Guinea and had not given a grand jury an accurate account of what she did immediately after the alleged attack. She initially described running into a hall and waiting until a supervisor arrived. Prosecutors now say she went on cleaning rooms before reporting the matter to a supervisor.

Yep, she was raped and immediately she just went on cleaning rooms as if nothing had happened before of course, purposely NOT immediately reporting this to her supervisor. That's what a dedicated worker she is. LOL

Anyone that believes anything this lady says is an idiot. She's a liar, nothing she says has any credibility whatsoever. Anything she says must be treated with a skeptical mind, as she has a tendency to cry wolf, I mean cry gang rape. Yep, she was "gang raped" by the big bad ugly wolves before.

Anyone woman that would fabricate on such an issue shows how demented she really is.

Joseph said...

"They said they also found she had cheated on taxes, including claiming someone else's child as her own."

Can you say, "chronic liar". LOL

This would even go to trial.

And now, she is facing a slander lawsuit. That will be a nice epilogue.

OMO said...

DSK is her pimp. And now he is facing another lawsuit. LoL.
I wonder what his wife thinks about all this. Poor thing. I'm almost certain she'll never want to touch that thing again. LoL