Saturday, August 06, 2005

“A Duty to Stand”

I was not taken before judge Alsup today and unsure whether Scott was or not. I suspect there is no derailing the train of evil against us. My expectation is to be incarcerated for about 60 days. The best scenario is just a couple of weeks for release. The Utah case is about dead as filed. Nevertheless it has been a damage to us that they will have to pay for. Tactically it was a risk they were willing to take for the reward of he disruption of our business. We have truth on our side and the tenacity to finish the race. Tyranny even economic will fall to resistance. The reason we are where we are today is our precious generation being apathetic. Stand with me at my disadvantage and you will see me again to complete our task. To be continued…
Dale Scott Heineman
C/O Salt Lake County Metro Jail
3415 S. 900 W.
South Salt Lake City, UT. 84119


son of a prophet said...

....A very, very long time ago, a very, very famous prophet said these words...."stand with me and you shall see me come agian...."

wonder who that was??? was the Dorean group around then? lol!

A Woman Inspired said...

you should all be ashamed of yourselves....have faith...

Tulsa John said...

Some things are worth repeating:

I wonder…..

I wonder what Attorney’s are going to do since Judge Alsap single handedly took it upon himself to make the UCC code of no use and unlawful to follow it.

I wonder how many of our countrymen and women will go to jail for making a request in accordance to the Freedom Of Information Act to know if their bank has any title or right to their mortgages and or credit cards?

Today, I heard a person tell me that as borrower, he had no right to see his promissory note.

I wonder whose note it is?

I wonder whose signature is on it?

I wonder what it means in the UCC code where it says that a note that is indorsed becomes a security?

I wonder why ANY alteration of a note after the signing is considered Forgery?

I wonder what it means on the FDIC Call reports when it says a bank and no fiduciary responsibilities nor interests or assets on any accounts?

I wonder why government officials don’t want a Grand Jury to hear Kurt Johnson’s case?

I wonder why the Press isn’t interested that a person is being held in jail without due process?

I wonder why my banker says he can’t show me my promissory note?

I wonder why judges won’t let truth be entered in the record as evidence?

I wonder why a judge in Oklahoma can use a sexual hand pump in court and not be removed and allowed to retire with full retirement?

I wonder why no one is writing to the press, their elected officials and demanding an investigation?

I wonder why foreigners own up to 40% of our land?

I wonder why an alien can get full social security in ten years with a fake social security number and a citizen has to wait 20 with a legitimate one. (Sorry I had to throw that one in)

I wonder why the skeptics want to judge without seeing physical evidence?

I wonder why our founding fathers fought to keep the central banks out of the United States?

I wonder why these same founder’s said Fiat money would be the downfall of America?

I wonder why Washington politicians set aside our constitution and have kept us under maritime law?

I wonder why people groups allow themselves to be led into voluntary slavery without even so much as a question?

I wonder when we stopped being a nation of the people and for the people?

Hmmmm lots of things to wonder huh?

tcob247 said...

son of prophet....let me guess.
Kurt said that right?
I would like to know if Kurt is still doing his no food and water fast. By my calculations, this would have been the 17th day.
He said he would have kidney failure after 15 days. My guess is he just said that to impress the followers, he didnt intend to keep it.
Am I right Kurt? Or are you still on it.

tcob247 said...

quote from Kurt on July 24.........
I am 4 days into what I call a dry fast, which is no food or water, accomplished by both Moses and Jesus. It ‘tis a supernatural fast that proves that man does not live by bread alone.
"Matthew 4:4 But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."
In the natural I will have about 14 days before I perish through kidney failure. Likewise in the natural one mans voice of no has no chance of prevailing, however in the supernatural the singular effort of tyrants shall not prevail. If I perish may the mark of history be that I left a sword of truth, for the masses to display and swing wildly for their freedom. If the LORD shows favor upon me the dread of my enemies will be reported to you.

Elmer Fudd said...

Hey Tulsa John:How is Money Created?
Financial institutions create money by taking in deposits of cash and checks, and lending a portion of this money out in loans. Banks are required to keep a percentage of their deposits in reserves in the form of cash in their vault or deposits at their regional Federal Reserve Bank.
The amount of required reserves is determined by the Fed, intended to meet the normal demand for cash by the bank's customers (liquidity) and to give the Fed a way to adjust the money supply by raising or lowering the reserve requirement. The reserves (or deposits) are non earning assets, therefore banks are motivated to convert as much of the excess of non earning assets (cash) into earning assets (loans) as they can in order to be profitable. Money creation is a result, but is not the intent.

