Thursday, October 06, 2005

A Little Subject Matter

The Dorean Process was a contract process that met all the elements of contracting. Contracting is not a crime. Government, title companies, lawyers and bankers are all bluffing you. That is why I have no fear.

The offer:

1. We made an offer after having obtained an interest in the mortgage contract for them to give full disclosure.
2. They accepted the offer by a dishonor or performance. Performance is acceptance.
3. Intention: We spell out our intention and the bankers.
4. Sufficient and equal consideration: We offered a bond for twice the value, offered damages and the original accounting promissory note.
5. Mental and lawful capacity: The banker by their previous contract obviously has the capacity and so do we.
6. Legality of purpose: Honesty and disclosure is the foundation of all things lawful so our purpose was seeking truth, “a lawful purpose.”
7. Genuine consent: (knowingly, willingly and voluntarily) We obviously consented to our actions now what about the bank? This is the bone of contention but the banks are without excuse. We give them fair and reasonable options. Tell the truth or volunteer to our remedy. They are informed in advance and had remedy to avoid our action.
8. Certainty of terms in conditions: We were very clear and precise with full disclosure; it was impossible not to understand the terms. Now, will the seasoned Kevin V Ryan, who owes the bankers his career, please figure out how to make this a crime? Too big a puzzle for you, I bet. If you even attempt it I bet I can produce more evidence that you are a criminal. I suspect you already know this. Isn’t fun to be between that rock and a hard place. The bankers you owe your career to want you to violate all protocol to convict two innocent men which makes you a criminal who can lose his career. The choice would be obvious if you had any moral courage but you’ve already proven life will be tough for you. You may be able to scare my ignorant clients but I know contract law better than you. I also know how to preserve my contract rights and to enforce them on every judge, lawyer who have trespassed upon them which includes you, Judge Alsup, the farce in Utah, every political hack attorney general waiting in the wings and every bank ass-kissing kangaroo judge across this land. Now, my dear clients, will you please do all you can to get an education to help you see through the smokescreen? DVDs will be ready to ship soon and the web page is almost finished. This is what I can do to help.


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imbigo said...

As the famed rapper stated "ITS GETEN HOT IN HEER!!!!"

Stay tuned "naysayers"



imbigo said...

As the famed rapper Nelly stated "ITS GETTEN HOT IN HEER"

Stay tuned "naysayers"



neodemes said...

Oooh, I'll bet the PTB are quivering in their boots now.


Now that it has been demonstrated that a judgement can be won against Heineman and Johnson, its time to kick the brain in gear and think about putting that knowledge to use.

I know what your thinking -

"But how are we ever going to collect on a judgement from these clowns, sitting in jail and no doubt hiding their $$"?

If you looked at the Aldrich judgement, you may have noticed the 'marital community' clause. To me, that says the marital assets, including real estate, are vulnerable.

HINT #1: In most states you can place a judgment lien on any real estate owned by the judgment debtor.

HINT #2: Judgment Recovery Made Simple - The Complete Guide to Judgment Investing

verboy said...

hey neodemes

If you can prove to me at any time that you have collected something of value from Scott or Kurt with your lien idea I will immediately deliver 10000 dollars to you. You have to be a complete idiot to think you will do such a thing.

Hint: trying to assault those guys with a commercial process would not be a wise thing to do.

good luck

Dave D

neodemes said...

I wasn't stupid enough to ever GIVE anything of value to the Duo..

How about you?

The 'client' that received the judgement was sharp enough to recoup her three properties that she almost lost, quieted title, and got a judgement for $90K. Now the race is on to beat her to the assets.

Good luck to y'all.

whataboutjere said...

Kurt, when your web site becomes available for us to submit our claims, will you PLEASE accept a claim against Nemo and crew; due to all of the bullshit we\'ve had to put up with all these months? That alone should be worth 100x damages.

pasak said...

did any one notice the Dorean Indictment where it says the bond is bogus because kurt doesn't have the assets to back it up.

isn't that the whole point of having a bond?

