Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Good Idea (03-25-07)

A client suggested that we all fast and pray as a collective on one day. This is a great idea because God is contemporary to us, desires in love and life to relate to us. The question was what can we bring before the throne. I will list a few in the order of their importance. I will join you all. The fast is called for the second Friday after this post, which is Friday, April 27th. This should give ample notice to all parties. This is the kind of faith thinking that is so much more productive than the “What about me” fools who can’t see that their suffering is the only way a loving God can shake them loose from the death of their existence. Anyway here’s the list.

1. That Christ orchestrate the events of Dorean to magnify and exalt Himself. That His glories be obvious and shared with no man.

2. That Judge Alsup quickly come into his destiny as a son of God

3. That Christ strengthen all the clients to endure this trial, impart His joy in their suffering, grant them wisdom, and preserve their victory.

4. That Scott and I be guided by the spirit in wisdom and truth and be given the perseverance to finish our race.

5. That the evil plans of evil men in an evil system be precluded from performing them upon us.

6. That God prepare the marketplace for His truth and that He overwhelm those who resist the truth.

7. That God will send us a defector of substantial credibility to join us in overturning the tables of the moneychangers.

This is not a complete list but a substantial one. Be led by the Spirit for anything else. Thank you my brothers and sisters for the prayer of the righteous avails much and I delight in sharing this historical event with you. Be Blessed!


light1rae said...


light1rae said...

As for me and my house we will be fasting and praying with all of you. In HIS love.

R&P :)

KYHOOYA said...

Hey tin Cuppy what happen don't you want to answer my question or is it that your looking for just the right word's to explain how you are on here only to distract and nothing more?

I would think that even the most simple minded person could see this after thins long , just a look back at your posting over the past two years would show anyone how you have responded to anyone that put's a question to you.
Yep just fill with nothing but that same old dribble of asked a question with a question or some other form of distration to keep any would be truth seekers from find the real truth right?

It would seem that your use and other posting here of that well use tacktic that keeps everyone busy with thing's that don't matter to you to distract from the real truth about it is holding true here.

Funny how the same things being used here are very similar to those in that letter that went out by the banker so many years ago you the one the 'Manofesto' where by it said the following:

"Send our best men to keep an eye on thing and to make sure that the REP andthe DEMs keep busy with things that we care not but will by it's doing will ensure that they don't see what it is we are intersted and doing. as if discovered we could face a set back in our plans that would be felt for years."

It would seem we have the same going on here and have for some time you and others have spent a great deal of time to cause this blog to end or be discredited in some way. Now although your involvment I'm sure is for a more personal reason then the Gov'ts it's still all the same by it's doing & ending result's.

The whole goal being to keep as many as possable from seeing the truth, the discredit Dorean group and reduce the amout of people that are involved and supporting them some of whom have been hire and or train to do this in a very well thought out way orshould we say 'By the numbers' the same thing your doing only more basic level but still yeilding the same results.

This sort of thing can be seen throughout history as the powers in place at different periods wanting to gain more control over their people would use thingsjust like this to keep any who thought of uprising or over turning there Gov't for better or different could be kept down and stopped by these same ways it's realy very simple and you put the facts of how this country has been schooled and made to believe things that were the truth to help and build up this idea of the money system for something that it simply is not the truth but having most think that way makes it a whole lot easier to keep them from seeing how your taking from them.

the ease of the American people to be overcomeby this little known use of power control is exact thing that has them becoming less aand less knowledgable over how the workings of this gov't were meant to be used and how they now are being used by some to not benifit us, 'The People' but more so benifit them self's. Having A mass public so afraid there own secrects to the point where theyy are un willing to let loose and fight rather they will sit and watch as it is all taken from them and they have nothing for their hard work. The hole thing is so simple to see if you just take a look at the post here you will find all of the basic working of a group of some that is without a doubt trying to get this blog to disbanded and there by gaining what was something they thought would have a longtime ago and thatjust by the shear numbers of people that are involved in this and reducing those to an acceptible level that was not able to do the harm that Dorean was about to inflicked that would have harm the banking & money system here.

you all are in fore a great big awakening pretty soon. Myself it like the night before chrismas kid as all that excitment builds up just waiting till first llight so you can run down to open the unknown.
I'm just waiting for you all to open that box thatwill set into motion things that are indeed exciting very exciting.


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