Monday, June 22, 2009

Magnify IV (3-31-09)

I have seen the comment here to many times to count “what benefit does all this religious talk bring,” or some variation thereof. For the commentor none but for those of you who are going to magnify the Lord with me it shall be a great deal of importance.

A lot of attention is paid to my works by these foolish fruit inspectors. I want to use this idea of works viewed through a Biblical perspective to magnify your understanding. There are basically 3 Greek words used for works in the New Testament I will spell them in English phonetically since I’m not certain this blog is capable of Greek letters. (1) Is the work Ergon its cognates have entered our language as the root for energy. (2) Dunamis which entered into our language as the root for dynamite. (3) Praxis which is equal to acts or practice.

When my fruit inspectors talk of my acts in judgment they are really thinking of praxis. It is funny that God’s word uses this word in context much like they apply it but the attributes are severely misplaced. In Mt. 16:27 God judges MEN according to their practice. Nothing mentioned of men judging men but that’s just a minor detail. This is further explained in Mt. 25:31-46 lest you be confused by a small text. The most prevalent word used is dunamis to address the work of Christ. This is a holy dynamite power ordained for Christ to walk in. To us these works are revealed as miracles. We are not called to do works. We are to live by faith and that faith being the faith of Christ. This not of yourselves it is a gift of God. Study the works of Christ and you will see that God the Father uses these works to authenticate His Son and to bring revelation to man. If these are the parameters of Christ work what makes you think your prayers, imaginations, or works outside of them net any benefit. In practice my critics say I am a thief and a liar. Yet they fail to allow Christ to judge me. If they are judging me with the judgment of Christ why do they fail to see the work of Christ in my words and deeds? Is Christ’s judgment as feeble as a man’s?

Here is my perspective challenge for you. Are you using feeble human judgement concerning your involvement in Dorean? Could it be that Christ has already been ordained to do dunamis work through your life at this time in history to bring revelation of the Son? Oh yeah this is all about you and your idea of how Christ shows Himself to be your God. This is my imagination speaking here so I admit in advance that it falls far short of the actuallities of the true work of Christ.

Suppose my imagination is correct that God hates injustice. That He looks down upon the poor, weak, and needy. That He hears their petitions for mercy and justice. That He will act according to His will to address the issue. That He has (like the man born blind) ordained a work for His Son to do at this time, in this situation, that glorifies the Son and reveals the redemption plan. If this short sighted imagination can stretch just a little perhaps it can at least see the clouds which are the footstool of our God.

Perhaps then Scott and I created Dorean to enlist enough witnesses to the fraud that God could trust to be faithful with His Son’s glory. All of us called as saints given over to the glory of the Son being willing to make no claims upon our life except to bring honor to Christ are now firmly planted in the controversy. Now our petitions are a true report brought by the body of Christ to the Father. Suddenly and in an instant when ideal for the revealing of the Son and His redemptive plan God ordains a work, a work only God can do with His dunamis power. WE become like the 153 fish. They were schooled against their nature in shallow water at a time of day not to their liking, fattened and made large, all to be consumed in the work of the Son ordained to bring Him glory. Will you allow yourself to be given over fully, to be ensnared in this net called Dorean? Perhaps you were called for such a time as this. This is the one act or practice you can perform; will you give yourself over to God’s work? The fish had no choice but we do. If we choose right how much more will God glorify His Son through our life than these simple fish.

The world makes its plans to fix the problem in remedies contaminated by greed, fraud, and corruption. None of these methods are remotely equal to how God wants to redeem the situation. I am eagerly watching and praying with my eyes fixed on Christ as He agonizes out His plan of redemption. What will God have me do in His work. I stand already because with tears of blood I see Him concerned about deliverance. Do not fall into temptation but enduringly keep watch. Our Lord will act soon, that is His practice!


Yetter said...

Faith sees the big picture and does not get bogged down in the problem of the moment.

