Monday, June 11, 2007


The world offers you positive thinking which is really a productive brain washing for a fictional environment. It is not the true gift of thinking. In fact God has endowed man with all the real wealth in this world. The devil had to steal from Adam to receive any value. On a smaller scale the bankers have to steal from you to receive any value. If this entire world system has to steal from you, maybe you’re the real value? Now I know when one is struggling with the painful questions of how to stretch the paycheck you don’t seem like the wealthy but you are. All the apparently wealthy of the world transferred the labor and value of many to themselves. Almost all did it by fraud. You can cure the fraud because you can think. Stop transferring your wealth. Learn to convert every claim made against you (theft) into a gift. When they are attempting to steal they are also revealing your value. Once it is exposed take it to yourself. This may be difficult at first because you must unlearn all the behavior the thieves taught you. Part of what I’m doing is to teach this truth on a grand scale. When I’m finished your little traffic tickets, property taxes, bad business partnerships will be easy for you. If you were not the value why did congress use you to back the currency? (73rd Congress Sess 1. Chapter 1 March 9, 1933) Mr. McGugin introduction of HR 21 read “expansion of currency necessary.” Most of you students know this. What you need to learn is commerce for the taking. This is an art you are entitled to by right. It is hidden from you and used against you. The reverse of this is in your hand if you will engage your mind to think of it. Retards like Keller are easy prey once you learn. Stop the faking get to taking!

I will say this that the “what about me?” selfish attitude is one of the blinders that will keep you from ever seeing the truth I’m speaking. I have a saying that water always reaches its appropriate level. When you find yourself surrounded by reflections of yourself you are there because you’re you. If you see a pool higher than where you are figure out why your density has a heavier gravity upon you than where you want to be. Positive thinking is not what I’m saying! Reality thinking if there is a term. Don’t treat the game of monopoly like it’s real and invest your psyche. Keep your psyche working reality and use only your imagination and cunning in the game. Can you separate yourself from the tokens? It can be done but it will take a little more than a role of the dice.

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notorial dissent said...

That's right Kurt, it's always someone else's fault that things are the way they are, you never did anything wrong, and the entire world is out to abuse you and use you.

It's called take a little personal responsibility for your actions, be honest instead of trying to blame it on someone else, and quit whining.

You got where you are by your own hand, and no one else’s, and you will face what is coming and do yourself in by your own overblown ego and denial. Your own hand will convict you, and your mouth with seal your end. You have no one to blame but yourself for where you are heading, and the misery that you are leaving to your family as your inheritance to them, a life of lies and deceit, and ultimate failure.