AgentR said...

You're absolutely right, Kurt. I hope that will be enough.
Hey, Neodumbes
Have you figured out how to collect a judgement from the banks? I'll bet Dorean has.

getmeoffthisride said...

Thank you Kurt for finally leaving a nice blog where you're not being victimized by everyone around you and actually making some sense. I really enjoyed this one.

newyorklife said...

neMo, you are an idiot and biggest loser on the face of the planet. speaking of faces, have you done something about that ugly ass face of yours and that mullet haircut? You are no doubt the modern day "Elephant Man".

livinginxs said...

Kurt, a great post - thank you. This is what we are here for. Keep up this type of information -

Now Friends - lets see if we can have one entire post without name calling and the usual bs.

Neo - how did you find out about the judgement against Dorean? Is that a fact we can see on line?

Elmer Fudd said...

Inxs here you go..

Elmer Fudd said...

.pdf after last part

livinginxs said...

thanks elmer - very interesting - do you think that they will be able to collect on the judgement?

Elmer Fudd said...

Np....LoL only god knows.

newyorklife said...

i doubt very seriously that scott and kurt own anything. If they put the trust as a component in their process as a protection device, i'd have to say that they each have a trust that contains their assets, which are exempt from judgment.

livinginxs said...

that is what I was thinking to NewYork, but you know how it goes...the lawn guy never cuts his own grass, the insurance man dosent take time to buy his own insurance...but I hope they did.

Why would they get more than the fee they paid anyway? And if they took it that far why not go after the agent & broker who, probably do own property.

That is another thing wrong with our court award over $90,000 when the most they were hurt was the fee they paid. And it looks like Scott & Kurt may have never even recieved the documents to respond to them.

mogel said...

One thing is for sure. The Aldrich's won't get any "back end fees" due to the sale of their administrative judgment in the future. They "gave away their birth right for a mess of pottage". They contracted that very PROFITABLE RIGHT away for the pursuit of a worthless piece of paper, a judgment that can never be collected upon. As was already pointed out, the Dorean Process DOES have a way to collect against the lenders & banks & that proof will come very soon.

The Dorean Group are expert's at asset preservation & protection & Trust knowlege. Would a reasonable person think that they don't practice what they preach & surely they knew and had the foresight in the very beginning there would be problems like this when they started the Dorean Group.

Nice try Nemo, but if you listen to the recording on the link you provided, the Seller of this "judgment program" said that you want to be very "picky" on the judgments that you buy as the most important step to be successful at judgment collecting. A judgment against the Dorean Group wouldn't be a judgment I would pay even 1 cent on the dollar for since no real estate would ever be exposed to liens and you can't garnish the self employed. As a rule the author almost always follows, the author doesn't buy any judgments unless the judgment debtor owns real estate in their name. The Dorean Group are smart enough not to own anything in their personal names.
Seems like a complete waste of time for the Aldrich's.. If they were just a little more patient they could have gotten the quit claims back to their properties with no attorney fee costs & none of the hassels they went through. Seems like the Aldrich's weren't empathetic at all to the problems of the Dorean Group & Dorean not being in a position to transact things on the client's demanding time table. Also how many clients that just wanted out of the process and wanted title back into their own name, got their wish just for the asking? A con-man would not have even bothered EVER to sign over any quit claims back to clients.

Those clients that show some patience and empathy will be blessed in time far more than they ever dreamed.


dgwondering said...

Hey Byron, ignoring the order is a really dumb idea.

Just can't resist promoting a scam, eh?

pasak said...


Your right about that judgement. I'm glad I've educated myself on the process and because of that education can say I support and back kurt and scott 100%.

pasak said...


Thats whats wrong with this country. We have something called "due process".

Every article I read about kurt and scott has already labeled them as con men even without having due process. Does anyone else see this too?

Elmer Fudd said...