Mortgage free said...

Dr. Johnson had a monthly newsletter.

The last on we received was in December. He at least needs to get on this Blog and say something positive or negative. There has been no updates for a very long time.

~~The Swami~~~ said...

Mortgage free, maybe you could say you heard Dr Fred died like Near The End said a few weeks ago. Sadly, that was his brilliant attempt to lure Dr Fred to respond. As vulgar as that stunt was.........Dr Fred did come on here and say he was alive and well.

~~The Swami~~~ said...

Here is the latest update I have.

judge allslop said...

A post from swami when he still had guts.
"I heard those voices in my car again at lunch."

~~The Swami~~~ said...
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~~The Swami~~~ said...
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~~The Swami~~~ said...
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~~The Swami~~~ said...

In case you missed it......

~~The Swami~~~ said...

My guts are fine because I know there is a better way. I gave you guys a clue in Magnify III. Nobody here picked up on it.

I just can't stand watching people wait anymore when they don't even get the courtesy of an update. I guess it doesn't matter though, because it appears you guys want to try forever even if you aren't successful.

mogel007 said...


Did you know that part of the fine you pay goes into the judges' pension fund?
Did you know that many court documents are "signed" with a rubber-stamp?
Did you know many attorneys have this rubber-stamp so they can fake the judge's signature?
Did you know the IRS maintains a criminal investigation file on every Federal judge?
Did you know that the Post Office is not authorized to serve process?
Did you know that they are not bonded for that, they are not paid for it?
Did you know the postman cannot see into the envelope, so he cannot swear to the contents of what he delivered (and he usually doesn't see who received it)?
Do you realize that "service by mail" is therefore illegal?
Did you know that "receiving" mail is a voluntary act, and you have the right to refuse mail?
Did you know that you can report crooked judges to the Court Administrator?
Did you know you can report crooked judges to the Insurance Commissioner?
Did you know that many of the judges haven't signed the correct oath of office as specified in the Oregon Constitution?
Did you know that in many of these judges' oaths, the words "and impartially" are gone?
Did you know that if you do not have an attorney to represent you during sentencing, you cannot lawfully be sentenced?
Did you know that you can ALWAYS remain silent because the State judge cannot grant you immunity from Federal prosecution?
Did you know that the judges do not hold the full judicial power of the state?
Did you know that they hold the military power?
Are you aware that a mere signature is not defined by law as Evidence of Authenticity? See Rules of Evidence Rule 902.
Did you know that if you have a complaint about an attorney, you will get much better results if you file your complaint with the Professional Liability Fund (the insurance arm of the Bar Association) as well as the Bar Association?
Did you know that the PLF has a formal complaint procedure, and they actually pay out money?
Did you know that the Oregon Bar Association (run by the Oregon Supreme Court) lets drug-addicted attorneys and judges continue to practice, and keeps them out of jail with a special program, the Attorney Assistance Program?
Did you know that the original purpose of the Bar Associations was to weed out the most incompetent of the incompetent?

mogel007 said...

Sadly, that was his brilliant attempt to lure Dr Fred to respond. As vulgar as that stunt was.........Dr Fred did come on here and say he was alive and well.

Brilliant! You reaffirmed something you already knew in the first place, and learned nothing more, got no real update from this, did you, other than Dr. Fred was alive & well? Course no one would have thought differently had you not have stirred the pot.

If there was something truly relevant, wouldn't Kurt post it on this blog anyway? Why put the burden or need for news on Dr. Fred alone?

Seems to me if you consider the issues dead now, than if Dr. Fred posts something newsworthy, wouldn't this be considered "misleading people" by you, through your own definition you created and the U-tube video you gave?

Last time I checked dead people don't speak or give updates. Dead issues don't produce fruit anymore than dead HYIP you spoke of, or is there something "misleading" about all of this brilliance?

mogel007 said...

Whatever happened to the brilliant expression: "no news is good news"

mogel007 said...

