Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Truth That Will Snatch You Baldheaded 4-05-10

I am currently teaching a Bible study on how to relate to God. As with any relationship a study of how the other relates will advance your causes. One of the ways God like to reveal His character is through allegorical types. This has been our area of study for a couple weeks. Many rich truths can be mined from such a study. I think why God likes this style of communication is because it has the element of mystery. The truth is obscure yet easily understood by those whom He chooses to reveal. God could write His low in the sky, have stars singing His praises, heaven seen with the naked eye, and animals prophesying in every language, but mystery is a particular style that invokes trust or contempt. I am struggling with alepecia. Really a trivial disease that is embarrassing more than threatening. Yet it is no less a challenge to the promise of healing. A promise not birthed just for my personal benefit but as a type that enshrines a much greater truth about the nature of the creator and how He relates to us. Jesus is the focal point of divine and human relations. All religious deal with Him in dome form of debate. This is no accident. Christ intentionally made Himself an enigma to all living. One of the things history records of Him was Him healing of many diverse diseases. There were blind, deaf, mute, leprosy, bleeding, demoniacs, even the dead were raised. Now taken literally for what they were we still have a great witness of His miracle power, love, and interest. Who can deny the kindness and grace of Christ? But if we look at this entire set of facts for the allegorical truth we learn even more of the personage of God and what He desires to relate to us. The diverse sicknesses as a collective represents the fullness of our sick nature. Our souls are polluted by the foulness as seen by every possible facet. The mess of our being is greater than any single expression thereof. Christ using disease as a type wanted to show that He was potent enough not just to address a particular symptom but the cause in its fullness. No manner of effect from sin was exempt from His loving remedy. When we say “by His stripe we were healed” we are half knowledgeable and half ignorant if we only see alepecia as the need and restoration of lost hair as the miracle. I must trust for the healing not because of the promise alone but because it is the substance of the promiser, the promiser who desires a relationship with me. A party so lovely that every revelation of His character inspires me to love Him. Alepecia in the big picture has only come to inspire me to greater revelation. In that I am thankful. My silly baldness is making a name for itself as others take notice of it, but there is a name above all names who will make a profession from my illness that He is greater. It may be hair to the ignorant but in my relationship it is a truthful, faithful, aggressive and potent love. Hair to the king of kings or Hale at this point there is no difference. Be glorified!

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