When the bank grants a loan, the proceeds are usually deposited into the borrowing customer's checking account, creating additional deposit funds which can be lent to other customers, after the required reserves are set aside. In concept, this could continue indefinitely at a multiplier equivalent to the inverse of the reserve ratio. (see examples)

This doesn't happen in reality because the borrowing customer will eventually spend the money in their checking account, which reduces the amount of excess reserves available for the bank to lend. During the time the funds are in the checking account, money has been "created". When the money is spent and the checking account balance declines, money has been "destroyed".

Some or all of the money spent by the customer is likely to end up in another checking account with the same bank or another bank. The amount that returns into the banking system increases deposits and therefore the amount that the bank is permitted to lend to another customer, creating more money. This flow of funds in and out of checking accounts is one way that the Fed measures economic activity and can use reserve requirements as one of three tools to influence monetary policy.

No one really "creates" the money. It's a function of investing the funds that depositors put in the bank. Nothing more. If banks did not "put these funds to work" they quite simply would not be in business.

Elmer Fudd said...

Love copy and paste such a good thing eh johhny boy

son of a prophet said...

...I am not being critical of anyone...just having a little fun is all...

I go into many forums and learn more there than anywhere else, as this is where one learns how people think. And how people think determine their future actions.

As far as Dorean goes, I dont really know what is going on, as I dont believe that anyone else does either.

However, for what its worth, I will give my unsolicited two shekels worth.

I dont know if/when their mission will be successful; ie. elilminating everyones mortgage.

I dont however belive its a scam either.

Change on this order of magnitude are accomplished very, very slowly with much strife. Sometimes change is accomplished which does not benefit the orignal participants, ie., see the tobacco lawsuits. The litigants ultimately won (agaisnt the tobacco compaines), but only after what seemed like decades of litigation and after all the attorneys fees, etc. what little was left for the original litigants was not worth the time or trouble. It was very profitable however for the attorneys involved on both sides.

This may be a similar deal, but I dont think its a fraud or scam by any means either. However, may the case reolove before the apocalypse arrives first, which the way the world is going, wont be long, especially after Aug. 15th when the US govt. begins expelling Jews from Gaza. The bible warns agianst this and says that judgment will soon follow.

Unpaid mortgages will be the least of anyones troubles!

you will know them by their fruit said...

son of a prophet

You will know them by their fruit. Dorean was/is a scam in its purest form. In the end hundreds may have lost their homes. Perhaps your jokes are better suited for another forum. People are hurting because of this scam.

Be like the Bereans and find out for yourself.

Gforce said...

Thanks for the info, tulsajohn. I believe those thought provoking questions should be posted every time.-----I know TRUTH stokes the enemy beyond comprehension....."For the Word that God speaks is alive and full of power making it operative and effective;it is sharper than any two-edged sword, penetrating to the dividing line of the soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, EXPOSING and SIFTING and ANALYZING and JUDGING the very thoughts and purposes of the heart."Heb.4:12-------The enemy does not understand why certain people still hold onto the TRUTH."But the natural, nonspiritual man does not accept or welcome or admit into his heart the gifts and teachings and revelations of the Spirit of God, for they are meaningless nonsense to him; and he is INCAPABLE of knowing them because they are spiritually discerned(handicapped).---But the spiritual man EXAMINES, INVESTIGATES, INQUIRES into, QUESTIONS, and discerns ALL things, yet he(the spiritual man) can read the meaning of everthing, but no one can properly get an insight into him......but we (the spiritual man) have the MIND of Christ and do hold the THOUGHTS of His heart."1Cor2:14-16-------Hey banksters and all those who have turned away from the one true GOD, your wealth is coming to me NOW!!--LOOK!! It is slipping through your fingers and there is NOTHING that you can do about it.Prov.13:22Ecc2:26James5

Gforce said...

son of a prophet-----you got one thing right----the expelling of the Jews from Gaza is REALLY serious. Anyone or any country that supports the diminishing of Israel will be severely dealt with by God. ".....a thousand may fall on my left side and ten thousand may fall at my right side, but the pestilence and the destruction and the terror will NOT come near me....I will only be a spectator as I witness the reward of the wicked..."Ps91(para)

Tulsa John said...

