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Web Business (2/23/06)

It has become apparent that my desire to get the web page up and running while incarcerated is vanity. The only people who currently have access to the materials needed no longer have the capacity to finish the task. I want to say thank you for your efforts to try and fill the gap for those who failed me. I will also remember those incompetents who created this problem. What you intended for evil will bless all in the end, but where will your reward be? Fools like this never will obtain promise in their lives and will forever chase it. Like a hamster on a wheel the next necessary step is close but unobtainable. For those needing the education of the DVD’s I will make them available again for $84.95.

Just send a blank money order to:

125 E. Sunnyoaks Ave., #207
Campbell, CA 95008

I will be adding an hour or two of video to these of me speaking to be filmed after my release. All those who have and will purchase prior to that time shall receive this update free as a token of my appreciation for your patience. The good news is my release is far more eminent than any can imagine.


~~The Swami~~~ said...

Keep on Keepin on Kurt!

~~The Swami~~~ said...

Whatever happened with the documentary? Are they just waiting until this is finished?

Tony Tuba said...

I think SOP posted this.

Wow. That's really weird!

imbigo said...

Hay swami...

I heard that the documentary is going to be shown on Sat. 4-1-06, and thats not an April fools joke either! LOL

BIG"O" 1+1+1=1


son of a prophet said...

the article can no longer be accessed due to bandwith limitations, but the text is provided here, but not complete.

i can provide the complete text if interested.


by Ken Welch in Houston
Posted March 25, 2006

During the summer of 2005 it was decided go ahead with plans for America’s second 9/11.

The decision was not made in a torch-lit cave in Afghanistan, nor in a nondescript safe-house in Iraq. Implementing the plan would involve the highest officials of the United States government. The centerpiece of the plan is a portable nuclear weapon manufactured in the former Soviet Union. A tame “terrorist”, destined no doubt to be an eventual patsy, arranged for the bomb’s transport by sea, and the ship carrying it entered Galveston Bay on January 25, 2006. At this time the device remains hidden on board the ship that brought it, a freighter docked in or near the port of Texas City, about thirty minutes south of Houston, and only ten miles from the island city of Galveston.

Radiation monitoring teams from the Department of Homeland Security were on the beach at Galveston to make sure there was no radiation leakage from the ship that might register on monitors and give away the secret. After the vessel concluded it’s normal business and was tied up at its final position, a team of experts inspected the device, determined that it was fully functional, and installed the triggering mechanism. They pronounced it ready to go, and released it to the White House on February 16th.

The nuke has remained there up to the time of this posting, and will be detonated at some time during the Easter holiday, April 14-16, to maximize the illusion that the world is involved in religious conflict. This will be a spectacular media event involving the mass evacuation of three million people, already tested in the bizarre Rita stampede last November. Network cameras will be locked on Texas City, from a distance of course, to ensure the best possible pictures of the flash and rising mushroom cloud. Many Americans will die, and the once again the world will be changed forever.

This is ultimate reality, life in the raw, far removed from the fairytales taught in schools and portrayed in mass media. It simply doesn’t get more real than this. Within this report you will hear the voices of U.S. officials in reversed speech, a medium that reveals hidden thoughts, giving you the actual details about their little mushroom surprise for America and the world.

You will hear with your own ears WHAT it is, WHERE it is, HOW it got here, WHO is responsible, and WHEN they intend to set it off.

Perhaps, if you share this report with enough people, the plan will be changed. The nuke can be quietly recovered and they will take it somewhere else. However, events over the past decade clearly demonstrate that those who are calling the shots firmly believe that their control and corruption of the government and military is so complete that the American people are totally powerless. It simply doesn’t matter how many people are aware of what is really happening. There is nothing they can do about it.

I. January: Rumors Of A Nuke
On January 25th, 2006, the same day that we now know the nuke actually arrived, journalist Greg Szymanski posted on his a story titled, “All Signposts Lead To Imminent Nuclear Attack In America”. The story was mirrored the following day on, where my eye was naturally attracted to the subtitle, which read: “Intel Army Capt. Eric May Issues 'Red Alert' For Next 9 Days For Texas City-Houston Area”.

That’s where I live. Now, truth be told, Houston is a city that has virtually no detectable character and I doubt that the world would miss it. On the other hand there are a lot of people in Houston, some of whom I rather like.

Szymanski wrote:

The January air is again filled with rumblings about an imminent nuclear attack on American soil, as ominous signs are popping up all over the place indicating the "dropping of the real potato" is right around the corner. Sources inside the military and close to the action this week warned areas of "nuclear concern" within the next 10 to 90 days include Texas City, Tex., the Houston metro area, Charleston, S.C., Los Angeles, Ca., and Kansas City, Ka.

