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Circle Jerk (02-23-07)

I do not see much of the comments here but I have seen a thread of rhetoric or circular logic. There are those who seem to think the civil issues are settled. This is the problem with Americans; they want others to make decisions for them. We have abandon responsibility for our knowledge and our will. Government has filled this void or social defect with a myriad of licensed tellers to advise you of the government’s interest. Teacher, lawyer, accountant, pastor, financial planner, politician, and judges. Boil all their advice down and it is surrender your independent rights for the collective good of man and government is the best vehicle or agent to bring this divine equality. This is all horseshit plain and simple. You think because Judge Alsup ruled without fact on the presumptions of his opinion that it binds me or only leaves me with a remedy in his playground? Not even Judge Alsup is stupid enough to believe that. Every civil suit I’ve seen has used the claim (pass release) of Kevin V. Ryan (Fired) or Alsup’s opinion as the basis for their relief. Even if granted this is a fraud if I prevail. The entire legal system by nature places the cart before the horse. If you are patient, fearless, and cunning you can let them trample you and when its over you are on the horse end and you can grab the reigns and lead them down your path. Victory disguised as defeat is the only way to defeat the over-zealous. Tactically it is the ambush. I have no need to overturn one civil judgment to obtain my remedy. Of course you don’t know how and that is why I insisted on being a fiduciary. This was the only way I could protect you from your ignorance and also have a hope to survive the abuses of it. If every one of you was educated, prepared, and responsible we would have been an overwhelming force that would have thwarted the agenda of these crooks. Unfortunately that was not the case nor have I seen few of you even reach for this prize during this trial. What you fail to realize is that when you are certain of an approaching tidal wave you do not stand on the beach watching the fish flop on the dry ground as the water is drawn out, nor do you stand there and defy it. What you do is go to the high ground let it take its natural course and return to possess the land. I had a practical choice. Let 50 attorney generals nibble on me or have the collective energy come behind one big mouth. I baited my line for the one big mouth who already swallowed the other 50 and I get them all if I reel in this one. When this is finished some of you will sustain yourselves well by becoming fishermen but most of you will remain on the government’s teat never maturing. You can fight it out in your minds my failures and opportunities but know I would have never placed myself in this danger if I was limited to your knowledge.


KYHOOYA said...

GR82BMOI said...
Another Dorean scam victim bites:


7:45 PM


This posting along with the other naysayers that are trying to get some kinda handle on the fact that there world of one sided believe is falling apart.

What the real story behind the New Centrey filing for bankruptcy is the they were the second largest subprime lender and wrote way to many subprime rip off loans that are now coming back to bite them in the ass.
The facts that GR82BMOI the so obvious bull shitter that has to resort to lying to try and over come the truth from being seen here and for this has lost all crediability and can go fuck him self Thats right go fuck your self ( I can't stand some one who would resort to that kind of act and lie's to try and back up what they Know to be wrong ) so for all others for give the words but far as this ass hole is concerned he is the lowest of the low and that posting show it without any doubt that the people that come on here in support of the courts and the neysayers are nothing but the scammers they are saying that Kurt and Scott are .

To say that this bank was anything to do with this as some kinda way to post a neg. because you have nothing of any value that would be on your side is loww pal low low low.

What a little piece of shit and you know what that about tell me that all of you poster like SEEN iT JUst777 all of you are nothing but a bunch of low lifes that have as we have been sayNOTHING AND I MEAN NOTHING BACKING YOUR CLAIMS AND YOU AREHER TO DO NOTHING BUT DISTRACT PEOPLE FROM THE TRUTH.


So you go on and post your lies I'llbe right there to make sure that you get seen by he facts that your lying and for all to treat you whit all do that of a piece of shit you are .

I will tell you for the record that it is all coming to the light of day and the way that these guys have been treated in this is out of order and the hole lot of the ones involved should be brought up on charges for doingf the things they have (as we all no that won't happen now will it) because where you find one lying ass hole you find a judge and a system of power to back them up now don't you ) that don't make it right.
You take a good look around dick head because it is all going to change very soon .