Elmer Fudd

It is against the law for banks to lend their depositors money.

See people perish because they don't know.

A very good book written by Larry Bates former member of the Teneesse House of Representatives whre he Chaired the Committe on the Banking and commerce.

Larry was also CEO and majority owner of three small banks in Tennesse.

His book is "The New Economic Disorder.

Get educated!

WillToFight said...

Hey Sharon

If you'll new what I just found out this morning!

You negative spokes in the wheel of society. You know who you are. Those that are afraid of change. Those that do not see the big picture.

No I will not share it with you! You do not Deserve to know!

You robotized, unknowing, followers of whatever you told!

You do not have a "Brave Heart" for change!

Thing is when we make the change, it will benefit you too! And you'll act like you been with us all the time!

I will be big enough to welcome you into the fold!


WillToFight said...

You get um Tulsa John! Well said,

Very Well said!

Course these Fox, CNN, MSNBC Idiots will not look at the Truth of what you are saying!

They will as usual elude the questions.

It takes a "Brave Heart" to speak out TULSA JOHN!

I'll fight along side you anyday my friend!

WillToFight said...

Get a LIfe TCOB247

Do you have a life? Or are you just a bumbling program that is stuck on stupid?

Tulsa John said...

A lesson for history

A German banker in the 1800’s said:

“Give me control of a nations monetary system and I care not who writes their laws.”
(New Economic Disorder, Larry Bates, pg 56)

This is fun in the UCC code

(a) Subject to subsection (c) and Section 3-106(d), "holder in due course" means the holder of an instrument if:
(1) the instrument when issued or negotiated to the holder does not bear such apparent evidence of forgery or alteration or is not otherwise so irregular or incomplete as to call into question its authenticity; and
§ 3-407. ALTERATION.
(a) "Alteration" means (i) an unauthorized change in an instrument that purports to modify in any respect the obligation of a party, or (ii) an unauthorized addition of words or numbers or other change to an incomplete instrument relating to the obligation of a party.
(b) Except as provided in subsection (c), an alteration fraudulently made discharges a party whose obligation is affected by the alteration unless that party assents or is precluded from asserting the alteration. No other alteration discharges a party, and the instrument may be enforced according to its original terms.

tcob247 said... you have your house in the program?
All I want to know is if Kurt kept his promise to continue his fast?
I don't see why that warrants a comment like "do you have a life"
Is it stupid to ask questions of a man who has made many promises and leaves hundreds of people in foreclosure and an horrendous customer service.
You my friend are the one stuck on stupid.
Let me ask you again.
Answer that please

FedUp said...

"All I want to know is if Kurt kept his promise to continue his fast?"

yes, he has.

tcob247 said...

thought he said he would go into kidney failure in 14 days
It's been 18
And by the way, what is your source?

FedUp said...

"thought he said he would go into kidney failure in 14 days
It's been 18

He's got extra large kidneys. it's taking much longer than expected. Please be patient.

"And by the way, what is your source?"

Kurt is my source. He told me he was still on the fast.

whataboutjere said...

"WillToFight said...
Hey Sharon, If you'll new what I just found out this morning!"

WillToFight, how can a legitimate client find out about your "news?" Will your news help prevent foreclosures? Mine is Tuesday, will your "news" be beneficial to me?

Tulsa John said...


I wonder if you followed Kurt's instructions to find out about "moving parties." That is what a bank is if they try to foreclose. If you were to get a certified copy of the reply to your FOIA from the banking regulartors and found out the bank has not interest nor claim to you property, you might as the Judge in court, why are we hear your honour? Who are these "philistine?" Am I allowed to incriminate myself? All these are very important questions.

Oh I do appologize to one and all. We don't like real legitimate stuff on here. We don't want to know the Truth.. we just want to accuse the rescuer. History never changes in the present.

whataboutjere said...

tulsa john, I appreciate your post, however, if you remember what roadrunner86 said:

"tulsajohn: I did the FOIA letters several months back, and every one denied evidence of the banks licensure."

