Monday, April 09, 2007

Trial Changes (03-17-07)

Much has been happening of late. We are at a critical juncture where the government is making its move to control the evidence. This is how they win, by having a trial of irrelevant facts while eliminating the truth in substance of the actual events. This season is very volatile and the trial is won at this time not before 12 mushrooms kept in the dark fed bullshit. For this reason God has been speaking in great detail. Of course it is important to be aware of the weapons of this world but being proficient with the weapons of the spirit are so much more important. Man can change a statute but only God can change a man. I’ll be sharing soon in a blog “the final revelation” what God has prepared for those who love Him. Many times I see the foolish questions what does all this talk of Christ have to do with anything? Well this finish answers that question succinctly. Those of you who have been tracking with me in the faith are about to be expanded. When the revelation hits you recall these moments where you were hearing His voice, all of you in agreement, because He has but one body to speak with. Your dreams, visions, prayer life, scriptural studies, and prophetic gifts will all be saying “Amen.” I personally like God’s resolution because it exposes every fraud in a way only His truth can do. The self-righteous religious blowhards on this blog will see the gospel worked out before them and be shamed because they never spoke words consistent with it. The fraud of the government will be exposed because the wicked involved will be confronted by God. Those of you who suffered in Christ will get your spiritual growth a reward exceeding vindication. I could see this solution brewing but I myself had to be expanded to frame it up in wisdom.

Trial dates are going to come and go rapidly don’t pay any attention to them at the moment. I will let you know the one that will stick if at all relevant. I should be moved again by this posting so visits are no more. I want to thank all of you who showed me such kindness. Seeing face to face your faith inspired rocked my world. Lastly many of you are viewers here because of the idiots who are prolific with their retarded reason and I can certainly appreciate that, but I want to ask you to consider the bigger work of God. Just perhaps God has set this battle as a record in our generation for faith. Certainly Judas the betrayer was valuable for record but Peter, John, Lazarus was far more important. When this record is left behind where will be the unfoolish voices, the ones who saw it God’s way in advance? Personally it would encourage me to know the world hasn’t been taken over by morons. You may even be tools of revelation for the others whose hope is the Christ. Consider this prayerfully please. Thank you!


Believer 2 said...

I pray you will forgo a trial by jury as this would be a sentence based on emotion not the law. Lawyers are great at providing the Jury emotion and ignoring the Law. The Dorean case will be won, with God's help, by the truth in Constitutional, common and maritime Law and the Judge should be given the chance to hang himself without a Jury to do his dirty work.

KYHOOYA said...

I am confused sometimes at what I see here and wonder if there is realy anyone in this country who has just a little common thinking and just might be able to see through the bull shit they have been feed as truth for the common good.

I wonder some time if my child will have to spend most of her time here fighting to keep from falling pray to such a cloud of mistruths that carry with it more of the same.
I find at time that maybe it would be for the best to let those who think they have come to concor the people with their tricks of misleading fact.
I see at times a thread of hope by way of one that show's it can be tought the truth and will stand to carry it to another.
Still yet i find though this person may have a good heart it is not stronger than that of relentless betrail. and from this it's is seen that they to will know longer be able to breath the meaning of the true easy life.
I sometimes find myself laughing for only the to end in tear at the relentless way some fight to find their easy life but never see it right in front of them.
It sometimes finds me aloft with a birds mind wishing that I to could enjoy the way of flight ,the calm and never ending sight it brings. but i'm am quickly brought back from that dream to the surreal of life to be forced to live it by some other's few of it.
It all at times can become so much that to even have mind enough to see my way through and keep that witch is only held by a thread of hope and a time were there is nothing that is mine and so there s nothing to take.
Even in the mind that sounds crazy at best and could easaly be calmed by a swift shot can at time break free and know peace.

Today I look into my childs eyes and wonder have I made a change for her or have I only made thing that will bring her pain and lessen her chance for that flight and peace of all. I don't know as with many I am seen for my selfish ways and not always do I have in mind the better interest for places yet seen know will have no choose in her driection and that it ahs all but been done for her by now.
it sad at time to think this way and other i find a renewal from it story. One never knows how it all wil be plaied out and some wish to find their comfort from this unknowing in that of faith as it is it's own calming and should not be thought of lightly.