These guys arn't going to jail for a ny longer then they have now in fact when I;'m through with this you all better hope you no where near who I think you are because i let you in on a little tid bit that you might find interesting.

all though you may think your safe behind that desk I will not stand for out right lie's to be told just to support something that the Bank and thein pocket lackies are willing to do for them to stop something they should have seen long before it ever was a problem . That to bad now because I was willing to seee this through to it's own outcome and let the shit fall where it may as in If Kurt was right then let him fight it out for his wrongs around this and if the ( well who the fuck do I need to name here )

Get ready for a little heat all of you from Alsup on down

You my good man may think that your butt is covered but covered it won't be so you might want to think about that early exit plan NOW. as for the new Fed pro. team youi might want to take a good look around because if you find your self feeling the walls are closing in you just might want to runn all of you the one thing that you have no more control over and ha smore ppower then ten fed judges is about to ahow you hopw to make and break people that are of your standing with the stroke of a pen. And The pen I'm talking won't be push around Bill A. like you did with that little kid Wolf your in for a bit of a ride


Time to show you how the big boy's do it! But I warn you it's going to hurt .

I do hate an low life who can't play the game with at least some fair minded effort. I mean how much of a one sided game do you need any way you had the FED's the Courts the jailers the DA's and the rest all working to bring down one guy with the mind to show you where you fuccked up and mist a little loop hole and what do you do but screw that up to the point of have to sling thing's like this guy here with out right bull shit for something to post in hopes that the fact that he said the was some thing to do with the Dorean case would be enough to make people believe there was but nothing could be further from the real stroy now could it?

what you should do is take a bow like in bow wow cuzz you just do in the fed s and all with then on this in other words you LET THE doggs out!


KYHOOYA said...


I won't say anything more the effects will soon be seen and felt by thos ewho have made it there job to be so much the underhanded and unfair in this their will be fare more painful than what has been put on the guy in jail now. In fact they might just wish they were there and just might be depends on how the public takes what they have done.

Remember these few thing
1. I have never said that I was a client if fact I have made it clear I was not . So why would I have all these postings in the this Blog to say that I was link in close to the out come being in favor of Dorean?

Good question, how about this as some kind of way to explain it I think where there is so much power that the scales are unbalanced to the point of unfairness and that the one getting the brunt of the force from this one sided power. When these persons have done nothing really so bad and nothing that some lawyer is'nt doing as we speak to some insurance company or something along the lines of finding a loop-hole and going for it. But to find a hole in what was thought to be wihout and could never be hurt by someone the likes of this well I really was interested in seeing how it all came out.
Not at first when I heard about this I thought 'oh just another dumb ass who thought up a scam with a twist' only this was not so easy and why would someone bring so much light onto them selfs when they were planing a scam? it did'nt make sence at all it seem to me that he could have made just as much in a nuber of different way around tyhe same thing without the risk so why then would he do it this way?
I had to get into it to see what was involved in the heart of the so called scam and I say that because the moire I started to find the more I could see that there wasn't a scam at all the fact was that the only scam going on was the one about to start when the Gov't got into it and was hell bent to stop it at all cost. Mind you this was only after the banks cried to them that if somethin was'nt done they were going to fail and that would bring on a nation wide if not globle problemthat might not be correctable. It has been interesting to see it all get plaied out and the miss use of power in the Gov'ts efforts to stop one little man from causing the biggest banking disruption that has been seen ,by one I would have to say ever by many I would say it's been a long time. Never the less the damage control was put into play and the one that were called upon to help and stop this were many and of incressing power as each step of the ladder was taken.
The fact that one man has caused men of standing to risk their carrer's and their standing in the very comunitty they live has been interesting to say the least. But for what the saving of a corrupt and failing bank system that did'nt make it worth it in my eye's so why?

thats another good question but it won't be answered here no I'm going to save that for a time and place much better then this forum and it will carry much more punch with it when it is let out again you have GR82BMOI posting to thank for the straw that broke tha back and let this one loose.

You can think about that and find what ever you need to post to try and make it all better for your self it won't stop what your all about to fell and as I said I would do will be withgreat impact and there is knowing less finding and killing me that will stop it now you all could'nt fight even a little fair out of you greater than thou selfs could you nope not for one dam second well enjoy it because it's coming to and end I will ensure you that.

2. well this one is easy think this

where is it that even with the power of the Gov't backing you up that can't be stop, think what is it that makes and brakes Gov't at the stroke of a pen and will not be swaied by then or taken control of by withdrawl of lic. to conduct business.
what is this power that can't be stopped by the one's that are at play here ?

you think about that and no matter what you think you can do I have al ready put the needed proof away so as yto stop all charges of slander or the like so get ready for some of your kind of business only I don'tthink your all going to care for it this time round.

If there is some why your still in the dark about what is going to take place and by what means

THE PEN , The POWER of THE PEN my good men and women. The t.v. news may be subject to it power through the FCC or the like with lic. renewal or such things of susp. but the new's paper is not if fact the news paper is the last standing forum of the people and if not to have it self bought out by any then it can and has made the people rise and fal from power in this country and so this little out of balance drama is about to get a bit of lwad throw on the side of the one just to bring things back to a fair plaing field don't yah know laddies won't be right to see this be carried out like it has been without throwing in a little luck of the irish now would it?