And unless you know how to force this issue, as with all the paperwork that has been filed, it don't mean anything to "them" (the judicial system).

My question still stands to WillToFight, was your statement valid in that it will help Dorean, Dorean clients, or foreclosures? And if so, how could a client find out about the "news?"

whataboutjere said...

"roadrunner86 said...
Kurt, I have filed the NOD, and am finding that my property is still active on the national foreclosure list. The sale is in 2 days. - No one is answering the phone, nor returning calls."

Michelle, did the NOD stop your sale?

FedUp said...

"Will your news help prevent foreclosures? Mine is Tuesday, will your "news" be beneficial to me?"

the news will help you to get on the right path.

whataboutjere said...

By Tuesday morning at 9am?

tcob247 said...

so fedup.....what is the news?
Why don't you tell these people who need the help so bad?

tcob247 said...

fedup.......are you Fred....Kurts father?

Elmer Fudd said...

FedUp said...
"Will your news help prevent foreclosures? Mine is Tuesday, will your "news" be beneficial to me?"

the news will help you to get on the right path.
AS Guy would say... Oh wow that's such wondeful news. Please do you have anymore so i can smile again :).. Tcob my advice to you is try to work it out with the bank and stop trying to get anything outta these crooks, i bet they can sugarcoat what hitler did to the jews that's how good they are at beating around the bush.

Tulsa John said...


if I knew how to force the truth out, would you take those steps?

The problem is that most public officals who have been elected or or appointed never have had their oaths of office put into public record. If their oaths are put into public record and they don't hold to it (uphold the constituion) they have committed treason and are criminals. Without their oaths being put into the record, they can do what they want and pretty much get away with it in my opinion.

~~The Swami~~~ said...

Alan Greenspan does my taxes every year!

~~The Swami~~~ said...

There are times that this forum is deader than Bruce Macomber's love life!

~~The Swami~~~ said...

Did anyone realize that if Fed Ex and UPS merged.........they would be called FedUp?

whataboutjere said...

Tulsa John, sure I would. However, would it work is the more prominent question?

"FedUp said...
Will your news help prevent foreclosures? Mine is Tuesday, will your "news" be beneficial to me?

The news will help you to get on the right path."

FedUp, not sure what that is supposed to mean, but nevertheless, how will I find out about this? Will someone be contacting me about it? If not, who can I contact about it?

Tulsa John said...


I don't know who might contact you about anything. No one knows who you are. Besides, who wants to be labled a scam artist...?

By the way, this could all be done in a day. If there were people in the proper states to make it happen.

Also, there needs to be someone gutsy who lives in the DC area who can go get certified copies of oaths of office. If that is what you were referring to.

FedUp said...

"I don't know who might contact you about anything."

Either do I.

"FedUp, not sure what that is supposed to mean, but nevertheless, how will I find out about this? Will someone be contacting me about it? If not, who can I contact about it? ?"

ask sharon angulo. she started it.

WillToFight said...

Sharon Angulo

Did not start anything. You people have some dignity about yourselves. Don't mess with her!

It is not over yet. We need you! Call Farrel, Guy, Sheps or Dr. Fred.

Make demands, we can beat this! We can win! We will win!

Quit listening to the Neodomenes, or JRB.

Those that are in the program and are "Fedup" quit thinking it is all over. There is alot to be done. We just need to learn what to do!

We'll get direction. Remember this is a pioneering, evolutionary process. We can not fall apart at this critical juncture.

Sui Juris

tcob247 said...

Sharon.....see thats the problem.
Farrel, Guy, Sheps or Dr. Fred can't and won't help.
Try calling the Dorean office for help. LOLOLOL, what a joke.
You would think that for shelling out $3,000 and handing over the keys of your house to an ex-con you would get a little more service.
Just tell me I'm wrong Dorean followers
Name one person out of the thousands who has their house actually free and clear. Has anyone been helped out of foreclosure? ANYONE? Is that silence I hear?

lostatc said...