DVDs will be ready to ship soon and the web page is almost finished. Didn't he say that about a month ago?

Judge Roy Bean said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Judge Roy Bean said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Judge Roy Bean said...

Pasak said: "Every article I read about kurt and scott has already labeled them as con men even without having due process. Does anyone else see this too?"

That's because what they did was an obviously illegal scam to defraud a large number of financial institutions.

The issue is not whether or not what they did was illegal (that's already been ruled on in multiple cases with similar schemes), the issue is whether or not the government can prove they did it and used the mail and Internet to perpetuate the fraud.

So with Kurt blabbing all over the place how what they did "wasn't illegal" (which is already tested and proven wrong) he's already basically admitted he's guilty.

Imagine if you were arrested for DUI and had a blood alcohol level of .10 then tried to defend yourself only by saying it is really legal to drink and drive because alcohol vendors are colluding to control prices; you wouldn't stand a chance either. The courts and prosecutors aren't as stupid as these kinds of perpetrators would have everyone believe.

Kurt's not going to be able to defend himself for perpetrating an illegal criminal act by claiming Dorean was only getting back at some vast organized conspiracy that is defrauding the citizens.

So the the "whistleblower" attitude only adds to the air of being a con because it's based on the already discredited mythology behind the scheme.

Add to that the silliness about the prosecutor and the judges all being part of the scheme to derail the Dorean Group and you can see that this is not going to end well for Kurt.

They're both headed back to California for an appearance before Magistrate Judge Wayne D. Brazil on the 26th.

With Kurt's record and ranting, I don't forsee a plea bargain, but maybe Scott's head will clear in time to avoid long-term incarceration.

The Honorable Judge Roy Bean

Clueless Fudd said...

thank you, honorable peanut gallery.

pasak said...

Judge Roy Bean said... Imagine if you were arrested for DUI and had a blood alcohol level of .10 then tried to defend yourself only by saying it is really legal to drink and drive because alcohol vendors are colluding to control prices;

-Now that is a dumb comparison to what dorean is trying to do.

Judge Roy Bean said...
Add to that the silliness about the prosecutor and the judges all being part of the scheme to derail the Dorean Group and you can see that this is not going to end well for Kurt.

-I honestly believe the prosecutors and the judges are not educated on the matter, and you can tell by the fed indictment against them.

Judge Roy Bean said...
They're both headed back to California for an appearance before Magistrate Judge Wayne D. Brazil on the 26th.

- so did utah drop thier case against them?

mogel said...

Judge Roy Bean: Maybe you should spend more time in Websters Dictionary reading & less time pretending to be a prophet. The word "defraud" in the dictionary reads: "Taking of property rights by trickery or deceit." Can you please explain where the trickery & deceit plays into the Dorean Process when full disclosure of what will happen to the lender's interest is fully explained in full disclosure based upon certain conditions. If there is no trickery or deceit, there can't be any defrauding. Can you also explain to everyone how this deceit is so "obvious" as you put it. It wasn't obvious to 4500 clients was it?

I find it interesting that you totally reject the idea that real conspiracies can't exist in in government or in Court & that there never can be a symbiotic relationship between the two. Maybe you also believe that Judges are so smart they never render unlawful opinions too and that unlawful Court precendences are never overturned.

I certainly don't understand your DUI analogy & how it relates to the Dorean process & I don't understand how a person "clearing their head" makes fraud as you allege, anything less than fraud which buys you less jail time. It seems to be if a person is "brainwashed" & needs to clear their head, there is mitigating circumstances to give a person less jail time automatically in the alleged state they are in.


neodemes said...

Byron I wasn't suggesting anyone buy Aldrich's judgement.

No need to.

Clearly it is a simple matter to get a judgement against them, based on Aldrich's success.

If the Duo should have any real property, a lien may be placed against it based on such a judgement, in theory.

But you just keep posting those long-winded dissertations, Byron. It will give you something to do until you find a new scam to promote or until the feds pick you up for your culpability in this one.


neodemes said...