LO why out loud when it done hold on to your ass and if you think I' a kinding about this then all the better impact it shoulf have

Oh one last thing I'm not the one but just one needed to get it done. so good luck tracking it should easy for you to reach me in time to stop them from making you look realy foolish now won't you know about that Lad won't you just knbow about that!

here's to the game I wish you luck by i think your out of that

nothing I hate more than some one who can't even find away to play fair when they got all the balls in their Court just makes me pist! beyound anything I can think right now and you GR82BMOI my missguided ass hole are the lowest of the low for doing just that with your posting lies like that
The banking in this country is about to have some major faillings due only to their over extention of loans they new would fail and they were just to greedy to care.

KYHOOYA said...

Check that tax bill and see if it said something like Land and tehn there is an amount to the right then it might say Improvments and an amount to the right of it .
These to different amount and collums mean something that most don't ever know in till it comes to effect them by some misfortune in life that has them unable to pay because that is whatit is ll come down to the house you sit in and pay taxes and a mortgage on is justa big number to the banks and the county it's in.

the break down is so that city and the county vers the banks know what theirs and such notwhat iis your other than paying them that is the rant that is due if not like any other rent notpaid your out and that s that. don't pay taxes and tell trow you out after they have leined the place for so much. don't pay the mortgage the'll trow you out . but mak no mistake the county ill get here taxes on that land because they own it no matter if your trown off it and owe still the bank with have to pay it to the county brfore the couynty will say it's ok for them to let soem one conme back and livethere so the banks can charge them their rent for living in their house but the'll get you to pay the taxes well you live there and make it look like you own something well doingh it.

what a joke

you don'town dick if you take a good look at it they do either by taxes that will have to be paid forever or by the mortgage tha will always be paid for the life thatthe house is cincidered to have a worth of life as in 50 to 1000 years is the normal exp. lifeof a housemuch more then that and it has to go so that something in it place can be built that will generate a payment to the bank and a lrger tax payment to the county rememeber that the tax is basied onthe sallprice so new home higher price and more money in taxes and mortagage for that matter .

So see you never really own any of it your justrenting it welll your alive and then one to the next . you maty thing your pasing it on to a son or grandkid but you tyake a good look at the properties around and see jhow many are worked the way I just said as iin they are paying a good 8-10 % for the life of the house and the tax base is at the normal or there is going to be something that cause s that hile thing to change so that it dose .

check it ou t and tell me what you really own ontheat land your house or shall I say improvment is sitting on .

they found a loop hole that was one that shoulhave stuck but the banks and gov't did'nt want to play fair they want everyone to play by the rule when they say to but when it has the table turned they want to rewrite the rule so they don't have to play or let say PAY like everyone they expect to .

Now in my eyes that 's not nice or fair the fact is some timeyou have to take yoy lumps and get up and close that loop hole but he trouble with this one is to close it up was a big job do to th amouunt of people that got involved and how quick it happend the inbternet caused this to snowball so fast there was'nt timefor tyhe bankor Gov't to get in fast and sop it before to many got wind of it and joined in even Dorean was take off gaurd by the shere numbers that were joiuningh in every day you could see it on there faces atthe second convention and it shoed at least to me it did. and old Farrel sitting there on he side looking around thinking wow ! this is big . right farrel to bad you don't have the ball 's to stick it out good and bad the guys there right pall what they did was right on the money and the law to back it but when you have the onbes thatwrite them say yourwrong then it makes for a hard sell and put that with the restof their doings and un fair paly you can make anyone look bad now can't you William tha and the promise of better yet right?

good luck things are about to change for you all . just watch and watch the banks to as they start to feel there own heat the Gov't going to wonder what the F)(&k their trying to save and why.

see ya all in th efunny paper should be interesting to see what happens with a little of that heavy moved over so to even things out

post something just to think it will look like it true and back up you bullshit where I se it you got alot of nereve pal thats anbout alll I can say on \that but your going to get yoyur just sit tight it' s coming that's for sure for dam sure.......

Sideliner said...

Keep them at bay! All these government dogs will, one day (soon, hopefully), learn that their beliefs about the law were so misfounded that when they truly get hit with the letter of the law, all they'll be able to utter is "HUH?!".

You have sacrificed much. We pray that you are eventually delivered from this injustice, freed, and take these bastards down at the balls.

While I am not a client, I have hearalded your efforts for quite some time now and I'm hoping that we'll soon be in the home stretch.

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