I shelled out $5,000 to a tax service once. Got terrible service and my taxes didn't go away. The service fee was supposed to cover state and fed taxes but state taxes were never taken care of. the founder of the program lied to me on the phone, and I never got a refund. how do you like that for a rip off? And just think, you only got ripped off for $3,000. count your blessings it wasn't more than that.

dgwondering said...

lostatc, its a lot more than $3000 for people who could lose their house. And its no treat to have your friends you got into the program never wanting to talk to you again without their lawyer.

lostatc said...

so what is worse, losing your job because you were told to stop paying taxes, or, losing your house because you were told to stop making payments?

so what your "friends" won't talk to you without their lawyer... waaaa. give me a break. trust me, they never were your friends..

so many victim stories...

tcob247 said...

lostatc are very compassionate
You should be Dorean customer service.
Nobody is crying
Just stating facts

truthtooth said...



Hunger strike, how noble, feel sorry for him.

It seems that this blog is gettting more postings from people that are now feeling the sting of this scam.

It is still amazing how some of you fools babble religious statements in support of these EVIL people (DOREAN).

Rot in jail Kurt but at least you will have a roof over your head.

down but not out said...

truthtooth. you are getting a bit long in the tooth at this point.Why don't you and tcob247 let it go for awhile. Dorean is no longer taking clients so who do you have to "save" from the evil Kurt and Scott? You can only say "Nyah nyah nyah, I told you so" for so long before it gets annoying. Let us live with the decisions we made and the consequences that may come with it.
Go play somewhere else.

Logic would dictate that Kurt and Scott are not the crooks you are so intent on making them out to be.
If this is a scam why did they not bug out months ago with their booty and retreat to a tropical local? It would have been very easy for them to do so.

Instead they stayed the course and worked to remedy the ever changing situation as best they could, risking their freedom in the proccess

I doubt that you have the intestinal fortitude to do the same.

I would like to know if you have any knowledge of how the program works and the roadblocks that were put in place to prevent Dorean from succeeding.

No. I believe that you are a typical defeatist naysayer who gets his jollies by telling others how stupid and misguided they are.

truthtooth said...

down but not out:

You wrote...
If this is a scam why did they not bug out months ago with their booty and retreat to a tropical local?

The answer is that they are greedy and there was a huge financial insentive to bilk the last of the victims.

Dorean is not taking anymore client/victims because they can't. If you read Kurt's "Duty to Stand" crap you will see that he is talking about continuing the scam.

Yes I am a nay sayer because only a fool would believe that you can get your house for free because a slick con-man said so. I believe that the victims are stepping up and being counted.

Use your conspiricy theories but don't insult honest people by saying that when they borrowed the money for their homes and intended to pay it back that they were scammed by the government. Guess what fool, if they pay it back then they can keep their home, that is how the government plot works.

We know who the scamers are and there seem to be a lot of victims.

tcob247 said...

down but not out..........
"I doubt that you have the intestinal fortitude to do the same."

You are exactly right. I DO NOT have the intestinal fortitude to keep on going when I find it is FALSE

"I would like to know if you have any knowledge of how the program works and the roadblocks that were put in place to prevent Dorean from succeeding."

Yes, those "roadblocks" are called LAWS. (whether you like them or not)

"No. I believe that you are a typical defeatist naysayer who gets his jollies by telling others how stupid and misguided they are."

This will make you happy I'm sure.

I was stupid and misguided by doing this. I admit it.
I have not once told anyone else they were.

I'm far from a defeatist naysayer

Elmer Fudd said...

Sharon Angulo said...
you should all be ashamed of yourselves....have faith...

No the dorean offices should be ashamed of themselves for not helping their clients!! Or buy just answering a telephone! I mean for pete's sake taking someone's 3 grand, answer the damn telephone and tell these people their screwed!! You all owe them that at least!!!!

down but not out said...


Again I ask. Why are you here?

Why not just leave all of us stupid dishonest people to our own devices so we can exchange our hairbrained conspiracy theories amongst ouselves

down but not out said...


Name the specific laws that were broken. And don't answer my question with a question. Give specifics if you can.

tcob247 said...

down and out....
You are the one that sounds like a defeatest

down but not out said...

How am I a defeatist, tcob247?

tcob247 said...

"Why not just leave all of us stupid dishonest people to our own devices so we can exchange our hairbrained conspiracy theories amongst ouselves "

down but not out said...