Szymanski’s source, a Captain May, claims to have deciphered the secret code of special dates that determines when the bad guys stage their big stunts, and also to have friends in Army intelligence circles who were leaking information about a nuke. Websites related to May are basically incomprehensible. However, the references to “military sources” naming various cities had all the earmarks of a long series of internet Psyops designed to prepare the public for a nuclear event.

If you don’t understand this, pause for a moment and think. Why would people leak this? If they are really looking for a nuke, then they will be out there looking. What would be the point of blabbing about it? Sure, leaks happen, and often for very courageous reasons. But with no way to narrow down the location there is really nothing to leak. On the other hand, if you are trying to build a psychological framework to support a future event, or to distract people from some other program or event, then leak away - it’s just one more tool in the propagandist’s toolbox.

Szymanski posted a follow up article a day later, this one also driven by information from Capt. May who claimed sources inside the Houston Police Department had confirmed that in recent weeks they had been taking part in nuclear disaster drills. I have no idea if this is true. The Arctic Beacon, however, listed this as one more piece of evidence that the city was being targeted by the Bush administration for a nuclear attack. A third article on January 28th and a fourth on February 3rd completed the coverage, noting at the end that there was in fact a training exercise for homeland security WMD teams in Galveston that week, with monitoring equipment set up on the beach. It was reported in a local newspaper.

On February 4th, the blog “Christian Partners For Peace” jumped in with an article titled, “Whose Nuke is Coming to the US?” This piece referenced “intelligence sources” who now were hinting that the mystery nuke had been smuggled through the newly discovered Mexican drug tunnel. The article pointed out how unlikely this theory was, and echoed my own conclusion: there really was a nuke and the anonymous “sources” were simply laying the psychological foundation. This is a very common tactic which serves two purposes.

First, when people are prepared for a big event over time, then when it actually happens their first thoughts are, “I just knew this was going to happen!” It’s like being told for several years before 9/11 that terrorists would sooner or later come to America.

This ensures that people are much more likely to accept the official story of what happened, because key parts of it are already lodged in the back of their mind. They whole story seems much more reasonable than it would if it were sprung on them all at once. Second, the voices that are sounding the “warning” gain in credibility afterward, and their value as a propaganda tool is enhanced. People will pay much more attention next time.

One thing in the back of MY mind as I read each story in turn: Houston has already experienced a bizarre, pointless, and distinctly surreal evacuation of nearly three million people in connection with hurricane Rita, only a few months before. If the mystery nuke turns into a media circus so the whole world gets to watch like they did on 9/11, then all the kinks and problems that will arise as the population panics have already been mapped out from an exceptionally convenient test. What a coincidence.

II. Second week of February: The Hunt Begins
Although I was immediately suspicious of the nuke stories, it took four days of an increasing feeling of “wrongness” before I realized that I was going to have to do something. To find out quickly if there were grounds for my suspicions, I went to the website of the “World Economic Forum”, an organization that meets annually in Davos, Switzerland. While others have their favorite “illuminati” organizations, my money says these folks, and the multinational corporations they represent, are the guys that are deeply involved in making things happen. They have a great public image, but reversed speech has shown they know way too much about the really nasty stuff to be mere observers. They brief each other in private, and then babble about it unconsciously when the microphones are on.

On the 26th of January, U.S. Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice addressed the annual W.E.F. meeting via a video hook-up, presumably from Washington. The program was still available for viewing so I recorded the audio and went to work. I hit pay dirt almost immediately. Condi blabbed about the nuke.

Click on the sound button below to hear the results, with a brief narrative that describes the process and format being used.

Well, as you heard for yourself, it is TRUE. Condi tells us there really is a NUKE and it’s hidden on a freighter. Beyond that, however, I still don’t know much. There is a “terrorist” involved, but in today’s world of half real, half fabricated “disney-news” that means nothing. Few terrorists are who they claim to be.

Not too many years ago an expert on international terrorism pointed that all cross-border terrorism is state sponsored. It is extremely expensive, and terrorists need government help with paperwork, transportation, and to keep them from running afoul of law enforcement. Even the 9/11 hijackers, at least those that actually existed, had government agencies running interference for them on multiple occasions - just to keep them from being arrested and deported as a matter of routine. Simply stated, there are no international terrorists running around loose, doing their own thing. Never was, never will be. As to who is paying a particular “terrorist” - well that’s for them to know and the rest of us to guess at.

Obviously, lives are at stake here, but the information so far is not enough. I will need to gather a lot more speech reversals, and get them from multiple sources if possible, before I can really say that I have any grasp at all of what is happening. I’ve learned enough over time to know that I wouldn’t buy a used car from a government employee, whether it’s Condi Rice or the principle at the local high school. I also know that the people who run things have been playing a gigantic game of “wag the terrorist” for years. If there’s a nuke, my feeling is the odds are at least ten to one it’s ours. If it is, it would certainly be an answer to a lot of fervent prayers from around the Beltway.

