Friday, August 17, 2007

Talk of the Future (August 10, 2007)

I believe the future is arriving upon us. In my attempt to bless my wife and to encourage her faith I wrote this Jailhouse Journey on the first of July. In doing so I suspect that the prophetic gifting of the Holy Spirit was speaking to me truths relevant and bigger than my intended purpose. I will leave that up to your confirmation in the spirit. As I told you earlier in "A Child is Born" this journey played a part in a threefold confirmation of God's intention for me. He used my desire to be a father with my wife and converted it into an opportunity to speak. The dream from Doug, the book from Wes and this journey all spoke to an "Amen" on this one subject in a coordination that only God could arrange. It was this confirmation that created a spiritual intuition that perhaps more to this prophetic journey is relevant to the times and seasons of our epic battle. If this is so then a couple of things stand out as great hopes for me and I hope they do for you also. One is the 90 days until deliverance and the other is the spiritual fatherhood ministry. Over these two years this is probably the most amazing work God has performed within me. I had to reconcile all the betrayal and the mistrust that was not deserved with my sense of justice and God's mercy which were almost always incompatible. To be specific I pondered whether to cut off the foolish clients who were duped by the lie and to reward those who lived by faith with an extra portion. Now I know this seems noble and just at first glance but it puts me in an awkward position of being a judge without absolute knowledge of a man's heart and worst of all Christ as a mediator does not do justice like that. He is full of patience, mercy, and longsuffering. He died on a cross for His enemies that He knew His love would win over. Do I know of which enemies the love of Christ would win over in the Dorean experience? No I do not. It may be very few but should I let money wasted upon the fools be a deterrent from winning a few with an example of mercy instead of justice. No, I am actually one who values the souls of men for their eternity over their finite duties. I will bless the fools and keep my word even though they broke faith with me. I will inflict a penalty but not an exemption from their blessing. Those who kept the faith have every expectation to know that they will be rewarded above the faithless. This is an eternal truth I am not willing to deviate from. Further you will experience that the faith you practiced is what kept you in league step with the future blessings not spoken of that will remain hidden from the fools. This is part of the fatherhood ministry developing within me. As I arrive at middle age it is becoming apparent to me that I have to raise up a very special generation for their end-time ministry. They will be powerful and working many miracles in a world that is becoming more vile every day. This will require them to have a real induction of faith and courage to survive their environment and to be effective. As a father I must perfect this faith in the furnace of trial and with the authority of experience, testimony, and prevailing deliver it with grace, power, and love. One must never lose their identity of God's corporate work within the individualistic trials. Dorean is not the parenthesizes on the subject of what God is doing in the finances of this nation or in the law but is only a small but important part. Likewise your role as a client or witness is far more important than removing an unjust lien. What is being deposited in you to prepare this unique generation for the church's final statement to this world? Are you trying to convert the deposit to your own self-enrichment like the bankers? Let us be wiser than the fools.

As to the timing I am careful here because I am not yet at thus sayeth the Lord though it appears to be maturing to that state. If it does I will be bold enough to tell you. It is clear from the cause and nature of the action against us that the government jumped out on the presumption that their most winning horse of intimidation would deliver to them a victory over Dorean. They no longer believe this and are caught in a handicapped position. They indicted on certain charges, pled others, and imagined a trial of a third scenario. That is all well and good but impossible even in their twisted little forum. Now that we will not play their little game of victim what will they do? Go to an impossible trial? They are scrambling to avoid this vigorously. You would laugh at their actions if you had to pleasure of being in my seat. Next problem is we are not in a controversy even in their lies. The yeller Keller feller is gone and not even consulting or looking back. That leaves the mushroom darling dimples Dimke that Washington is feeding bullshit and keeping in the dark while they try and figure out what to do with us and a player to be named later. Dimke is packed with irrelevant procedure in a milieu that she could never comprehend from a factual basis. She is currently ranting like a child not getting her way without any comprehension of adults making decisions without her consultation. We are finally back to Washington who started this political witch hunt with Mr. Alsup. Now full circle the end meets the beginning. This alone is enough to suspect the end is closer than the reports of-a trial that will never happen. I finally see the market place ripe for our truth and the government boxed into the shame they deserve when exposed. The lies are now fixed in history like a concrete foundation. Everyone has set their foot on the land and claimed it. God has taken note and will demand accountability. Not on the wicked men get wrath and good men mercy scale but God moving men and nations through history to hit marks of destiny as performance on His word. There is a spiritual maturity rising in Scott and I, an environment ripe for change, a need for fatherhood with power and victory, and prophetic intuition pointing toward a settlement. Many times you will find that the actions of this world model what has already transpired in the heavens. An example is that the spiritual Prince of Persia was defeated before the kings of Persia were. Likewise I see the settlement conferences we are having as a delayed exposure to the settlement conference that have already happened in the heavens. The trial will never happen on earth because it has already happened in the heavens. The plea agreement is really the verdict form. The prayers of indictment against these corrupt and evil men have received their two witnesses to confirm by suffering it was a true bill and now the judgment is cast. Claims in the spirit as well as in this commercial world are asserted and dealt with in a timely manner. They can never be ignored and will always come to a settlement. Scott has a saying that captures this "Evil has an end" it is a claim that will be settled and not ignored. If the 90 days mentioned in this journey is absolute as a promise from God we are more than halfway home. Many of you would know if things have gotten worse before they get better or if you experienced that sense of taking in a deep breath to shore up your shoulders for the burden and before you could complete that task discovered the exhale of peace. I am currently walking through this experience. All prophets words are just dead words on a page but if God speaks life into them by adding His "AMEN" then you are wise to trust them. I will leave that up to your own confirmation and history will prove. I am running on these tracks at the moment and 1 have been hitting many markers of confirmations. I can't say I have heard an "AMEN" on the whole journey yet but each watering hole I get the "AMEN" to journey to the next. In the story of Bel and the Dragon in the Apocrypha Daniel wagers his life on a simple truth that idols don't eat. Sometimes this is all we need. We don't need every detail of God's wisdom. Daniel didn't know how the tricks were played, who the evil parties were, he just knew idols don't eat. I know commercial courts can only behave a certain way. I don't need all the details of the evil parties or their evil plans I know evil has an end, God is in control, and idols don't eat. That is enough for me to wager my life. Are you wagering your life on absolute truths or the opinions of fools? Measure this for your own benefit. Last I will say this, you can't imagine why I'm doing the things I'm about to do but by now you should know that idols don't eat.


