Monday, December 28, 2009

The Sheen of the Great Pearl (12-25-09)

Today is a celebration of a treasured gift to humanity most enjoy in complete ignorance. A very precious gift spoken of in Mt. 13:45. A pearl of such great value that a merchant would sell all he had to possess it. A pearl unique among gems because it takes life to produce it and death to reveal it, and pain and suffering to make it grow. This pearl is particular. It appears in eternity as the gate to God's dwelling. the gate is singular and no one has ingress except via this gate. This pearl is the only way, and the only truth, and the only life. The pearl is a response to the introduction of a contaminate. In here we have the Christmas story, the full story. But that story is well known and little trusted. I do not wish to focus on the development of the pears as such but on its luster, its sheen. To me the beauty of this pearl is magnified by what it refracts.

It is easy to view humanity as an insignificant spic in the vast universe. Imagine this speck lodged in the center of God's concern. It's an independent speck contrary to His nature. How does He address it? The answer is Jesus. The perpetual display of His loving remedy. Refracting every brilliant hue of His loving grace. Loving the contaminated until a new glorious gem is produced.

I have learned that the true gospel message is not inviting Jesus in your heart but rather accepting His invitation to enter his life. A life completely contrary to your own. One that only knows loving relationship. Over time this love covers every aspect of your existence. Soon that pearl which is Jesus is revealed. You must die as Christ had to, to be at the center of this love. Each life is a unique pearl, no pearl being identical, but all formed the same way. Faith (trust) is like a string of pearls practice in the forming of the great pearl. True love demands our trust. Not from a religious duty or shamed obligation, bur rather love reproduces itself. This is the luster of the Great Pearl. Nay and every way God's love can be displayed continues to address a fallen specie. It is relevant, timely, and true in each application. The developing pearl is evidence of the sin, the loving remedy, and the glory of Christ. Pearls do not just appear but are made in the course of a life plagued with pain and suffering, They are mid in secret, privately adorning the wonders of His love. When they are revealed death has occurred and a nature completely contrary to our own gleams an undeniable glory. The bride of Christ taking on and adorning herself in the holy sheen of His love. He said we would be known by His love. This is true because a pearl in known for what it is. This love is truly worth everything we possess in this life and more. It is a pearl of such great value it cannot be purchased. The owner must choose to give it to the one desiring it. Christmas tells of the willingness of the giver and gives us a glimmer of the promise of the pearl. May this season find you all marveling at the wonders of His love and in the process of taking on His loving nature. The sheen of which is glorious to behold in every unique expression.


Justice said...

Joseph said...


you need to get your facts straight before you preach to someone else. 4 million was not confiscated by the government or any entity/agent of the government. why don't you ask the honorable dr. h fred? i'm sure he knows the truth. better yet, ask the person in charge of the money ie. douglas cameron who got the money? i'll bet you your settlement money in july 2010 your facts are wrong!

Jammed-up Client said...

Joseph said...
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Joseph said...

Justice: Let's say I am wrong on what happened to the approx. 4 million that was TRANSFERRED , for a lack of a better verbiage.

Justice, my question to you is this, was that transfer to D. Cameron for value or services rendered, or was it pure theft, or was it done "for other strategic reasons between the two " or was D. Cameron legally entitled to all of those monies? Do you believe the Dorean Group were taken advantage of by D. Cameron in any way since you believe you know so much more than I do? If you are unable to answer all of those questions in a reasonable way, than maybe I could suggest you aren't 100% sure either what really happened & for what purpose?

Lastly, is there still an amicable relationship between the Dorean Group & D. Cameron & how do you explain this amicable relationship if there was something amiss done?

If there is an amicable relationship still between the two, how do you explain the transferrance of monies & for what purpose? By agreement or by design, or a tort that was done?

Point is the Dorean Group have no liquid monies to pay back clients anyway, even if they wanted to, and it is a fact the FBI seized all domestic bank accounts, so my point is still well taken that it's pointless to ask the Dorean Group for money when they don't have it right now, but please shed some more light if you believe you have all of the facts on this situation.

I'm making no bets with you, that would be foolish on my part.

Joseph said...

This is funny:

Joseph said...

How do you recognize a terrorist?

Jammed-up Client said...

Thanks Joseph!!!!...Let me see what happens.

Anonymous said...

How do you recognize a terrorist?




right. another terrist plot....some jerk (off) almost lite his d*ck on fire try to blow up a airlplan.

right. sure he did.

an da dum ppls still all bleef dis sh*t

wehn they gonna wak up?


Anonymous said...

just like 9/11

still noone anser dis question on 9/11

if the 'terrists' were so smart that in a few weeks learing to fly piper cub airplans, then know how to fly jetliners

if the terrists wanted to kill a lot of ppls, then why didnt they fly the jets into a nook plant??

instead of killing 3-4 thousand, they would have killed hundreds of thousandds

cann someone splain this aftar all these years???


Anonymous said...

i know, the terrists couldnt find a nook plant.

come on?

i can find your front door in antartica with goggle maps. they could find a nook plant??

just put in a address anywere in the world and you get a pic of someones front door.

Anonymous said...

it still all just bs all this terrorist stuff.

just keep the ppl in fear.

or like they call it now on tv. "fear porn"

they hooked on it.

Anonymous said...

guss i was rite afta all...anther see eye ayyyyyy opertions....

by Tom Heneghan

International Intelligence Expert

Tuesday December 29, 2009 +

CIA Director Michael Hayden + Alhaji Umaru Mutallab, father of Flight 253 Christmas Day terror suspect

UNITED STATES of America - It can now be reported that that Alhaji Umaru Mutallab, the father of NWA Flight 253 Christmas Day terror suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, actually began meeting with the CIA and its then Director Michael Hayden in early 2008.

The first set of meetings concluded around June of 2008, at which point Flight 253 Christmas Day terror suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was issued a two year multiple entry visitor visa by the then BushFRAUD run U.S. State Department's Embassy in London on June 16, 2008 valid to June 12, 2010.

Note: Hayden, who had previously run the TREASONOUS NSA (National Security Agency), was the individual, along with BushFRAUD, who launched the UN-Constitutional PRE 9/11 NSA-sponsored dragnet aka "Stellar Wind" domestic spying on the American People in February of 2001.

Anonymous said...

did yo really thik taht it was anything else???

like maybe a real terrist plot or sumthins???

if yo did, then yo just plane dum as a box of rocks.

Mortgage free said...

i'll bet you your settlement money in july 2010

Where are these facts coming from Joseph?

Anonymous said...

thinking of gong out tomrow nite??

.....hre a few thins that yo probly no, and sum that yo dunt, as ricky retardo yooze to say....

yo no dat its new years eve nite, alwasy a "busy" nite..both good and bad...

yo may no that some places will be blanketed with snow, making a "tricky" driving nite even trickier with snow and drunk drivers all over the place...

yo may not no dat....

there will be a full moon that nite...and you know waht police depts say about full moon nites...always very busy...

as if that werent enuf, you probly also dont know that this full moon is also a "blue moon"...meaning that its the second full moon of the month...and a rare one at that falling on dec. one like that will be in 2028....and to add more to it, it is also the 13th full moon of hte year....31 reversed is 13...and as you know, 13 is a "lucky number"....NOT!!

and to ice the cake, then this moon is also due to be a loony eclipse too....

so add it all up and it should be a doozy of a nite!

good luck! ;-)

Anonymous said...

in any case...


Anonymous said...

and to ice the cake, then this moon is also due to be a loony eclipse too....

corse i no dat noone ho read dis bog is susticious or foolow gastrological sings....where scratch crawfish at???