Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Heart Of The Matter 4-04-10

I have learned that the federal government is populated by the very cowardly individual. They have all migrated into a collective where they imagine their force is equal to courage. I may be what is called a dreamer but I imagine one man of faith who would be fearless can stand in real courage against their forces until they are unnerved and their cowardice is revealed. I can’t imagine what a group of faithers could do. I suspect they could lead this nation to repentance. I am not impressed with the constitution or the sentiment of Christians towards it. The holiness attributed to that document and the historical origin is merely fanciful. We as a nation were not founded out a relationship with God but in spite of it. Blindly we come into compliance with His plan despite ourselves. We have not matured beyond this state in over 200 years. Still we digress. Times are changing and time itself is coming to an end. Not like 2012 but like a birth. Real truth is crowning and a revival of hearts falling in love with their creator will bring on appropriate government. So much wickedness is now pawned off as righteousness today. All have lost their way. Faith should not be cast as a Republican or Democratic vote but as a prayer and a walk. We should not be afraid to expose sin, untruth, or wickedness especially of those in positions of power. They have lion’s dens, fiery furnaces, tortures, and contempt for God but God has truth, deliverance, and strength. Healthcare is an issue for a world out of fellowship with God. What matters to us, we have Christ and His healing. Healthcare will not purify a diseased heart. The treacherous heart is the weapon of mass-destruction. By it the government consumes its people. Our place of attack is obvious and truthfully at the heart of the matter. Don’t shrink back from the ridicule of fools, shoe them your power which the love of Christ advances. Our heart at a time our government can change back to a servant instead of a tyrant. I know my journey has been long and many have judged already, but how a man finishes is his measure. The cowards I encountered will have a sound witness to God’s ways and truth. I hope they take it to heart.

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