P.S. -

You don't know what Heineman and Johnson have for assets, anymore than the rest of us.

How patient do you expect Aldrich to have been, her properties had reached critical meltdown quite awhile back. She had to come up with a sizeable chunk o change to get out of default.

Not that you care about that.

Clueless Fudd said...

neMo, oink oink!

GR82BMOI said...

On September 17th, Johnson admitted to collecting “5 million credits”. I assume that means U.S. dollars. The details are a bit sketchy, but he’s also planning to fund a “payback escrow” to cover broker fee refunds and will have “lost 28 million”. Evidently, Johnson's a verrrry wealthy man and there’s a boat load of money someplace. Enough to cover a few judgements anyway.

He wouldn’t lie about something like that would he?

Clueless Fudd said...

gr8pe 8pe, oink oink!

Elmer Fudd said...

Clueless Fudd said... Nothing of importance ignore the Fool...

Pauligirl said...

pasak said...

- so did utah drop thier case against them?
2:42 PM

No. The California court issued a Writ of Habeas courpus Ad Prosequendum for both Heineman and Johnson to appear the CA northern district Oct 26. for initial appearance and arraignment for the filed indictment. After that hearing, they may either be returned to Utah or abide by what ever order the court shall make at that time. Writ dated Oct 6, 2005
File # CR 05-00611 DLJ
Full petition available on PACER.

~~The Swami~~~ said...

