Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Suffering (1/22/06)

Suffering is probably the one distinguishing quality that will lead to Dorean’s ultimate success. Not those who blame their suffering on others but those who suffer for the blame of others. To change an evil power there are only a couple of choices. One is to amass greater power and in war defeat them. With the current power controlling weapons, money and education this is highly unlikely. Two is to win the war on moral or reasonable grounds. With the current power controlling all media this is very unlikely. The most powerful would be for the church to demand a change because men focused on eternity are not easily brainwashed and willing to die. Very difficult for a controlling power since the church is currently in league with the controlling power in education, faith focused on this life, and apathy this is very unlikely. Therefore a revolution of the cross must occur. The current controlling party is no more evil than that of Rome. Rome as a power is gone but men of the cross remain. The government’s supercilious praetronic misanthropic mortgage industry benefits too much from its evils to even pause for a moral question of self reflection. Anyone even alluding to it will get their blazing wrath. Here is where suffering becomes a weapon or an excuse. People who view life as the here and now as the completeness of their vision will look for an exit to preserve the status quo. Those who understand it as weapon against evil expect suffering and rejoice in it. They view their haters as objects of affection whose evil will get its reflection when it attacks its opposite. It is harder to spank a crying child saying “I love you” than a defiant one who offers you rebellion. The Power is a machine designed to crush rebellion but love short circuits its motherboard. I dislike suffering as all of you, but my willingness to embrace it has given the one power greater than what we face right, title, and interest in this issue. Since the church fails Him here it falls upon men of faith to present His decree. His ecclesiastical branch of authority confronting His civil branch. Elijah appears in Scripture in 1 Kg. 17 for the first time under similar circumstance. Christ himself gave evil its greatest opportunity or condemnation when He took it on in love. Today we have a rebel civil agent who does not respect the principle, Christ, who rules and reigns in justice and righteousness. Like the parable of the wicked Vinedresser God is sending His Son for surely they will respect Him. The offer is current and remains. What will they do? Either way we win! Mt. 21:33


WillToFight said...

Neodomenes said...
Yeah, that was smart...antagonize your captors.

Keep up the good work...our tax dollars will pay for your room and board, not to worry.

The above confirms you lack of courage Neodomenes.

I told you years ago that you would sell your mother for an extra 10 minutes of your selfish life!

You would honor your captors by begging and pleading!

Even if you were right!

You disgust me Neodomenes. You are the enemy. It is people like you that help to perpetuate the destructive inhumanity of this society.

You are a virus!

WillToFight said...


quit Knashing and Knarling. Check the void in your heart.

Let us find our demise. You have lied when you say that everyone has lost something dealing with this process.

Your lie is due to your inability to see truth to the end!

Your fruit is rotten with misunderstanding and lack of education other than the bible.

You know God created all the world and all that is within it!

How do you(without the wisdom of God) call me wrong for the way that I veiw things based on my knowledge and study, spirituality, spirituelity esp. since you don't know what I know. I do not like to spend my time pointing fingers at so-called "evil doers", acting like I know somthing about the wisdom of the universe and all that it holds?


Tell me where you have been!?!? In what dark shaddows have you walk?

WillToFight said...

Kurt said...

Like the parable of the wicked Vinedresser God is sending His Son for surely they will respect Him. The offer is current and remains. What will they do? Either way we win! Mt. 21:33

The wicked, always filled with fear and hatred. Protect the status quo at all cost! Even for humanities sake! They can not win, they must not win.

100 years from now is too important to me!

Do you understand that Neodomenes, Fruit Cake, Utah.