Thursday, July 29, 2010

I have Sinned, 7/23/10

I have been given the gift of prophecy and been successful with that gift for many years. One thing that I always practiced was to stay away from personal prophecy. I modified this rule slightly by prophesying over my father. This slight modification had inherent within it the same trap I always tried to avoid -- that being my personal desires. Well it appears I have sinned in incorporating my personal desires into a presumption of God's word. This truly disappoints my heart. Not so much because of the personal desires being disappointed or the false hope emotionally being crushed, but because I have sinned and disappointed my beloved Christ. This is the hardest thing to bear. The consequences may be very high in that it may have cost me my marriage. This regret is not that a wonderful gift of God departs but that a wonderful gift was used improperly to the disadvantage of all. I owe an apology to Scott, my father, my wife, and all I mislead. Though it was not intentional, wisdom would have avoided it. As to the many things people suspect of my life and the sins they are certain I have missed I know I am blameless. As you can tell I am not a coward afraid to repent. If I had sinned God would have chastised, rebuked, and called to repentance. I repent today. I will resist the temptation in the future no matter how great to fall in this error again. Christ deserves better honor than this and those whom I love deserve a sound faith based upon the unswerving faithfulness of Christ.

As to our fight it continues unabated and even in apparent defeats victory is not eluding us. There was a recent decision called 300 reasons not to defend yourself out of the Ninth talking about a case after us. But about 8 pages we are used as an example. It is funny how the publisher of the record always gets to be the expert and perfecter of the truth. Facts don't matter in their world. In the end we will have the last word. And that word will not be tainted by personal desires. that God will assure. Bless you all. God is a sure word, a faithful friend, and a beloved.

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