I saw Judge Bean made a post - so I skimmed right past it! I don't read your sh*t Judge. Even if you have figured out a way for me to have tits on my dashboard for my amusement and enjoyment while driving, I wouldn't know how .....because I didn't read your sh*t! Pssst. Hey, if that's what he posted know....about having some on the dashboard.......can someone send me a private e-mail?

~~~The Swami~~~

son of a prophet said...

"....whether or not real conspiracies exist....."

Remembr, the REAL conspiracy started over 2000 years ago. It has never ceased.

On another issue, suggest y'all go out and buy some 500PPM Colloidal Silver solution.

When the govt. finally unleashes the bird flu and goes to massive quarentine and if you should get the bird flu (which KILLS just about EVERYONE that is unlucky enuf to get it).........

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paramedics CANT save you...

a doctor CANT save you....

the hospital CANT save you...


NOBODY can save you....from this Bio-engineered weapon.


AND He just did by telling you to go get some 500PPM colloidal silver.

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I have no affilitation whatsoever the abvoe, just where I got mine. Not cheap, $36 per 4 oz. bottle, but whats your life worth???

How ya gonna spend all that $$$ from the DG estopple if youre DEAD?

Buy it anywhere you want, just make sure its 500PPM. Most commercial CS solutions are only 5-10 PPM and are useless against bioengineered pathogens.

Peace of Yeshua be with you.

son of a prophet said...

The Deadliest Flu Virus in the World: Made in USA

by Bill Sardi
by Bill Sardi

Army helicopters fly over a small American town as a voice barks harshly: "No one is allowed to leave this town!"

~ A line from the 1995 movie entitled Outbreak

In the latest version of "art precedes reality," Hollywood predicted a viral outbreak that would require quarantine of an entire town in America in the 1995 movie Outbreak starring Dustin Hoffman. In that movie the virus came from a monkey being smuggled in from Zaire. The movie was more about the possibility of a virus like Ebola than the dreaded H5N1 influenza virus that now has the world in the grip of hysteria. But Outbreak dealt with the mutation of the virus, which makes it more appropriate for today’s latest viral health threat – a mutated influenza virus, probably from bird flu.

The world is being warned a flu virus might mutate at any moment and render the planet helpless against its spread. Americans don’t need to wait for a flu virus to mutate. Infectious disease specialists, working in a semi-secure laboratory at a Midwestern university have already done it ahead of nature. These American researchers obtained the viral particles from the H5N1 Spanish flu virus that killed millions worldwide and altered one of its ten genes, making it far more dangerous and virulent than any influenza virus in nature. The idea was to figure out how to make a vaccine against it. But the very idea such a virus even exists gives most people the shivers.

If you want to know the location of this mutated virus (any potential biological terrorist can figure this out by using mapping services and searching for these experiments), we’ve intentionally downsized and obscured the map of its location. Here it is:

The super mutated influenza virus that no Americans have immunity towards is located at this Midwestern university laboratory.


New Scientist magazine notes that the lab where the super flu virus is located has a lower biosecurity level – BLS – than a few other labs that have the highest possible levels of containment. The highest level is BSL-4. The lab in question is BSL-3Ag, or 3-plus. The main difference between BSL-4 and BSL-3Ag is that precautions to ensure laboratory workers do not get infected are less stringent: While BSL-4 involves wearing fully enclosed body suits, those working at BSL-3Ag labs typically have half-suits. New Scientist magazine notes that "the recent SARS virus outbreak in Asia was from BSL-3 labs."

What if one of the lab workers inadvertently takes the virus home with him or her? The human population of the world would be wiped out. An infectious disease specialist at the lab where the super virus is located, says: "If H5N1 spreads on a massive scale, it's going to wreak havoc." It will overwhelm almost any country's health-care system. . . . It will be biblical plague." I’m holding my breath. I’m staggered by the possibility. There is obviously greater danger this super virus would escape from a laboratory than mutate and spread around the globe.

Heightening the panic

It appears as if someone is attempting to heighten the panic surrounding the predicted influenza epidemic. Researchers at Hokkaido University in Japan began to wonder how birds in nearby farms acquired the bird flu. They checked on the genetic makeup of the virus and it is "strikingly similar to that of a bird flu virus found in South America, too far for migrating birds to carry into Japan." This led investigators to surmise somebody brought a vaccine into Japan and injected it into some birds, infecting the animals around them. [Japan Times Sept. 3, 2005] The mysterious appearance of avian flu in birds around the world could be explained by contaminated avian vaccines!