Sarcasm is obviously lost on you

down but not out said...

t the
c cashe
o of
b bull****
24 24
7 7

My apologies to the swami

tcob247 said...

you are brilliant my man
that explains why you defend these guys
I will leave you to your own devices, because you are stupid and dishonest
you love to see people lose their money and houses don't you??
why I am just full of bulls**t because I can see that 100% of the people in the program have not had their mortgage eliminated

down but not out said...

Hey a-hole,
Don't go accusing me of being dishonest. I probably have lost more to this endeavor than most. The difference is I blame only myself not TDG.
My one beef would be with the ccr marketing arm with their claims of all the successes. I did not do my proper due dilligence, my fault not theirs.
You seem to want to blame everone BUT yourself.
Be a man and take some responsibility for your actions.

gotlight said...
check this out folks

down but not out said...

you need to change your name to:gottobekidding.
That story has no legs. Do you really believe that in this climate of Bush hating media, that this would not be on the frontpage of all the major newspapers and all over CNN?

Tony Tuba said...

How will Scott be able to go back to a different state on bail? I thought you couldn't do that. Won't he be required to stay in Utah while out on bail?

partysecured said...

Here's an eye opening read for those with eyes to see:

gotlight said...

What Scott's supposed to hang out in Utah? Get an apartment and count beans. Doesn't make sense.

gotlight said...

We will find out later.....huh!

tcob247 said...

hey down and out.....maybe you didnt read what I said earlier...
I said......

"I was stupid and misguided by doing this. I admit it."

I believe that is taking responsibility.
So I guess YOU are the A**hole cause you can't read.
I do blame CCR and Dorean, like you, for inflated claims and woeful customer service.

truthtooth said...

down but not out:

I am here to make you understand that these guys are crooks. Why are you here?

I do not see anyone else but you admitting that they are stupid and dishonest....

Laws?? Fraud, collusion, racketeering, falsifying legal documents...just to name a few.

I guess that the government just likes to waste tax payer's money going after saints like Kurt because they know that they are the low maintanence criminals.. they don't eat much.

down but not out said...


I asked for specifics and you evade with generalities. Typical answering question with questions. You are either a lawer or a liberal

truthtooth said...

down but not out:

Not a lawyer but card carrying republican.

The details... Defrauding innocent people into giving them money on a false premise that the victem will get a free and clear home and put money in their pocket.

Is that specific enough? I believe that you said that you have been taken by this scam. I am amazed that you are blaming yourself when clearly these guys are good enough to have taken hundreds of people.

down but not out said...

Again I asked for specific laws that were broken, and again you evaded

In my mind todays Republicans are liberal, and no I am not a Loosertarian, I am a conservative plain and simple.

I for one do not buy into all the kooky 9/11 conspiracy crap so don't lable me with that either.

So do you want to be specific

truthtooth said...

down but not out:

I am being specific. They are taking money under false pretenses (this is fraud and is not legal).

Do you think what was done to you was legal? I thought that you said that you had a problem with the false claims of CCR.


tcob247 said...

I guess that's not specific enough
Looks like down but out is happy to have had his money and house taken from him
Thats not being too conservative

truthtooth said...

down and out:

You said....
My one beef would be with the ccr marketing arm with their claims of all the successes.

What is the problem? Why would you have a problem? You should not have a problem with CCR's claims of success if they were true. Could you have a beef because they were untrue? Isn't untruth to gain business FRAUD?

tcob247 said...

their claim said...
1.Thousands of free and clear mortgages
2. Only 10% of banks misbehaving
3. Put cash in your pocket by re-financing

Solvo said...

Maybe dorean is experiencing all these hurdles because the process does work? Did you ever think of that, "rottentooth"?

Have we seen a law that's been broken yet by dorean? Everything done to dorean to date has been pre-meditated actions to disrupt the business. Therefore, I refute your claim and I do believe that there are successes as far as the dorean process working. The problem is your fellow rottentooth bankers trying to protect their fraud.

truthtooth said...


Keep the scam alive. You guys have a funny definition of success.

Read the comments from your victims.

Oh no Solvo, you are on to our scam. We have a really great scam that directs the FBI to non-criminals so that we can commit fraud all day long, wink, wink.