III. Is A U.S. Sponsored Nuclear Incident Reasonable?

I know there are still people that believe that a bunch of barely civilized nut cases in Afghanistan orchestrated the 9/11 attacks, and that those buildings fell down all by themselves. Of course, if you get all your news from television and radio, then that’s the only information you have. The rest of us know there is a much bigger, and vastly uglier story there, which will all come out eventually. If you just can’t deal with the idea that evil people will naturally work very hard to occupy any position of power that we create for them, then I suggest that you go back to your television set and stay tuned. Micky mouse will tell you everything you need to know.

As for current events, consider the following.

1) A number of media outlets are beginning to say the Bush administration is in big trouble. There is open talk of impeachment. Iraq is a disaster, if viewed according to its stated purpose, a success if the purpose was to raise the price of oil and gas. In response to the nagging question, whether the Iraqi people will find their way to democracy, a lot of folks are realizing that they didn’t care before, and they really don’t care now. It’s none of our business. People have the governments they deserve. This is just as true in Iraq as it is here. When they no longer deserve it, things change. Sometimes overnight.

2) People are waking up rapidly now to the fact that the German model of imperial government is the opposite of what America is all about. We didn’t ask for it, we don’t want it, and it is obviously being imposed by a small group of officials who seem to get their orders from somewhere else. The Motherland? The Fatherland? The Homeland? Give us a break! Have you ever met an American that uses any of these terms? Reminds me of an anti-war flyer I was handed one day at college. It referred to GI’s in Vietnam as “yellow running dogs”. Somehow you knew right off that the piece wasn’t written on campus.

3) The myth of terrorism is becoming increasingly thin. The official story of 9/11 is falling apart, and the traditional gathering up and hiding of the evidence, ala Waco, Oklahoma City, etc., has an obvious and all to familiar odor. It is also beginning to dawn that “terrorist” events, even as bad as the one in New York, are necessarily isolated and localized. The world goes on. And of course we can’t seem to find any more serious terrorists, anyway.

4) For reasons that are known only to themselves, the Bush crowd have clearly set their sights on a “pre-emptive” strike on Iran, despite the fact that we don’t have the manpower to wage war on Iran using conventional means . On its face this makes no sense and the reasons given, that ten years from now Iran might be able to produce a nuke of its own, is obviously no emergency. The real puzzle is why the White House effort to concoct a cause for war seems so half hearted. On the other hand, a number of sources have indicated that, in another odd coincidence, U.S. war plans have been amended so that a nuclear strike on Iran is pre-authorized and pre-programmed -- if a nuclear device should explode in the United States. For some reason it doesn’t matter whose device it might be. This is so kooky that I have serious doubts about the story. Nonetheless...

If there is one thing Washington desperately needs, it is another 9/11. Naturally, it has to be bigger, louder, and kill a lot more people than the first one. Otherwise, let’s face it, we’ve been there and done that. The only kind of attack that meets all their needs would appear to be nuclear. At the very least it would let the administration say they’d finally found a “weapon of mass destruction”.

One interesting side note: The Bush administration’s story was that 9/11 caught them totally by surprise. In wonderful irony they were then badly burned for being asleep at the switch. They don’t want to be accused of incompetence once again. To prevent this, they’ll need a trail of clues indicating that they were hot on the trail of a loose nuke, searching high and low, 24/7. This takes us back to the leaked stories. Everyone who reads them is prepared in advance to hear that Big Brother was definitely on the job. Too bad they were just one step behind. Got it?

IV. Third Week of February: Getting Help

Speech reversals are really the only tool available for finding truth in the world as it is today. They are the reason the new millenium will be different from the old, despite the fact that a gigantic array of forces are fighting an intense battle to return the planet to universal feudalism. Luckily, there are now many people well versed in their use, and several I can draw on for quick help, as soon as I let them know what I’ve found.

Speech reversals are a fascinating medium. They come from the right brain hemisphere which science previously assumed lacked the power of speech. In fact the ability is there, but because of the left-right cross-wiring of the human nervous system the speech is backwards. It is also buried within normal speech which makes it virtually undetectable without audio tools. To learn more about speech reversals, check out

My approach to RS as an intelligence gathering tool is based on my observation that most people are actually thinking about more than one thing at once, particularly when giving a prepared presentation that is already boring. Many other thoughts will flicker through the mind and show up in speech reversals. By itself, a single speech reversal is problematic. You don’t know for sure what triggered the thought or, in most cases, what it is referring to. However, if you already know that a certain situation exists, if there are multiple references that fit together, and particularly if a second source shows up with reversals on the same subject, then you’ve found something that has a concrete existence and a life of its own.