There is still no explanation for the mutated human influenza virus found in a pig in South Korea. Somebody intentionally placed this human virus inside this animal. (For more about this, see previous report entitled Influenza Intrigue at LR archives.) If it infected a human, it would make it appear the virus "jumped" from animals to humans.

Wandering far from its field of expertise, Charlene Porter of the Washington File, a publication of the Bureau of International Information Programs, U.S. Department of State, writes that a species of flu virus once thought to be unique to horses has now infected dogs and could jump from animals to humans. [Sept. 30, 2005] Horrors, we may be culling populations of pet dogs in America as they are birds in Asia. Better hide Fido. There are approximately 50 million pet dogs in the US. This is sheer propaganda and the news media has re-printed it widely without question. The orchestrated terror is coming from all quarters of government.

Julie Gerberding, Centers for Disease Control chief, says her agency is getting ready for a possible pandemic next year. [Associated Press, Feb. 22, 2005] Public health authorities and politicians are so committed to the inevitability of a flu pandemic, it’s as if there is no way they won’t let this event happen.

Here is another segment of script from the movie, Outbreak………

Maj. Casey Schuler: I hate this bug.
Lt. Col. Sam Daniels: Come on, Casey. You've got to love its simplicity.
It's one billionth our size, and it's beating us.
Maj. Casey Schuler: So, what do you want to do, take it to dinner?
Lt. Col. Sam Daniels: No.
Maj. Casey Schuler: What then?
Lt. Col. Sam Daniels: Kill it. –

The problem is, the virus is being harbored by the people. To kill the virus, like culling infected birds, you have to wipe them out. That is what the movie considered. The military people in the movie planned to use a fuel-air bomb to wipe out the infected city. The movie certainly sets the scenario. A frightened American public looks to federal instead of local officials to save the world. Is there a better way to usher in marshal law while gaining consent of the people?

Only ineffective therapies offered

Notice how public health authorities only offer vaccines which are in short supply, don’t often work because they don’t address the specific strain of virus in circulation, and which viruses now resist. One flu vaccine, the flu mist, actually uses live flu viruses that can shed from vaccinees to their family, friends and co-workers. Or they offer anti-flu medications which flu viruses already exhibit resistance towards and which are also in short supply. (Special note: Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld will likely profit handsomely from the announcement the government is purchasing $3 billion of Tamiflu, the drug developed by Gilead Sciences when Rumsfeld was president of the company. He is reported to hold major portions of stock in Gilead.)

Public given no options beyond vaccines and medicines

There is no attempt to boost innate immunity, which can be accomplished with high doses of vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and zinc. Selenium even blocks the mutations that cause the most mortal form of the flu. [J American College Nutrition 20: 384–88S, 2001; FASEB Journal 15: 1846–48, 2001; Journal Nutrition 133: 1463–67S, 2003] Sambucus simpsonii, the botanical name for elderberry capsules and syrup, is well documented in the medical literature to be an effective remedy against the flu. [J International Med Research 32:132–40, 2004; Israeli Medical Assoc Journal 4:919–22, 2002; European Cytokine Network 12:290–6, 2001; J Alternative Complement Medicine 1:361–9, 1995] In a pinch, there isn’t a virus that has been able to withstand allicin, the active ingredient produced when a fresh clove of garlic is crushed. [Planta Medica 58:417–23, 1992]


The Council on Foreign Relations, in its recent journal report says, if a global flu pandemic ensues: "In short order, the global economy would shut down. Vaccines would have no impact on the course of the virus in the first months and would likely play an extremely limited role worldwide during the following 12 to 18 months of the pandemic. With today's limited production capacity, that means that less than 500 million people – about 14 percent of the world's population – would be vaccinated within a year of the pandemic." [Foreign Affairs, July/August 2005]

Are they scripting a movie, or is this reality?

October 6, 2005

Bill Sardi [send him mail] is a consumer advocate and health journalist, writing from San Dimas, California. He offers a free downloadable book, The Collapse of Conventional Medicine, at his website.

getmeoffthisride said...

You can make your own colloidal silver, too. It's easy. You just need jeweler's silver, and a battery, and water. Some ranchers use it for cattle to cure them of ailments or to prevent certain ones. They also use it for themselves during the cold and flu season. It works!

complainers suck said...

neodemes said...
... you just keep posting those long-winded dissertations, Byron.

On the contrary neMo, what you are reading would be the analysis of a non-attorney who can cause reasonable doubt in yours or anyone else's ASSUMPTIONS. If Byron can punch holes in JRB's ASSUMPTIONS, what do you think someone with experience will do?

mogel said...

