Saturday, December 26, 2009

Proof (10-15-09)

Why all this religious rhetoric? What does it have to do with Dorean or my financial predicament?

I have seen a thousand variations of this question on this blog. I have addressed it many times in many ways but perhaps not fully.

If any of you are honest with yourself you will say that your life has exposed within your heart a certain glory of greatness as well as a certain wretchedness. This light is very faint or dim and the wretchedness very dark.

From this state there is only a need for greater light for the light of man will never illumine that which hides in the darkness. This light comes by way of two paths. That is proof and faith. One is human and the other a gift from God. A man without faith cannot know true good, nor justice. Dorean was and is a pursuit of true good and justice. I must therefore speak of faith and proofs to cause you to understand. It is the conduct of God who disposes all things kindly to put religion into the mind by reason, and into the heart by grace. I can reason with you but only God can inspire you. True good, justice, and truth will require your belief. There are three sources of belief: reason, custom, inspiration.

Reason and customs will form beliefs by habit. Habit formed in the darkness of your state. Only inspiration inclined to man's heart by God can generate an illumine faith. To pierce the darkness and ignorance. This God gifted inspired faith causes our wills to act and therefore is felt and motivated to act out of feelings. This faith tells what the senses do not tell, but not contrary to what they see. It is above them not contrary. Only the Christian religion can provide an answer to belief by addressing reason, customs formed in darkness and inspiration.

Dorean is basically a question formed in equity. Customs form the entire of equity for the simple reason that it is accepted. Dorean was inspired above the darkened customs of the accepted norms of humanity. It was formed to incorporate a justice not understood by most or practiced. If I cannot reason with you, expose the fraud within the customs and share religious proofs with you there will be no hope of agreement.

There are 5 areas of religious proofs: Morality, Doctrine, Miracles, Prophecies, Types. All of these can only be inculcated into your spirit by faith. I have used this blog to touch on all of these proofs absent miracles. This last proof I have been saving for the last. There are already too many miracles to list that can be known by the enlightened spirit but too few for the seeker.

Morality is misjudged by many especially the darkened souls of the fruit inspector types. One cannot judge any situation or another unless they judge themselves aright. Justice and truth are two such subtle points, that our tools are too blunt to touch them accurately. Further they must have an infinite point of reference to give them a correct perspective. In this way art imitates life. The darkened customs and reason are too finite and too dim to cast an appropriate light on truth or justice.

Doctrine has been shared here but merely as a parrot. True doctrine can only be a source repeated from its author. It likewise is transcendent and infinite to our finite reason and customs.

Prophecy rest in Christ alone because He is the spirit of prophecy. He is outside all the boundaries of our existence while completely immersed within the full spectrum thereof. Only from this all in all place of time and space can He inspire facts beyond our senses. Two prophecies stand presently upon the lap of my faith inspired by words from the Lord relevant to Dorean.
1.) I will not be destroyed by Alsup. I will be put in a position to bless the people of God with money.
2.) I will not see a 5th anniversary in prison.
Many times Christ used prophecy to validate His authenticity.

Like in John 13:19 Christ tells them beforehand to enhance their belief afterward. This is a repeated theme throughout the scriptures.

I have gone over many of the shadows and types used in Scripture to reveal the substance which is Christ. All of this was done to imbibe in your minds a solid foundation: a reasonable justification for a faith that touches beyond your senses, customs, and reason.

My experience in faith has trumped the experience that habitually formed a conformist behavior. Greater truth has entered my spirit through inspiration than by the vehicles of customs and reason. I can desire this all day long for you but only God can supply it. What many do not know about God is that He purposefully chose to reveal Himself to the seekers while hiding Himself from those who seek Him not. Even this is a proof of God the zeal of one and the blindness of others. Still the seeker grows tired and weary in the vain search after true good which forces them to stretch their arms to the redeemer. Everything eludes our grasp because God requires us to learn from His reach. No matter how low we have fallen His arms uphold us and no matter how high we soar He exceeds us. I and you are trapped in this finite capsule until we dwell inside Christ who is not at all trapped.

So with all these advantages over my enemies and desires to supply proofs to the friends of God I finish with a list of miracles.

My wife has CMT currently but shall be healed shortly. My sister has been given a cancer death sentence yet she shall live. I have a couple personal opportunities on the table also. This list is only the beginning of proofs offered to you. Many others will be listed here and easily verified by you. God is constant in His proofs and reliance upon them is sound. I will have traversed the full spectrum of proofs for you before my exit. What will you do with it is your choice.


taycamstu said...

Nice posting, refreshing and inspiring optimism.

"1.) I will not be destroyed by Alsup. I will be put in a position to bless the people of God with money.

2.) I will not see a 5th anniversary in prison."

I believe this means Kurt to be out by July 2010.

Joseph said...

Kurt's early release from prison was predicted earlier, by prophecy too by Alvin Hansen back in 2007:

Jammed-up Client said...
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Jammed-up Client said...

Joseph said...
The client or a client's attorney needs to prepare a quit claim deed from the Trust to your personal name, & have it signed by the proper person(s). Your trustees of course are Kurt Johnson & Dale Scott Heineman & their authorized representative, has the power of attorney to quit claim the asset from your family trust back to your personal name, hence that's where you need a little help and cooperation.


I have the quit claim ready. Who can I contact (and how) to help finish the process?

My e-mail: