Tuesday, July 05, 2011

VICTORY 4/10/11

Hanna proves that the alter of love brings victory. Why should it not? The very existence of the alter of love is victory over the knowledge of good and evil. Her petition received love’s answer and time brought her victory.

The scripture does not make clear how long Hanna suffered under the circumstances of barrenness that allowed her rival to chide her but the indications are that it was for a prolonged season. Most circumstances that allow our hypercritics to gloat are prolonged, giving them some sense of justification in their ignorance. But patience can settle in for the distance once it accepts God’s love is trustworthy.

Hanna learned as we all should that God’s love is attentive, kind, merciful and giving. If we learn to fix our eyes and ears upon God the clamor of our judges will fade into the whispers of wickedness they are. She got to deride her enemies when God turned the tables. Trust in the Lord, lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him.

My own experience at this alter is that it makes you see things of reality that cannot be viewed by the eyes of human understanding. Love is a victory, not by the paths of retaliation, vengeance, or retribution but by itself. It takes its own course which the world cannot foresee. It recognizes the value of each soul in the battle for truth and righteousness. Even the souls in the self-righteous villains of fraud, circumstance would sat that our actions brought us before justice and we have been righteously crushed and condemned. But this is what I see and hear at the alter of love. God wanting to address the wickedness that doles out so much injustice by the device of civil authority brought two men who would trust His love to secure a victory. There is no fear in us as we take the course love dictates. As Hanna we will have our moment when love turns the tables and that which made its hypercritical boast is silenced. Anyone who goes to this alter will become confident of the Victory love always obtains. Do you see what I see, or does you vision need to be a heard?


Anonymous said...

"Do you see what I see, or does you vision need to be a heard?

hear what yo want to c:


i dun care wha flava it is; choc, vanilla, spearmint, even settlemints too!!

Anonymous said...


then i will c good!!!

no glasses nedded!!!

Anonymous said...

where dat cum from, dat xmas song....

do yo see what i hear

do yo hear what i c

a child...a child...dee dee duh duh duh duh.....

judge allslop said...

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Published: July 2, 2011

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