RS was used extensively to track the shamelessly deceptive activities of the Clinton administration, but by the time Bush Jr. took office there was a definite chill in the air that suggested RS investigators had best keep a low profile. Because of this, while there are some terrific RS practitioners out there, many prefer to remain below the radar, and only exchange audio files and the really eye-opening material among themselves.

I’m one of those who use speech reversals for other purposes, and over time I’ve gotten pretty good at it. I also know three other RS “experts” who have collaborated in the past when the need for action outweighed the need for personal safety (a different story). Fishing for speech reversals is incredibly time consuming. The only way I would be able to get the whole story on the mystery nuke would be to enlist the others in the search.

Strider, a true master at RS who several years ago told the U.S. Army he didn’t want to see any more assassinations on film – and made it stick – signed on immediately. RichardK, my next choice, was reluctant at first. After he heard the Condi Rice reversals, though, he said a nuke was more important than anything else on his plate. A third member of the team readily agreed but asked not to be named. We quickly reminded each other to avoid key words in any telephone or e-mail conversations, and then tried to decide how to split up the work. There was a huge amount of audio available that was both current and pertinent.

No one wanted to do Bush himself. Junior is a tough subject for RS due to the physical effects of his years of drug and alcohol abuse. The effect on his speech centers is obvious (just slow down his normal speech and see how many words and syllables are left out) and reversals are usually short, fragmentary, and often juvenile. I end up with the recent “state of the union” speech because no one else will take it even though it has to be done. It will be a huge task, with little hope of reward.

Strider would tackle the Senate Intelligence hearings with the new director of national intelligence, Skull and Bones member John Negroponte. Based on an earlier look at Negroponte, Strider said he should be easy and most likely a goldmine of information. He appeared on the Hill to discuss “threats” for 2006, and then reused much of the same speech at Georgetown university.

RichardK, would take Donald Rumsfeld, who would surely know about a loose nuke, and is almost always worth an RS effort even if you are not looking for anything in particular. He’s fun because he views himself as a thespian and loves a good phrase. He may or may not be helpful because, in the past, he has seemed to be able to compartmentalize his thinking. Alternatively, things we would expect to carry a strong emotional charge may be to him only commonplace.

Our third person would back up anyone who got bogged down, and also take the President’s Saturday radio addresses and some older press conferences.

We have three main priorities. They are to determine: 1) where is the nuke now, 2) who is controlling it, and 3) when will it be used.

Strider came through first, with breathtaking material from Negroponte’s appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Well, hell. It’s Houston.

That answered our first question right off. Unfortunately, it didn’t make me feel any better to be working near the next Ground Zero. However, I have already measured the distance to the closest place a real ship could be (the actual Port of Houston) and my family and myself are simply not close enough to be harmed by the actual detonation. Nonetheless, for the next few days I will periodically find myself listening for the blast, which could come at any moment. I make sure the cars are filled up, and obtain an iodine supplement known to be helpful in situations involving radioactive fallout.

The Negroponte reversals also provide a much better picture of what we are dealing with. First, the date of his presentation, February 2nd, follows the Rice appearance by only a few days and the statement that “the nuke’s here” identifies the arrival of the ship as the physical event that has taken place. So Condi’s phone call about the nuke was no doubt her notification of the ships arrival. This places the actual date of arrival January 26, or quite possibly the day before - the date the Zymanski article about mysteriously leaked nuke warnings appeared.

We also must accept the obvious. The White House knows which ship it is, where it is, and even the fact that the nuke is hidden on the upper level of the ship “right near (a) lifeboat.” Is this the intelligence coup of the century? It would appear that with this much information and a simple phone call, a couple of sherrif’s deputies could go out and pick the damn thing up. Is that happening? No. Weeks go by and it doesn’t happen.

Strider tells me that the phrase “there’s no accidents” is Negroponte’s personal mantra, repeated many times whenever he is recorded. It is reminiscent of FDR’s statement that nothing happens on the national or world stage by accident. That there is always extensive advance planning by those in power. The reversal, “We’re registered evil” is fascinating to. Not just ordinary evil. Registered. Like badge of excellence.

I take the statement that the bomb “will blow up” literally. This is not going to be a dog-and-pony show where they “discover” the nuke and then cart it off.

Two aspects are still clouded. First, who’s bomb is it? Is it really a foreign operation that the White House will simply allow to happen, or is it a completely in-house operation?