I was asked my opinion if this blog should be cancelled?

I think for channels of communication, and updates, or news, this blog should stay opened indefinitely, or at least until clients receive what they feel they are entitled to or until Kurt & Scott get out of jail, or maybe even until all of these conditions are met.

I think alot of people read this blog despite the dwindled of late participation.

If there are those that feel the issues are dead because the convictions can't be overturned,or redress can't be met, than aren't these people dead to justice and faith, or maybe they just have time limits on when justice should and could be carried out?

I'm reminded of the scripture, "vengence is mine, and I will repay." Those that believe the Dorean issue is dead, might as well believe that vengence isn't the Lord's & that he won't repay ever. No need in praying if you don't believe your God is merciful or even just or good or fair for that would be a waste of time and leading people on which according to Swami, is some awful & misleading thing. Those that follow the Lord's will are paid back a 100 fold or more. Those that feel the Dorean issue is dead, & can never be resurrected, are in essence saying that God has cheated Kurt & Scott and that vengence is man's, not God's realm of jurisdiction. Am I incorrrect?

It took the Israelites 40 years of preparation for the promised land. Is the Dorean issue dead after 5 years? Is God so unaffected by mortgage fraud and the pain from it, that he does not intervene EVER because the issues are suddenly dead or no longer newsworthy to report upon?

mogel007 said...

It also appears to me that if one believes the issues are dead, than they must also admit it is also a waste of time to look for any appeal issues that could produce a get out of jail free card in this monopoly game. They should also ask and expect that Kurt & Scott stop trying, and also stop wasting their time too, shouldn't they? Have we heard that appeal also? Why not? Could it be because you secretly hope that there is a chance for success & that you also benefit therein? Course isn't that some sort of admission that you are misleading even yourself & being a hypocrite?

Do you quit playing monopoly because you seem to always lose and would it be somehow be misleading, or a waste of time by continuing to play the game to win, despite the odds?

Who seems to complain the most about their time & efforts being wasted, those that went to jail, or those that lost a few thousand dollars?

Did the prosecution do such a marvelous and clean job that their case has no holes in it whatsoever that couldn't produce an acquittal or appeal that can't be heard or recognized or upheld ever? Are all judges immune from prosecution and are they ever afraid of consequences of not upholding the law or justice and truth?

Are the banks & lenders in this country in a stronger position since Kurt & Scott went to jail? Or is their strength and credibility dwindling by the week by all of the updates in the news & the education coming out about the lending system or the fact that the old gray mayer ain't what she use to be, something many had never even considered until now.

Who would have ever guessed that Fannie Mae would have gone bankupt, Countrywide, New Century Mortgage, or Citibank or even many Wall Street Brokerage power houses going belly up for that matter, when the Dorean Group was formed?

Who is really winning this battle?

Has anyone noticed that the banks have so many repossessed properties now that many lenders are breaking protocol & are actually bank financing these properties regardless of credit, instead of demanding cash for them, just to get them off their books now? If banks are winning the battle, why are they forced to do all of these "loan modication" agreements and forced to seek government bailout monies just to stay afloat?

Is there really a time & season FOR ALL THINGS as it says so in Ecclesiastes? A time for celebration, a time for weeping, a time to refrain from embracing, etc.? Or maybe that scripture just doesn't apply to the Dorean quest?

Should anyone dream the impossible dream? Or maybe that's just a waste of time too. Maybe the play, "the man of LaMancha" is a waste of time to see too.

How does this sound: "The Dorean dream was destined to fail because it was a scam, and God doesn't sanction a scam?" Does that ring truth to your ears? How does it feel to support something that never had a chance of success ever? Does that make you feel any better? Doesn't the truth always make you feel better? How does this sound: The Dorean dream is now dead." Feel better?

mogel007 said...

"I stand already because with tears of blood I see Him CONCERNED ABOUT DELIVERANCE. Do not fall into temptation but enduringly keep watch. OUR LORD WILL ACT SOON, that is His practice!"