Walter Ashboro, an expert, wrote possibly one of the best credit repair books on the market entitled, "The Credit Secrets Bible". Here is his position on lending: "One of the resons I agreed to write this introduction is because I believe the current structure of the credit system is incorrect, and because of basic human nature, millions of Americans are becoming victims of it. I don't believe people are necessarily 'born bad'. I do however believe that they are the result of bad systems. When a system exists that extends $98,470 in consumer credit to a married couple whose combined annual net income is only $46,080, that I believe, is a bad system.

Sure, nobody put a gun to their heads to spend the money, human nature and temptation took care of that. If a person is contantly offered thousands of dollars FOR NOTHING MORE THAN THEIR SIGNATURE, eventually they will act on the opportunity. I believe we are all subject to temptation and that financial institutions (banks and credit card companies) use their power to an extreme advantage to make billions of dollars. If you bait the trap the mouse will come. What hurts me is that they do this in a way that pays NO ATTENTION TO THE LONG TERM CONSEQUENCES INVOLVED. They don't think about how their actions are going to affect the well being of mankind in the future. PROFIT IS THEIR OWN MOTIVE AND NOTHING MORE. THE MOST TRAGIC PART OF THE CREIDT SYSTEM IS THAT OUR CHILDREN ARE THE ONES WHO WILL ULTIMATELY PAY THE PRICE THROUGH A LOWER STANDARD OF LIVING AS THE RESULT OF INCREASED INFLATION AND A WEAKENED DOLLAR.

son of a prophet said...


I do not believe that 500 PPM colloidal silver can be made 'at home'. And anything less than 500PPM (parts per million) would be usless against a bio-virus.

HOme units only produce 5-20 PPMs colliodal silver.

Elmer Fudd said...

Maybe if you use some of your Kool-Aid, it should help out with this particular strain. Hey and if it works you can market this and don't need to ripoff helpless people.

Clueless Fudd said...

Elmer Fudd said...
Maybe if I use some of your Kool-Aid, it should help out with this particular strain. Hey and if it works I can market this and ripoff helpless people.

Elmer Fudd said...

Clueless Fudd said...
Elmer Fudd said...
Maybe if I use some of your Kool-Aid, it should help out with this particular strain. Hey and if it works I can market this and ripoff helpless people
Getting raped by your father made ya dumb as a stump too eh clueless..If and when your in jail which will be soon you won't be laughing then eh bigshot.

Clueless Fudd said...

Elmer Fudd said...
Getting raped by my father made me dumb as a stump too eh clueless..when i'm in jail which will be soon you will be laughing then eh bigshot.

i agree with you on both counts.

Ace said...

son of a profit, That was an interesting article about silver. I have had two generators for years and take a couple of ounces every day. I found that by twisting six silver wires together for each wire of the generator I can run it for an hour and get the solution up to 35 PPM. At that strength it works for gastro intestinal problems, lymes disease, etc. It cleaned out my well like you can't believe. Five gallons of it brought water up from my well that went all the way from light yellow to jet black before it cleared. I have never seen it work for anything else though. (Colds, flu, etc.) I will have to check out the 500 PPM silver. I live about 30 minutes away from Lyme Connecticut and we all know what disease is named after that town! I don't think it's a coincidence that the first case of Lymes Disease was found in a person who lived one block away from the ferry landing that brings the workers back from the bio weapons lab at Plum Island which is just off the coast from Lyme Connecticut. Thanks for that info. I will check it out further.

son of a prophet said...


youre welcome for the info. check out

they have a lot of good stuff there and lots of free info. I have known and bought stuff from them for years.

Dr. McCain is very knowledable too. Ask her about the NWO as a few years ago they tried to ruin her business (kill her???) by having cropdusters spray pesticide directly ovr her house and she doesnt have a farm! She was taking too much b;usiness from the doctors who practice allopatic medicine which is toxic to the body.

"Seek the truth, and you shall find it." (What is not said however, is that seeking the truth is dangerous to ones health, as this threatens the PTB and theire $$$$)

Wouldnt surprise me if Lyme disease was created too. But make no mistake, bird flu is coming; not if, but when. The PTB will make it so. They may also need a cover for the hundred of 000's that will die from radiation sickness from beign in Iraq.

Peace of Yeshua HaMashiach be with you.

roadrunner86 said...

Hey Kurt.
I have not been able to get on a computer for a few weeks, on accounting of being forced out of my house.
I have the additional problem of my two clients threatening to sue me for getting them involved.
I have requested their QC's several times, and still have not received them, nor have my clients received them.

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What is judgment recovery?

