Friday, April 06, 2007

A Friendly Presumption (03-16-07)

The kingdom of heaven is like a man who has lavished so much affection upon his friend that the friend became convinced that nothing the man possessed would he withhold from him. One day the man packed up his family and took them on a vacation. Upon leaving he locked up his house with all of its affects. He did not tell his friend who came upon the man’s house locked to his surprise. The friend reasoning within himself that the man has held nothing back in their friendship did not lock the house with the knowledge or intention of denying him access. Therefore the friend broke into the house, helped himself to a meal and many treasures. He then left leaving the house unlocked. He returned many times helping himself one time he even spied out intimate photos of the man’s wife. Finally the man and his family returned from vacation to discover their home ravished. Distressed the man went out to seek his friend for comfort. At the same time his friend unaware of the man’s return went to the house for more stuff. When he entered the home he came upon the wife taking a shower and remained in gaze upon her. The man unable to find his friend returned home. Coming into his house he discovers his friend in gaze upon his wife. He entered a rage, seized his friend, cast him out of his house and banished him forever.


son of a prophet said...

thats sort of how like the world works....

better to act like a shmcuk and be thought dumb; this exposes others to see if they will try to take advantage of you, figuring, hes just a shmuck.

but, at the end, who is really the one being taken advantage of??

when they realize that you are not as dumb as first appeared to them. now they get their rejoinder coming back at them and they dont even know what hit 'em.

a man of true wisdom is just as capable of surviving on the streets as he would be in a gathering of lawyers at a national convention of the american bar association

you get furhter in life playing a schmuck*

*of course, the wise man can play a shmuck a lot easier (and for a longer period of time before his real character {intelligent} is exposed) than a real shmuch can play the wise man before he is exposed as a shmuck.

tcob247 said...

sounds like this was one of your personal experiences Kurt

Sure have a lot of time on your hands to make up stuff dont yah

Hey I'm going to a movie with my family tonight.

Then a stop for some stffed pizza


Wanna come along?

near the end said...

tcob247; You obviously are not a CHRISTIAN. Why don't you shot yourself in the head tonight.

whataboutjere said...

Hey Johnny (SoP), differences aside, I hope that your father is doing better!

tcob247 said...

and you obviously are a Chritian for saying that

mogel said...

Near the End said: "tcob247; You obviously are not a CHRISTIAN. Why don't you shot yourself in the head tonight."

Probabaly because he would miss, and then he would get arrested for committing a terrorist act. Then, there wouldn't be any more pizza outings or Bahama trips for him anymore. Too much to risk.

near the end said...

tcob247; SEE HOW IT FEELS !!!!!!!!

tcob247 said...


It feels so bad

It hurt sooooooo much


oh well

I'm over it

Going to a major league basebal game today

I'll have a hot dog and a beer for you in your honor Kurt

Wish you could be there

near the end said...

tcob247 how's your son doing in the army?

tcob247 said...

doing real well

near the end said...


drhfred said...

Kurt has been moved back to the Federal Facility and his new address is as follows...

Kurt Johnson
Dublin FDC
5675 8th St. Camp Parks
Dublin, CA 94568

Please send all pertinent communications to his new address. Thank you!
Dr. H. Fred

mogel said...