These words aren't the words of a dead dorean cause! With the updates that are given, do we still miss the meaning or the inspiration of the words? Or do we simply not believe them?

If the Dorean Principals are encouraged, certainly we should be even MORE encouraged AND BE EVEN MORE GRATEFUL with an eye on the prize.

~~The Swami~~~ said...

1. I didn't say Dorean was a scam. The powers that be railroaded Dorean. The powers that be won't allow Dorean to be successful. The powers that be squash every new avenue Dorean comes across...........even the ones that actually work. That's why I know it's over! You are going to have to try somewhere else.

2. I never said Dr Fred was dead. Mortgage Free can't seem to get an answer from him. I only said what someone else had done..........and as sick as it was .......IT WORKED ! I didn't think it was funny or classy. I said it was a pretty sneaky trick because it did work.

near the end said...

I did'nt like that tactic either but; it did worked.

judge allslop said...

This case could become a national story in a public spotlight, something the corrupt USGovt officials should not wish for. The USGovt has long declared gold coins to be valued at a ridiculous low official level, to keep public interest subdued. The entire banking system depends somewhat on gold not being properly priced. This Robert Kahre is the latest person to attempt to sidestep and outfox the USGovt on this angle. The Las Vegas Review-Journal is resisting a federal subpoena to reveal the names of readers who posted views on their website, since in the USGovt eyes the practice must be prevented from becoming a national movement.

" Las Vegas business owner Robert Kahre and others face federal tax fraud charges for paying contractors with gold and silver US coins based on the precious metal value of the coins, but using the much lower face value of the coins for tax purposes. Kahre, his sister, and a former assistant are standing trial for how they handled their own income taxes as well as their roles in Kahre' s unique payroll system. Kahre paid workers at his six trade related businesses in $50 gold or silver dollar coins. Those minted after 1985 are allowed to circulate as money. He also allowed workers to immediately exchange the coins for paper currency, as determined by the coins investment value. Two years ago, Damm prosecuted a similar tax case against nine defendants, including Kahre, on more than 160 counts. The trial ended with no convictions and four acquittals. Five defendants were only partially acquitted, and two of them were dropped from the indictment that generated this trial."

judge allslop said...

Caution, crime syndicate at work.
Many US Senators held stock in the banks that benefited from bailouts that came from the Troubled Asset Relief Program. The Senate decided to relax accounting rules, thus opening the door to vast misrepresentation and fraud. But the stocks rose, the banks have more apparent equity, and the Senators have more personal profit. A disaster is averted, hallelujah! A job well done, with the perpetrators making handsome gains, kudos! Recent financial disclosure reports revealed how the very senators who oversee the $700 billion Wall Street rescue package held stocks in many of the banks that benefited from huge bailout funds and bridge loans. According to the reports on senator finances in 2008, nearly half of the members of the Senate Banking Committee had holdings in financial institutions that have taken TARP funds. This committee has jurisdiction over the bailout fund and other relief efforts designed to save the nation' s financial system. The engineered rally is so strong from corrupt sources that Bank of America recently was given a strong stock recommendation even after the same analyst estimated $46 billion in NEW future loan losses. Recall that the US Congress Inspector recommends 40 cases for criminal prosecution, related to fraud with TARP funds. They would be wise to take the profits off the table, I plan on shorting your corrupt asses into the ground after the latest round of spin runs out of gas.

BigO said...

If u ppl remember Dr Fred was always behind the sceens he only stepped in after the boys were locked up. I've never had a problem reaching Dr. Fred I can call him anytime and if he doesn't answer he will me back!!!

And for this swami person, GOD is the powers that be, and the "powers that be" ain't got nothen on HIM !!!!

~~The Swami~~~ said...

BIGO, since you are so tight with Dr might mention to him that "Mortgage Free" would like to hear an update.