Friday, June 26, 2009

Magnify VI (4-1-09)

I know that it is my desire to evict some of you from Smallville. To have your hopes fixed upon the redemptive work of the Lord Jesus Christ. I do not use Christ as a typical religious figure head or Christianity as a comparative religion, Christ or Christianity in truth do not provide this to the reason of man. Christ is either who He claimed to be or was a worthless fraud. He is the only way to regeneration of our being and resolution with God. If He is not the way Christian thought is the most foolish, vanity in its highest. I cannot evict you from Smallville only God reaching towards you to implant revelation in your soul can quicken you to life. That is why my words will always find a critic. Why the FBI will always be populated with agents. Why innocence will continue to be prosecuted. Few is the number that are led into Christ and many the number who dwell in Smallville awaiting their damnation. I speak to you few at the insult of the many.

You few I ask to shake off the stupor of this world. You are not chosen to be a vessel in God’s house just so He can cater to your whims and fancies for comfort in this world. Adam was personally entrusted with a spirit alive toward God. In pride he gambled that away in disobedience for the wage of death. All of us have inherited this wage, this condition. Christ the last Adam came to give this life back but not in the same measure He now possesses that life giving Spirit in trust on our behalf. In essence our nature has made us incompetents to be trusted again with the gift of relationship to God. That does not leave us hopeless but utterly dependent. This is why Christ being a fraud destroys any hope. We have to be in Him who possesses the life giving spirit to be alive. He is the trustee competent to administer the gifts of God without destroying the beneficiary. Though we have been quickened we are naive to think regeneration is not a life long process. Constantly Christ is an active trustee with the care of the beneficiary as His constant concern. Quite frankly I am forced in the Dorean model to follow His example. Sure I have my material temptation, my spiritual temptation, and my compromise temptation, but if I resist the devil and rebuke him through Christ I can have a hope of victory which is in Christ. Being entombed by circumstance is not our defeat. It is where we discover the truth of the power of Christ. How many times have we become forgetful of His power. I think most of you are falling prey to this bad habit during this long delay within the Dorean process. I don’t think you truly understand your salvation.

Using the Hebrews as an example from scripture let us try and gain a clue. Shortly after Joseph a Pharaoh arose who remembered him not and put the Hebrews into slavery. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations knew nothing of freedom. Along comes a deliverer (Moses a type of Christ) empowered by God to restore the truth to their nature. Still they couldn’t shake the shackles of Smallville. Only two out of the whole lot saw the freedom promised and could not look back to slavery with comfort. The rest died in the desert outside of Smallville but still in bondage. You were born into Adam (the founder and Patriarch of Smallville) and this means you were in bondage to sin and death. Not just the physical death but also the second death which is eternal. Scott and I as your trustees are in a very dark bottomless pit with victory unrealistic from any human means yet our circumstance is no where near as desperately hopeless as our Smallville citizenship. It is easy for Scott and I to have a hope of victory, to sense the everlasting arms of God below our bottomless to lift us up, because we can remember the power displayed to evict us out of Smallville. Do you truly comprehend what put Christ on a cross and in a tomb and what loving power it took to blast through that rock alive forevermore? Perhaps you need to revisit this thought when your circumstance is large and crushing. In Smallville everything appears large and looming. Seated with Christ in heavenly places gives a completely different perspective.

Let me be honest with you a minute. I write this magnify series and these blogs more from my need to encourage my faith than benevolence for you. I am as frail as any of you. I am as carnal minded and prone to make God my servant. What I have learned from my trials before Dorean is that God is faithfully reliable. His ways may be painful but boy are they delightful. I have cried all the tears, been perplexed, cast down, and fatigued but my trustee has gifts for them all and I can go to Him in prayer and He always answers. Trust our trustee and indentures of the trust will be revealed to you in good time. Then like Scott and I you will say to serve the Lord is good. Slavery creeps into your psyche but a right spirit placed into your changes that psyche. Can any deliverance needed be greater than how we began this race? I think not and looking back I see the smoldering of Smallville condemned by the Lord and with thanks look forward to a life time of deliverance.


mike prince said...

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judge allslop said...

The justice system (Alsup)is part of the crime syndicate, I expect others to correct the problem in the near future.

High-Flying Banker Boumeester Found Dead
12:41pm UK, Monday June 29, 2009

A Dutch financier who went missing after leaving his job at troubled banking group ABN Amro has been found dead with gunshot wounds.
Fears grew for the safety of high-flying banker Huibert Boumeester when he missed a business appointment. He had not been seen for a week. Police said two of his shotguns had also disappeared from his homes in London and Scotland.
The body of the 49-year-old former chief financial officer at ABN Amro was found in woodland in Winkfield near Ascot, Berkshire, on Sunday morning. A Thames Valley Police spokesman said they could not confirm the identity of the dead man, but added: "He is believed to have died from gunshot wounds."At the moment it is being treated as an unexplained death. A definite cause of death has not been established".

judge allslop said...

Do you really want to pay $5 a gallon for low test gasoline? Well here is a way to. Remember this, the wing nuts that structured this bill are now running your banks and financial concerns, auto companies and God only knows what else. We have a government new car Czar and maybe soon a $4500 auto clunker Czar. I give the Dollar 3 months max.

Obama Opposes Trade Sanctions in Climate Bill
Published: June 28, 2009

WASHINGTON — President Obama on Sunday praised the energy bill passed by the House late last week as an “extraordinary first step,” but he spoke out against a provision that would impose trade penalties on countries that do not accept limits on global warming pollution.“At a time when the economy worldwide is still deep in recession and we’ve seen a significant drop in global trade,” Mr. Obama said, “I think we have to be very careful about sending any protectionist signals out there.” He added, “I think there may be other ways of doing it than with a tariff approach.” The passage of the House bill on Friday night was an important, if tentative, victory for the president, becoming the first time either chamber of Congress had approved a mandatory ceiling on the gases linked to global warming.