No that you have exposed us how will I be safe if I am picked up and put in Kurt's cell.

Starfish Prime said...

Down but not out,

What is wrong with a libertarian?What is wrong with Ron Paul..aka Honest Paul?

take the quiz and tell me where you score..

WillToFight said...

Hey you guys (TruthTooth Elmer Fudd) want to fight about something or complain or call fraud injustice or what ever!

Go after actual criminals. We are the "WhistleBlowers"!

Conspriacy Therories are only therory until it becomes FACT. We deal in facts here!

Halliburton provided Iran with key nuclear reactor components

Al Jazeera Magazine | August 10 2005

Halliburton, the scandal-plagued oil company, that Vice President Dick Cheney used to run, sold an Iranian company key components for a nuclear reactor, Halliburton sources revealed.

Cheney was CEO from 1995 to 2000, during which Halliburton Products and Services set up shop in Iran.

Halliburton, which sells about $40 million a year worth of oil field services to the Iranian Government, was secretly aiding one of Iran’s top nuclear program officials on natural gas related projects and provided the official's oil development company with the components last April, the sources said.

FARS, one of Iran's many state controlled news agencies reported last month the arrest of several executives of the Oriental Oil Kish Company, which is owned by sons and other relatives of the defeated mullah presidential candidate Hashemi Rafsanjani, saying that the men were involved in widespread corruption of Iran's oil industry, specifically tied to the country's business dealings with Halliburton.

According to a report posted on the Iran Press News website: "They were brought up on charges of economic corruption". “Following the necessary investigations by the judiciary's bailiffs, with warrants from the public prosecutor's office, the case of economic corruption and malfeasance, certain of the authorities of Oriental Kish Oil Company have been arrested and under questioning. The head of the board of directors was also among those detained.”

Halliburton, with a history of violations of U.S. law by conducting business with countries the Bush administration claims are supporting “terrorism”, was working with Cyrus Nasseri, vice chairman of the board of directors of Oriental Oil Kish, on oil and natural gas development projects in Tehran, registered in the United Kingdom and Dubai. Nasseri, a key member of Iran’s nuclear development team, participated in Iran’s nuclear negotiating with the European Union and the International Atomic Energy Agency.

According to a report published by the Financial Times: “Nasseri, a senior Iranian diplomat negotiating with Europe over Iran's nuclear program, is at the heart of deals with U.S. energy companies to develop the country's oil industry”.

“A reliable source stated that, given the parameters, the close-knit cooperation and association of one of the key members of the regime's nuclear negotiation team with Halliburton can be an alarm bell which will necessarily instigate the dynamics of the members of the regimes' negotiating committee,” according to the Iran Press News story.

In late July, Nasseri was questioned for passing Iran’s nuclear secrets to Halliburton and receiving $1 million in bribes from the company, Iranian government officials said.

According to Iran Press News, a huge network of oil mafia was uncovered during investigations.

Halliburton sources revealed that the company sold Iran centrifuges and detonators to be used specifically for a nuclear reactor as well oil and natural gas drilling parts for well projects to Oriental Oil Kish.

Halliburton’s business with Oriental Oil Kish first surfaced in January, when the Iranian company said that it gave some contracts of the South Pars natural gas drilling project to Halliburton Products and Services, a subsidiary of Dallas-based Halliburton.

Later on, Halliburton said the South Pars gas field project in Iran will be the its last project in the country, “due to a poor business environment,” according to BBC.

In May and under mounting pressure from lawmakers in Washington, Halliburton decided to end its deals with Nasseri, but continued acting as an advisory capacity to his company.

Currently, the U.S. law doesn’t prohibit foreign subsidiaries from having business with what President Bush calls “rouge” nations as long as the subsidiaries are truly independent of the mother company.

But Halliburton’s Cayman Island subsidiary never did fit that description.

According to a February 2001 report in the Wall Street Journal, “Halliburton Products & Services Ltd. works behind an unmarked door on the ninth floor of a new north Tehran tower block. A brochure declares that the company was registered in 1975 in the Cayman Islands, is based in the Persian Gulf sheikdom of Dubai and is non-American. But, like the sign over the receptionist's head, the brochure bears the company's name and red emblem, and offers services from Halliburton units around the world.”

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