I also have serious doubts about Houston itself as the target, whether “terrorists” chose it or the administration picked the target. While there is nothing particularly special about Houston, the port itself is an economic powerhouse. A nuke in the port would inflect incredible damage that would effect the whole nation. It would make no sense to allow that to happen. I’m particularly aware people who have not lived in an area normally think in a sort of geographic shorthand based on large cities. In other words, for an East Coast resident, “Houston” could typically describe a large area one or even two hundred miles in diameter. This is a big target but the water route narrows it down considerably. South from the actual port and ship channel is Galveston Bay. First up is La Porte. Essentially at the lower end of the Houston ship channel, there are multiplce facilities along this stretch for handling container ships. La Porte itself has no significant docking facility that I know of, but I've only been there once. Very nice place.

Below La Porte is the NASA / Clear Lake area, and towns like Kemah and Seabrook on the bay itself (underneath the "League City" name the map below). As far as I can tell there are no facilities there that could dock an ocean going freighter. Further south is Texas City with an actual port facility, and it is the only small town named in the so-called leaked intelligence. Then, of course, there is Galveston - visible across eight or ten miles of water from the jetty at Texas City. Here’s the layout. You can click on the map and then explore it in a new window.

son of a prophet said...











son of a prophet said...

a similar altho not as detailed article appears here also--->

tcob247 said...

is this one going to be as bad as the one that was supposed to happen during the super bowl?

son of a prophet said...

i hope that it is EXACTLY as bad as the one that happened at the super bowl.

but, knowing the way the 'g' works, unfortuanely, one of these 'scare posts' is going to be right one of these days.....

son of a prophet said...

i just tried the site, and it seems to be accessible again.

son of a prophet said...

the 5th Dimension said...

the dawning of the Age of Aquarius!?

WillToFight said...
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WillToFight said...

Tired of Ohio

See what you caused. You excited SOP to post the whole article.

Peanut Gallery said...

SOP said,

this as writtne in the OT applied strictly to jews at that time.

it sort of applies a little differently in the current times that we are in.


This was also written in the OT so it too must also only apply to the Jews at that time.

Thou shalt not have sexual relations with animals.

Thou shalt not lie with another man as you lie with a woman

Have fun SOP

5:29 PM

papertiger said...

Nobody failed you, Kurt. It was YOU that failed to PAY! Money talks, Kurt. Nobody works for free! You dissed your dedicated workers a long time ago. Kurt, did you know that you and Scott you are a lousy businessmen? Well, you are.

tcob247 said...

Boy Kurt is just one hellava guy

Takes money from clients with promises of a successful program.
Then admits we were collaterall damage to get his point across.

Blames his workers for ineptness, but it turns out he didnt pay them

Will you be my Messaih Kurt?

Wat up Will Imbigo et al

tcob247 said...


Anybody know what Guy Santeramo is doing now?

son of a prophet said...

this looks good for the DG position.

a possible wndfall form the fedreserve.

The Story Of Leo Wanta: 'The 27.5 Trillion Dollar Man';

The Key Question Looms: Will The Illuminati Banksters Get the Money First Or Will The American People Get It,

As Wanta Is Legal Guardian And Trustee On Behalf Of The People Of The United States

According to a 2003 federal court ruling by a courageous judge from Virginia, Wanta has been authorized as legal guardian of the vast sum of money made from profits at the end of the Cold War. In one of the most important stories of our time, Wanta holds the 'finacial key' to the vast criiminal Illuminati banking network and he says with the help of the American people their system can be destroyed.
26 Mar 2006

By Greg Szymanski

The only thing standing in the way of life and death for Ambassador Leo Wanta is he "knows where the money is hidden" and the Illuminati banksters don't.

A former U.S. Treasury official appointed trustee to a large sum of money by President Ronald Reagan, Wanta holds the financial "golden key" to 27.5 trillion dollars, money he says now held in public trust for the American people.

To back up Wanta's trustee status as protector of trillions, a federal judge in Alexandria, Virginia, in 2003, ruled in his favor, saying Wanta's trustee status is legally binding and the money is rightfully the property of the American people.

The federal court case, however, has left federal prosecutors in a perplexed state of mind, as they have not yet officially appealed the ruling, perhaps thinking it is better to let "sleeping dogs sleep" until they get their 'cooked ducks or judges in the right government pond."

But the real problem, as it stands today and why the money remains in limbo, is simply if Wanta returns the money to the U.S. Treasury, it will be immediately hi-jacked from the people and put into private Iluminati bank accounts since under the present Federal Reserve and the national banking system, there are no laws protecting the American people's money.

"Dutch (President Reagan} always intended the money be returned to the American people to be used for roads, schools and health care," said Wanta last Thursday on Greg Szymanski's radio show, the Investigative Journal, where the former Ambassador spoke for two hours while still being held under house arrest in his Switzerland home.