When two people go to court over a dispute, only one of them wins. The winner (plaintiff), is awarded a judgment for a designated amount of money. Now comes the problem. How to collect the money owed to them. That's what judgment recovery is - the recovery of the funds awarded to the plaintiff in the judgment. The existing recovery methods leave a lot to be desired. Collections agencies don't work - all they do is send some nasty letters and make some phone calls. Attorneys will ask for a retainer, then it will cost an arm and a leg - if the attorney can collect it at all. Trying to collect it alone doesn't work, because no one knows how to go about it. So chances are, anyone awarded a judgment ends up holding a court-awarded piece of paper that does them absolutely no good whatsoever. All because no one knows HOW to collect the judgment! Having been awarded a judgment is one thing, collecting it is quite another.

The answer?
A Judgment Recovery Specialist! As a Recovery Specialist, you are the one they will come to in order to collect their judgment. The plaintiff will pay you a handsome commission to recover the money owing him from the judgment. No! You don't have to go to court or sue anyone, this has already been done by the plaintiff. You simply help him/her collect their money. So the age old dilemma of how to collect a judgment is quickly opening up a wide door of opportunity for millions of Americans, all because of Judgment Recovery Specialists. This is a long-awaited answer to a decades-old problem.

Is judgment recovery hard to do?
Not at all. Judgment recovery is not as difficult as collection agencies and attorneys would have the public believe. You locate your clients (those who have been awarded a judgment), by going to your local county court house, looking at the county records (these records are public and are available to anyone who wishes to see them), and making a list of those you want to contact. Then it's as simple as going home and sending them a letter explaining your services. You don't have to sell anything and you don't even have to talk to people on the phone if you don't want to. But you can believe once they get your letter and understand what you're going to do for them, they will be ringing your telephone off the hook. Getting your clients is no problem whatsoever. You'll find very quickly that you'll have more clients than you can handle. What a great position to be in. There are so few Recovery Specialists in the country that once the word gets around, you'll find business coming from everywhere!

Why will your clients be so anxious to pay you such great commissions?
Because 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing. And that's what they have now. Nothing! Just a piece of paper that says they are owed 'x' number of dollars. That's it! A piece of paper. They want the money in their hands, not a piece of paper, and they are delighted to pay you up to 50% of the recovered funds in order to get their share of the money. This is the standard commission structure for the judgment recovery industry.

A Judgment Recovery Specialist is the answer for millions of people. This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know about becoming a judgment recovery specialist. It will show you how to locate debtors and their assets anywhere in the country. All the tricks of the trade are here. Never before has there been such a complete, comprehensive course of this kind offered to the public. Here are some of the chapters in this fantastic manual:

Where to Find All the Judicial Judgments You Can Handle!
What to Look For
Having Judgments Assigned to You
Your Fees
Responses from Judgment Holders
Debtor Work Sheet
Industry Etiquette
How to Find Debtors - ANYWHERE!
How to Find Debtor's Assets
Resources/Credit Bureaus
What Assets to Seize
Mailing a Summons
Collecting Post-Judgment Interest/Costs
Out of State Judgments
Samples of Letterhead/Business Envelopes

As in any profession that touches on utilizing state law, you will find that familiarizing yourself with the statutes in your particular state concerning the collection of judgments to be your best ally. There is no substitute for knowledge. This manual will teach you all you need to know about recovering judgments for others. Just think of how many people you personally know that are holding a worthless judgment because it can't be collected. Once you begin to talk about it, you'll find there are more people than you ever imagined that have been awarded a judgment, but have never been able to do anything to collect it. Now you can provide a valuable service to them and make yourself a tremendous income at the same time.

Your fees are based on a percentage of the judgment. As an example, if your client has a judgment for $5,000, and your fee to collect it is 50% of the judgment, your fee would be $2,500. You can see it wouldn't take too many judgments in a month's time to make an incredible income. A lot of your clients will be doctors, hospitals, jewelers, apartment owners, etc. These people often win multiple judgments and will be a source of continuous business for you. You can adjust your fee schedule downward for those who give you more than one judgment to collect. Hard work and dedication to your client are the secret ingredients to any business. Judgment recovery is no exception. We are not offering a "get-rich-quick" scheme. This is a highly professional, exceptionally lucrative way to earn your living without leaving the comfort of your home, except for trips to the court house and the bank. Just think of the respect you will command in your community. You and your family will be proud that you've chosen to be a Judgment Recovery Specialist.

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