Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Moral Problem (04-03-07)

When people who are amoral morons obtain power you can forget justice. I can tell you for certain I have never had an expectation of justice in this case. Anyone with that expectation is doomed to disappointment. It is an impossibility for the amoral. Here is one example. Mr. Keller is possessed he believes to make an inquiry into our lives on a moral and ethical examination. On March 21, 2006 we came before a magistrate Bernard Zimmerman for an arraignment (supposed) on the new indictment of 68 felonies (supposed). Now if I was dealing with moral characters I could have an expectation that this was an article III judge, that the United States was acting in a representative capacity as an agent with real injured parties, that Mr. Keller is honest pursuing truth. Remember now I am accused of employing a device or scheme to defraud equity from honest lenders. Here is what I received: I had an administrative arbitration clerk under the executive branch of a defacto corporate fiction pretending he is a judiciary. He also is pretending to be unbiased as he listens to a non-government agent pretending his defacto authoring is real bringing an accusation of unfair dealing, dishonesty in fact. We have the pot calling the kettle black at a minimum. I trapped them in their lies during this hearing only partially and the hearing was cancelled to be attempted again when Mr. Keller could come back better prepared to defend his fraud. You might have the expectation even here of partial morality because they set some rules for their game. Never place your morality upon the amoral. The thugs merely changed the record (a fraud) to reflect their expectation and never looked back. This entire scheme is a device in fraud and thugary. There is nothing honest about it and there are no Christians (true) who can find their employ in it without coming quickly to a moment of honesty before God leading to quitting or dishonesty before God and remaining (a worldly choice). Mr. Keller only wants to win at all cost regardless of what he must employ through the fraudulent device he participates in by choice under the delusional color of law. The victory I am working for is not justice it is merely prevailing over evil. I know them for what they are so my expectations are amoral and realistic. My methods and planning are trapping them by their evil not placing my life or your claim in their hands for justice. I’m up against an amoral problem solved by cunning which morality has as an advantage over the twisted mind of a reprobate.


SOP said...

"Or are you one of the conspiracy whack-o's that beleive all of SOP's rants?"


LOLO! there aint no conspircy; tell that to todays kids and g-kids who dont even know yet that they dont have a future b-cause of it........

and i agree about gogol; little by litte everything that can possibly be use agaisnt the beast will be taken down, altered or somehow rendered useless. that the negative of it.

the positvie of it will be that it will become apparent that only those under direct protection of the HS will survive it and come to understand that they nvever needed all this stuff in the first place.

and also, yeshua will have very little tolerance for those not doing the willof the Father.

if you are, you will survive it no matter what happens in the world and gets taken away. but you are being called to witness with as littel as possible.

rember, when the apostle when out they were told...do not take much or care for what to eat etc.

in other words, just get there alive, and the HS will do the rest

we are in a time of witnessing as god is closing the books on all the non relevant stuff....like gaff goggle searches, i-net censorhip etc.

god is going to show that His own dont need and nver did need any of that stuff.

but its hard to fathom sometimes, thats why we are all severly tested constantly.

SOP said...

your safe-mail email box is FULL!

will not accept any more msgs.

habakkuk said...

your safe-mail email box is FULL!

will not accept any more msgs.


SOP said...

this comment is for someone here who has a full safemail email box to check it and read/delete some of their msgs so they can receive msgs

this person will know whom they are that i am speaking to.

habakkuk said...

Ahhhhhh...I see:)

SOP said...

safemail email box has undeliverable info from sop in it

GYHOOYA said...

Oh the Googles crap is true that is for sure they are making the choses for you on what you get back on a search from them and if you want something they don't want or The Gov't who is pulling the string don't want you to see then you won't.

Anyone who thinks I'm wrong they don't take my word for it try this do a search for something like online pharmacies and do that frist on google then see wht results you get and try some see if the page title matches the bottom where the real site adderss is you know what I mean ? (where the search gives you the results ea. one has the top title and then the bottom of it has the adderess where you will be sent) ant way so try that see if you go whee it should or if you end up on a pager that is simalair but not the place and site stated in the results .

Then try the same suearch on Yahoo or one of the other search eng. and see what you get I bet if you try this with a feww different items that are thing you might think the Gov't would likly have on a black list then you se whet i say is true about the Googles and the earthlink and netscape I don't no what their problem is I just no that with earthlink when I had them for years I had all sorts of issues where the made it look as if I was still on line and all but if I did a couple of thing to check it that they would not be able to hide with just a few off line pages it would show up they had cut me off line everytime and when they were told they offered upall thes fixes and we were told to make changes that ended up screwing up are computer.
they hade netscape for the browser at the time and now my great little dial up from walmart / comcast has been bought out buy none other than Netscape and right after they forced the reconfigure of the walmart program that just looked like they change the names and that but right after that the stuff like when veiwing photo pagers it would load about 3/4 then the rest you would have to click on eeach one and then tell it to show photos to get it to veiw. called them there was that and some other thing they told me to try this and try that and it was just some guy reading a list of things to do without and brain as to what he was doing and could care less if he told me to change something that might mess my computer up so I tried what he said about reloading the program but as I told him How was that going to cahnge things when I do the online site will see me as some one just like it already did that has'nt had my setting schange and will change them again and then the problem wwill come with it again .

I was right about that and so when someone can't tell me haw to make a change and understand it, then I not making any change less to another IP company.