During the interview that can be heard in full by going to The Investigative Journal archives at , Wanta literally blew the lid off the Illuminati's world wide banking scam, as well as providing detailed information about how Illiminati banksters with help from the Bush crime family and former President Clinton have already hijacked 752 billion dollars in what has been called by European investigators "the biggest bank heist in world history."

Besides the large sums of money at stake and the need to revamp the Federal Reserve and national banking laws to protect the public not private interests, Wanta's story involves undercover intrigue and espionage at the highest levels, providing a mystery story better than any Hollywood movie can offer.

Behind following the money, his story involves saving President Reagan's life in a little known assassination attempt left unreported in the mainstream press (see rbn interview), authority to arrest Marc (Reich) Rich, a meeting with Vince Foster just prior to his untimely death and just prior to Wanta being placed in a Swiss dungeon for 134 days when he confronted Rich, who was allowed to go free through White House connections.

To better understand Wanta's role and the importance of his story, not to mention how 27.5 trillion dollars could provide a good jump start to the American economy, it's best to go back to his original assignment in the Reagan administration at the time the Cold War was coming to a close.

At this time, Wanta, a distinguished U5 Secret Service/Treasury officer was the primary US Financial Warfare officer engaged in operations to "collapse" the Soviet Empire through financial maneuvers to prevent the Soviet military devoting larger resources to military expenditure.

For his financial plan which destabilized the Russian currency and resulted in huge dollar profits, leading into the 27.5 trillion in trust, instead of being recognized for his service, he was set-up by the Clinton's and the Bush crime family after being released from the Swiss jail, sentenced to a 22 year jail term on bogus Wisconsin state income tax evasion charges

Although recently released and protected in a sense by the 2003 federal court ruling in his favor, Wanta has languished much of the time since 1993 in jail and now under house arrest, the primary reason for his predicament being he audited the Illuminati's giga-financing operation of 1989-92 too accurately far the liking of certain high-level official crooks controlling the purse strings.

Regarding the Rich arrest in Switzerland and his meeting with Foster, Wanta said this on The Investigative Journal last week:

"I was named Ambassador from Somalia to Switzerland and Canada as a cover to arrest Rich. When I go there, I found myself in a Swiss dungeon and Rich was set free. Foster was also there on behlaf of the Clinton's, asking for $250 million to be used for The Children's Fund, which Hillary was the chairman. I thought it was to be used for a good cause so We gave him the money.

"Later Vince attempted to help me out of my situation, but I was later notified he was found dead and I never found out what happened to the $250 million."

Although Wanta had no idea what The Children's Fund was all about, later a financial investigator, Marco Saba of the Organized Crime Observatory in Switzerland wrote this about turned out to be a secret fund:

"One component of this information concerns the activities of the CIA operative known as Mrs Hillary Rodham Clinton. For some years prior to the elevation of her husband, Bill, a CIA operative like his ''CIA wife'', Hillary had been in control of an organization calling itself the Children''s Defense Fund. Executive Order 12333 (1981) of President Reagan, the US intelligence services were authorised to operate what became known as Title 18, Section 6 USG corporations for intelligence purposes, and to deny any intelligence community connection (that is, to lie about their real purpose). Some of these entities have touchy-feely, welfarish titles, like The Children''s Defense Fund. It is alleged, un the basis of intelligence community leakages, that Hillary became accustomed to treating this fund as her own private slush fund."

However, behind the scenes of Rich, Foster and the Clinton's, a bigger game of world politics and deception was being played out, as Wanta unknowingly was caught in the middle of the U.S./Soviet double-cross of the American people, as the two collaborated to bring about an orchestrated fall of the Soviet Union.

An excerpt from an article from the Centro Studi Monetari, Arab-Asian Affairs, Vol. 29, Numbers 8&9, December 2005, explains the backstabbing and double-crossing going on behind the scenes when the Cold War was being orchestrated to a close to serve the purposes of the demonic Illuminati powers pulling the strings behind the scenes, as Wanta unknowingly serving patriotic U.S. interests was in the middle of the whole mess:

The following are key parts of the article:

son of a prophet said...


this judge has b**ls....

he tell the 'minati to basically......"go xxxx yourself"

takes b**ls to dat!!

him too, better watch the milk he put on his corn flaks, maybe put it thru a BRITA filter first.

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Do you feel that this is your blog?

son of a prophet said...

hey tcob,


do i need a license to post here?

let me know?

i will put the check in the mail.

perhaps this blog is copyrighted©

besides, what else is being talked about here?

the sos (same old s**t)

kurt is good. kurt is bad. etc., etc.

what i post is more interesting, wouldnt you say??

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Hay sop...

I put a challange out for you a while back to start your own blog, give out the name here and see how many people visit you there, insted of riding on someone elses' coat tail!

But of course your too much of a looooooser to do that, must be afraid of the rejection!