These thing that we stand for are they any more real then that of those we stand against, or is this all just something to keep us busy well time works its way through to the end is there any real answer to hope or do we just need that to substain life.

I look into those eyes and wonder have I made any real difference for them.

By the the measure of a man do we want to find our own acts to be lessening more everyday are we so completly confused by the lacking of the truth we can not hear the crys from a world that calls for it's own end. do these screams carry across the vastness only to return with more intencity than when they started and bring with them only a deafness so long that know one could possably think there sound again.

with all of these thing I find as my breath is lessing day by day and that my own ebnd is near that if only I might have been able to teach one that the can find a way to fly to a place so high, that their only so clear they can see even as a single cry they can show the world their way off that path and there by bring what could only be seen as HOPE to the many that all is not lost and there might be a time where all can enjoy their labor and not have it tricked or taken from them by some who think themselfs more worthy of it.

So maybe today I have seen in those eyes that of one who offers a chance and that might see some redeemion in this world after all. Just maybe she won't have to pay for all of my ignorence and lack of effort to stop those who distroy it. maybe she will breath new from the death I have mindlessly deliveried everyday by my lacking.

I find my self looking out onto a world that is on the brink of change (although I hope this could be for good I am afraid that it may not be and that brigs some sadness into my veiw when I look into those eyes that started out so filled with hope and joy and wonder. As she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes to reveal the britness with in as with every new thing she would see that day would be so enlightened as she would fill them with a joyful discovery of every new blink.
I can only wonder what tha might have been like to feel that way as with my eyes now becoming darker with every passing day and I feel the time I have very short now that she will still have enough of that witch she has now that she will be able to see that I never wanted anything bad to happen and that I was not knowing that what by my hand I would bring on such things she would be forced to find away to make right again or to pay the cost for that I should.

I don't find the cold so easy to withstand these days it seems to be ever growing and so with it brings me more unable to stand up for long but I do no matter how I try and find the streath to do just that stand up because I know now if I don't the closing door will slam shut and my time to ever stop the wrongs I have so blindly let pass for most of my time here.

There is need for change today and the ones who see this and make the effort to do so at any cost should find themselfs braced up by us as to keep them strong and if not to help then to keep to thy self as you find your warmth in all things when at last this time is short you will find that all the money will never be able to keep you from your own seeing through their eyes what you have done and you will have to wear tat for you crown.
I my self choose to make so effort to help and I hope at least be seen for that if nothing else by my own.

If we all could see the world from high above the clouds and with a child like picture of what it should bring you throughout your time as joy whatthen would we do differently from now.

Kurt & Scott I wish you well with part of your joruney and hope that your eye serve you well through out . I myself have been so givin by our paths crossing the chance as I see it to renew what was not a pretty picture in the eyes of my daughter and now will hope that by my actions these days she will be of the mund to see my now and not that of a person who never new and so was helping to distroy this world she will ave to deal with.

The one job we take on when we have a child in my beleive tha is we must do verything in our power to leave them with better tools and the mind tha we are trying to make a better place not that we were scared , lazy and could never find the time to make an effort to make anything difference or for the better.

I wish you both al the best and hope that your fight is coming to anend soon with an outcome you wish and shows that there is need for a change in this industry and that it is need now not later. your willingness to take this on is without a doubt something that many could might think to do but could never find the needed to move on it and with it take the lose that you guys have again I see the things that are plaied out by the system and their hand is that of very shady and lies to say the least so tread light in till you have the end in sight there are still amny out an about that are working to un do this and make you out to be a fool and only out to rob other. these people as you know have know mind that might be changed and only one focus to bring you down.

One last thing before I end this post If you have not already sen this you might want to look at the FBI and their warrent there might be a very good chance that they got it through the ame as 7000 other by way of miss info that was sent by request of it do to the Act from congress that was for the use in fighting Terrior and ws way abusied by them and are now being brought up tho the light.

At least it moight be something .

anyway good luck and hoprethere is a end soon for you and all involved here to .


justice77777777 said...

KYHOOYA said...
I am confused sometimes at what I see here....

Nah, you think so?

calima said...

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