Oh well it was all good and free for a while and you could go and do a search and get all kinds of different things to chose or maybe even a few that were new you never thought of Now it pages that are set up to the highest paying compamyto be first on the search and the rest could be pages from 10 years ago for all they care.

That is some thing that needs to be done they need a purge time like 5 years or something for unchanged info or blog and the rest or what its just going to keep storing this crap forever?

There I hope that clears everything up for you all even if you did'nt need it.

Have a great day everyone!

GYHOOYA said...

So what happend to you RC did you bit your toung or something trying to come up with some kind of beleivable answer to my question or what ?

I can't ubderstand why your not rushing to show me for some kinda fool or something with all of you great facts and proof that I was wrong about you .

Right it's more to the fact of I was Right about you and your are full of it. Why don't you just say so and then we can move on . I f you were screwed by the banks and brokers don't think your alone cause your not and if the bank and broker were'nt so good at making people feel like shit for the simple fact they are not and expert of money it would be so much a problem to get them to stop all of their back rook cheating .

I mean come on where in any business is it a good or ok thing to be hiding big time info about how you are getting paid and all sorts of money that th customer is not told about and for what because there is others out there doing the same job and you might have some competitors to deal with thats a bunch of b.s. to cover up and let you keep taking for customer with out disclosing and it wrong and hundhander and nothing more that you might as well just get a gun and tell me to put my hands in the air and give you therest of my money for the same result are what you call you job and perfectly fair.

IF I ran a business and I told my customer that I was going to be in charge of their biggest asset and that even though they don't know much about the hole thing and the different loands and such I was going to take care of it all and then told them that I was going to get paid by hiding the few things that they don't get to see like the list here

1 ) the brokers is not your pal and is not looking out for best interest no how no way they work for them selfs and to get as much of your money they can without spillimg the beans of how they are getting it or how much

2) the bank pays them to bring the people how they write loan for but more that not they get t one that the bank would give them a better rate if it was for the broker and the little kick back program that they play with the customers money (cause it all cost you no matter what goes on it all come out of you pocket tthat s a fact)

3 ) some times the broker will tell you he locked the rate or let you think he did and he might wait as see if the rate goes down if it dose he would tell you he will give you that same rate he said but the banks are more than happy to give him the money and not tell you they did. really nice of them to look out for your best interest right.? if I ran a business like this i would be out of business if told the truth about it no customer in their right mind would ever use and broker and would question the banks and their motives about all of it to.

4) there is a law that was passed over a year ago that would make it harder for brokers and banks to do these kinda thing and they (the breokers ) would have to disclose more about how the get paid. Now with out going into eevery detail and I don't know every thing about it but the heart of it is this way the broker don't like have to tell you about where themoney they get paid comes from I wonder why ? do you think they might have something to hide well dealing with to your biggest investment of most peoples lives KNow NOt the brokers not that guy patting you onthe back say things like "buddy old pal , I got you covered Don't worry I ve beeen doing this for years I no how to work it and get you the best deal outt there. You can't get any better TRUST ME!"


6) the broker dose not want to disclose how he gets paid because he knows that if he did there would be a good chance you would not deal with him or do any business. I mean lets look at if I told you the fact that I was going tho get paid money from the lender and bank I took you loan to would beleive mewhen I said that I was looking out for your best interest or would you think I was looking for the bigger pay check as in the biggest KIck Back from the lender that I picked ?

Dah.... "wait I know I know OOh OOh pick me Mr. Karter Pick me I know . Go ahead Horshack thell us"
Right they don't care about your rate or money they care about hiding te amount of money they make by selling you to the bigest paying banker and the banks and Gov't that lets them do this by making it so the customer can't find out and if they do by that time it's to late the loan is closed. I mean when was the last time you sat down and read everyone of those pages you sign or had a lawyer do so even if one did what would he tell you most don't know the facts of life around this or don't care to tell you cause they might think it fair or something so it won't get mentioned
the broker dose'nt likethis new law where he would haveto tell you about some of the money he is stealingfrom you but not all I bet. so this law has been delaied from it inactment because the big banker and brokers have been crying about how they need time or some b.s. to get ready for the change ..

YOu know how they are gettiong ready and why this new law is not in place and working to help as it wasintented to do ?

because the brokers are unning around once again making deals with the lenders and bakers to becom what is call a mortgage Banker instaed of broker what will this do you may ask?

well it not muck of a change what happen s ithe banker give the broker now called lender by the contract some money about how much tha will very on the relationship they have but is about to get a little closer they are giving them the money theyy need to be the lender and by so doing the broker/ lender is going to bring most of their customer to this banker through thrm as the leander . are you following me here ?

They now as lenders don't have to tell you jake about where they get their money from in this so call ed up and on the level contract agreement they have with your again biggest investment of most peoples life
the classics but so long ago and still not longer then this hole thing has been screwing people out of thousand of dollars when they do what push some paper and try and find ways to line their pockets with the most of your money as they can get from you and then from any thing lick I said wait out the rate to many beget 1/4 % higher and not tell you . or bring you to a lender who will pay they more rather than take you to one that gives you a better rate or deal.
or the many many more things they have to get the job done for them and so much more to this bottom line is they are crooks and the banks and Gov't help to let them continue to be crooks at your and mine cost

l8r got to0 get out of here all morring on this dang thing how ppeoductive can that be ?
Not much I'll sanswer that for my selfthank you!