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KYHOOYA said...

Leave SOP alone, he right there is nothing eles on here that is any importance to read. As a matter of fact Tin Cup ,Imbio, and the rest, What the f*&k have you posted that is of any use? What interesting story do you have? What do you have to post here that's so full of HELPFULL info that SOP's posting's are getting in the way? I sure it take you all of about 3 sec. to scroll past it if you don't want to read it.

The important thing's being posted by Tin Cup: "Kurt's your in jail", "I'll bet anyone of you $1000.00" , "I make $2100 a month, Wanta see it I'll send you a copy if you'll post your e-mail here", "Kurt your in jail", "I'm done here it's useless to try and convince you all", "This will be my last post I'll check in from time to time but I have better thing to do and I've wasted to much time here aready" the well none quote we all have come to no as "Kurt! you no what it dos'nt matter what you say because ... Your in jailand that make's you wrong no matter what you say"

Imbio: for the most part at least your post have some answer to a ??/ or some info to be used but the info that SOP is postting is'nt hurting anyone and some on here find them to be a interesting read Fact or no fact.
The same thing you all used to say to Starfishprime when he posted on here . the fact is that it was his post that lead me to a company that has be of great help in my efforts against the bank's and that system in general so who care's if SOP post what he dose here as it was said what eles is on here that has some great value and importance that SOP is taking up there space?

Tin CUP I would'nt even start the pointing of finger's about who should be piost or not . You sould be GONE along time ago you do nothing but LIE HERE ABOUT EVERYTHING YOU SAY SO WHY SHOULD YOU THINK THAT YOU GET TO TELL ANYONE THEY CAN AND CANNOT DO YOU TWITT,OUT OF WORK GET'S THE TROPHY FOR MOST POST EVER SLACKER get to work the freeway off ramp is calling your name, can you hear it TINNN CUPPP WHERE ARE YOUUUU there some quarters, dimes and nickles to be had get that TIN CUP and get moving before someone eles takes it from you. Then What would you do Tin Cup you no you can't make it on that walfare check. Hey I know you can just look through the garbage and try and find a copy of a payroll pay out sheet and take it to the bank I'm sure there will be no problem for you to convince them that it's a real checkHA! HA!HA! Losssser....

tcob247 said...

you been drinking again kahoooey??

How are those grammer lessons with your 9 year old daughter going?

Never mind
I already know

When can you build my lego house?

I'll pay cash

KYHOOYA said...

Toco =plant to disrupt here and everything he post is of no value what so ever. IT'S ALL LIE'S

Isn't that right Tin Cup Out Begging 24-agent 007?

I'll bet you jump at the first chance when the FBI show up and asked you to help them Right?

"I'm leaving" -he Did'nt

"I'll prove it" & send copy of my check -He Did'nt

"I'm done here posting"- He was'nt

"I'll bet $1000.00- When he's not going to pay anyone,

"I was on vacation in Mexico no no I mean Arubba, no! no! it was, wait a second, I knew this earlier it was ...."- Here let me help you out.. No where! LiER! LiER! - He did'nt go anywhere. ( make a change to your vac. plans the day before you leave from Mexico to Arubba boy that's some travle agent you have ther TIN CUP. LiER Lier Plant to distrupt any and all.

Last but not least-"I'm leaving never to post again"

O.K. sure you are TIn Cup we all beleave you. just go ahead there no problem's. whatever you say I mean come on everything eles you have said is been true .. or has it?

just nothing but BULL SHIT! from you.

imbigo said...

just fyi...

This blog is for the "Doreanites" to receive updates from Kurt and Scott, not for SOP to post his nonsense!!!

Thanks for the kudos kyhooya!

neodemes said...

"The good news is my release is far more eminent than any can imagine."

Break out the beer and pizza, the tunnel is almost finished.



oksurewhynot said...

I will be adding an hour or two of video to these of me speaking to be filmed after my release. All those who have and will purchase prior to that time shall receive this update free as a token of my appreciation for your patience.

WOW can't wait for an extra hour (or two!) of video. Just send a BLANK check to the order of BLANK.

itsmeson said...

when you dont get out, would you like me to do that part for you. im a great deciever. haha

KYHOOYA said...

tcob247 said...
you been drinking again kahoooey??

How are those grammer lessons with your 9 year old daughter going?

Never mind
I already know

When can you build my lego house?

I'll pay cash

tcob247 said...
you been drinking again kahoooey??

Nope don't drink unlike you as you proclaimed in prior post. You might want to seek some help with that problem . It's most likly the cause of you unemployment and the lack of anything original to post.

tcob247 said...
How are those grammer lessons with your 9 year old daughter going?

