Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Magnify V (3-31-09)

About a month ago as I was seeking the Lord for a definite word I was met with silence. Most would be disheartened by this silence as indeed I used to be. But now I have come to cherish these moments not for themselves but what they hold in promise. As I sought an answer I was gently nudged not to seek an answer but to seek God alone. This was brought to me by the recollection of Samuel. (Friend of God) Thought I sought God alone the silence continued.

There is a story of Mary and Martha petitioning Christ in utter desperation over the terminal health of their brother Lazarus. Most of you know the story but do you know the truth therein. Jesus delayed. To them He met them with silence. When He came their thoughts were “too late.” Why do you suppose Christ behaved this way? Was He cruel, too busy, disinterested? Perhaps as the scriptures make clear His care for them was His constant concern. (like ours) Also though is the ordained work to glorify the Son. Are we without benefit by the Son’s glory? Did their prayers get answered? I would say exceedingly, abundantly, beyond all they could ask or think. (Eph. 3:20) Actually what could easily be construed as a shun in the spirit was a promotion. God knew He could trust Mary and Martha with the silence. Their prayer was aright. They were wise to rely on Him. God’s silence was the answer to their prayer as it was for mine. To seek only a visible cause and effect prayer life is a very elementary state of grace. God’s ways and methods are to exceed our comprehension. When He is unfathomable we should be on the lookout watching and praying because His redemption draws near.

Another example is Mary seeking the dead body of Christ at the tomb. She was asking a living, risen, impossible-to-die-Lord. Was her prayer answered? She did receive the body of Jesus but exceedingly, abundantly, beyond her wildest imagination. Can you magnify the Lord with me? Even if your imagination expands He is BIGGER!

Some prayers are met with silence because they are wrong. You don’t need a fruit inspector to tell you this you know. All the others if God be not a liar are answered. Most of the time answered better and bigger than your prayer request. Mary and Martha got Lazarus back but they also got a revelation of the resurrection power of the Son. He answered their prayer according to their need but forever changed their knowledge of Him in their sight. His glory and esteem all rose with their knowledge.

Do you think Mary and Martha even pondered the thought of receiving their brother from the dead while he lay stinking and Jesus remained far removed? Of course not. Neither can you imagine what work Christ is up to while we at Dorean lay stinking and ridiculed for our reliance on Christ. Thought He be afar off He has heard our prayers and when time and place converge into the ordained work for the Son to walk in what new revelation will we receive? Will it be any less spectacular than Mary or Martha’s? I think not! What will be the report to this generation of the mighty works Jesus has performed? You are important and so are your struggles and needs, but not so exceedingly important that their will be exalted over the Son. Nor should we desire this because it is clear by God’s practice that He knows my needs better than I know them myself.

To think Scott, Kurt, Alsup, prison, foreclosure, fraud, are outside the control of our Creator is the folly of our fruit inspectors. Don’t dwell in Smallville with the faithless. They don’t pray or understand what a high privilege was bestowed upon you when God gave you prayer for Him to answer. This knowledge is too great and too intimate for the strangers of creation. Adam brought disobedience to your soul and Christ brought you trust. Choose now who you will serve. If you choose Adam even a stupid fish will rebuke you. These are our critics? Please! The next silence God gives you could very well be the silence of your enemies.

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