Friday, November 12, 2010

No Angry God 2-16-10

The Christian gospel is not like any religion of men. It does not share the angry God needing appeasement imagined by fearful creatures. It is so contrary that this in itself could suffice as evidence for its divine origin. God is love as John declares it but what does that really mean? Of course God is more than any single attribute but this one is a very unique expression that may be more descriptive than a solitary attribute. The doctrine of the trinity has been argued for eons but what it teaches me is profound. God being a trinity may also be a single attribute but that is not what concerns me. It is the functionality of this attribute as a display of revelation. When I strip God of all creation to imagine Him alone I used to narrow my understanding to power. He is all power. Since creation is the expression of His power it was logical. But if He is somehow one God of varied personalities this strips Him back beyond His power. Power can only be measured by action and juxtaposed to something inferior. That is why creation is a display of His power. But if there is a Father, Son, and Spirit you’ll have relationship even if God is stripped down to His essence. This means that love goes back beyond His expressed power to be a core of His existence. Therefore God truly and thoroughly is love. If he was a single deity imagined by men where would He garner love from. If you strip this deity down to self that’s what you have, a lone deity with all power. Now how can this deity come to the notion to create. He is not one to relate, has no equals, and needs not to suffer inferiors. But if He should choose to create how could it be from love for love does not reach behind His power. So if power is the sole basis of creation, creation would suffer under the angry tyrant imagined in constant pursuit of appeasement. I have tried to relate to an angry wife not wanting a relationship thinking herself superior. This was impossible and led to divorce. How would it not ultimately lead to divorce if our angry God was real. We could imagine sacrificing our children would make Him happy but on what basis could we hope. This God could care less if we existed or not, lived or died. He can’t even view us as a chattel concern because there is no threat of another power to remove us from His government and He could always create again. But the true God created us in love to have a relationship with Him and that changes all ideology and values. It controls His approach to us even through His power. Christ is proof of this absolutely.

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