There going just fine a little slow on my end as youy so much like to point out, but she has lots of Patients for a 7 year old THAT'S \\\\/ \\, SEVEN, AS IN 123456 (7) 891011 NOT NINE DIP SHIT.

Just go's to show how much you comprehend of the thing's you read. You might want to see about getting some help with that too ALONG WITH DRINKING PROBLEM OF YOUR'S.

tcob247 said...
Never mind
I already know

That could be what's holding you back from getting that job or interstate off ramp you've been wanting.
Because this GOVERMENT PLANT JOB WON'T LAST FOR EVER. YOU SHOULD THINK ABOUT YOU FUTURE. I no that's hard for you to do.... (I could just leave it there when you spend all day throwing back SHOTS then POSTING then PASSING OUT then another useless POST no dought brought on by a drinking induced stooper because it's always the same old shit.

tcob247 said...
When can you build my lego house?
Anytime you want. Let see now that size was 4'x4'x8' right? You sure you don't want it a little bigger than that? I'm thinking you might have a problem... well that's you business. O.K. how about the door do you want to have a half moon or just stars cut in it? I have been told that the moon help's with the smell from realy bad cases of "BULLSHIT GAS" and boy do you SMELL.
I'll let you get back to me on that one o.k?
tcob247 said...
I'll pay cash...

YOUI'LL PAY CASH, RIGHT I'll just bet you would...'nt TIN CUP,ha ha! PAY CASH?
That'll be the day!

I am a little hurt by your offer as it was. I mean to tell me you don't want to pay me with one of those $21,000.00 PAYROLL CHECKS of your's HA! HA! HA!HA!ha!
Your such a pathetic losser I'll bet you lie to your wife about going to work some where everyday don't you?
I Don't Think So, you could'nt make enough money even if you doubled up and worked 2 freeway off ramps

You keep come on here and posting all of these offer's of payment and such for differant thing's
What make's you think that anyone would ever take you up on anything that involved you have to keep you WORD Lier,Lier what a joke you are dip shit
or at the very best try to have a new though about anything. Your posts are getting soooo old the same old, same old shit.never new NEVER > You must be the most boring person in your town, I no you are here.

Your Just a pathetic beer drinking out of work , begging to try and make it losser of a husband and father and let's not forget teacher of spelling and grammer and it seems what your best at but still can't find work do to the comprehenion and drinking problem. SAD SAD SAD just a waste of fat lard sitting in front of that computer sceen at the public unemployment office tring to act like he looking for work so he can use it for free instead of posting here all day if they only new the truth. SAD SAD SAD it realy is

I'm over it, So what do you say there TIN CUP how about you just FUCK OFF and we will try and act as if you never were here or best case we can say you were here 1 time because that's about what all your post add up to, 1 time the rest all the same dam thing over & over again. Worthless as you are now....
Go get a real job slacker

l8r Looosserrr... q;^D>~ Ha HA HA HA HA Ha Ha Ha hahahhahhahahahahhaahahahahahahhahahhahahah! LOL

Oh and I hope that the bad word in my post have'nt hurt your ear's ( not ) I no how they are so sentetive as you said prior how you are so much above the rest of us and have a better grip on the art of speech without the use of off colored words and can debate on a higher level than the rest on here.

Hey I know, maybe you could take all those name's you post under and go to another Blog and start your own debate . love to see the out come of that one Ha ha!

KYHOOYA said...

tcob247 said...

Do you feel that this is your blog?





l8R lOOSSERR Q;^}>~

KYHOOYA said...

Hey Tin Cup how about this one. Remember when you made that coment about the movie with the referance to "BAREBACK" I thought about it after i found out what the fuck you were talking about ( i don't watch t.v.) but I new you had to be taking a shot at me so I found out my resounce is justa little lower take a lookI'm sure youknow about how it work's first hand don't you?


\x x/
0( )0

tcob247 said...


run out of lego houses to build today?

tcob247 said...

thanks for the "resounce"


son of a prophet said...

Judge Not

I was shocked, confused, bewildered
as I entered Heaven's door,
Not by the beauty of it all,
Nor the lights or its decor.
But it was the Folks in Heaven
who made me sputter and gasp......
the thieves, the liars, the sinners,
the alcoholics, the trash.

There stood the kid from seventh grade
who swiped my lunch money twice.
Next to him was my old neighbor
who never said anything nice.

Herb, who I always thought
was rotting away in hell,
was sitting pretty on cloud nine,
looking incredibly well.

I nudged Jesus , "What's the deal?
I would love to hear your take.
How'd all these sinners get up here?
God must've made a mistake."

"And why's everyone so quiet,
so somber? Give me a clue."
"Hush, child," said he, 'They're all in shock.
No one thought they'd be seeing you!"

Judge 'NOT!' lest..........