habakkuk said...

Kurt, like you i feel that this case has already been ruled on in the Spirit. The Judge of the unviverse has made a judgment that cannot be overturned. I've especially felt that this summer....and i feel its been confirmed by the fact that the enemy is in a state of confusion...he thought he had a slam dunk case against us but he is realizing its a trap and he's been set up.

Natural eyes see 2 men behind bars who have been dressed up to look guilty....The carnal (natural) men who observe you trust what their eyes see is true but their fleshly idea of truth is starting to get thrown into a nose dive...They are going down. Their course was laid, their guages were set, and they had a tank full of fuel but suddenly something they couldn't see (the Wind, turbulence) gave them a terrifying jolt and they have fearfuly gripped what they thought would take them to their desired destination. It started with a small bump but its starting to escilate into jarring shake.....They are going down.

gone-zales said...

Anyone looking for an attroney?

I work cheap. Just got laid off my job.

thejudge said...

gone-zales said...

Just got laid off my job.

Thats why you got fired.

YOU shouldn't be getting l**d on or OFF your job.

Do you know the guy from I-da-ho? Or was it U-da-ho?

whatsgoingon said...

Can anybody tell me where I can get a copy of one of the trusts for DG? My attorney needs one, and I never got mine. Thanks.

mogel007 said...

YOU shouldn't be getting l**d on or OFF your job.

Do you know the guy from I-da-ho? Or was it U-da-ho?
I don't remember if it was I-da-ho, or U-da-ho, but Nemo says that the tap dance is still the same in either State. Ask any FBI guy, they'll say the same.

I'll never listen to anyone ever again when they say: "keep tap dancing". Nemo enjoys a good tap dance apparently. I don't know how many times he's made that request here on this blog. It's either "scroll on past" or "keep on tap dancing".

It wasn't until the newspaper article came out about the FBI sting operation at the airport that I understood really what the tapping or tap requesting was all about. Imagine how I feel now just figuring that out?

Imagine the Senators surprise when he found out what a request for tap dancing can really do to your job security and political career? Talk about being out of step and not keeping up. Isn't life one big surprise sometimes?

drhfred said...

You may contact "Universal Trust Services" at 125 E. Sunnyoaks Ave. #207 Campbell, CA 95008 or call 408-866-8625

da-judge said...

da-judge said...

madtowne said...

or anyone with inside knowledge:

How does the current mortgage industry "fall out" effect your plan?
As I understood, simplistically, the "lenders" involved would be liable for payouts. How can they pay if they have ceased operations?

mogel007 said...

Market shut down due to no Buyers? Commercially mortgaged backed securities are very difficult to sell right now & is hurting all lending institutions liquidity needs. The value of these are going down in value unexpectedly by the banks, but when you have to sell something, you accept whatever price you can get:

mogel007 said...

"How can they pay if they have ceased operations?"

The good old Government steps in & pays their obligation, guarantees it, & "we the country", end up paying for the problems in the long run.

Or another corporation and bigger fish comes in & buys out the defunct lending entity eventually and pays their obligations.

Just because a company goes bankrupt, doesn't mean there isn't assets there, that can't be liquididated to sell and pay certain creditors first.