Friday, November 12, 2010

Bless You Brother 2-15-10

Balaam knew even in his wicked heart that he could not curse what God had blessed. That is why it is easy for me to bless you. You may humbly say you have done nothing to wrought this honor and point all the glory to Christ. This is wise and true but not the complete story. For it is the faith of Christ that can trust God and confidently say “into your hands I commit my spirit.” It is still your choice brother though supplied with all you lack to surrender your spirit. I have noticed you do this and what a great sight it is. Not just for your honor but to see again in the human condition God made manifest, God proven true. This is a blessed state where your strength is in Him (?? 84). Again it is easy to bless you. I have seen your tears. I heard your groaning. I have witnessed your blindness in the darkness of trial, still your faith did not grow dim. Like the light hidden by Gideon soldiers who with a victory shout smashed that which kept the light hidden. This is your promise and who can prevent it. I have measured the powers levied against you and found them lacking. Do not fret the work of the wicked for in their senseless folly they have brought you God’s promotion. Though you look for trophies of faith and only see the devastation of war you have gained more. For the bosom of the Lord has become your pillow and His lips a comfort to your ears. All you have heard is true and in God’s favor you are known, you are loved, you are blessed. “Bless you brother” I only repeat original words of the throne. You have not yet imagined the treasure within your promises. Oh how you will dance and make music to joy the heavens. Out of the perceptions of forsakenness your soul cries of the truths of God’s faithfulness like Psalms 22, Your witness is true. I say “Amen.” The perfect storm of your deliverance has left the portholes of heaven it shall not return until it has nourished that seed of faith you planted and rained a saturating blessing upon all you can name. This summer storm is for you, is a gift, is God’s way, is God’s exit. Bless you brother.

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