Friday, November 12, 2010

What Crime 2-18-10

I have been subjected to two juries and process and lost 5 years of my life to incarceration. But my question remains “for what crime?” I know what the indictment said and I have heard a lot of noise in my ears about an idea of wrong-doing yet in all this time not one person has put together a comprehensive complaint. It has all been rhetoric without fact or law. Take mail fraud – what is the crime? Using the mails to further a scheme or artifice. A scheme or artifice to break what law? Fraud you say, ok. Fraud as a common law? The feds don’t have common law. Let’s just say it was a common law fraud, who was the victim? Where is the sworn complaint of a personal victim claiming a reliance, a loss of property or money as a consequence of my statements. If you are a client saying I did not provide the service I promised then let me defend. If a “lender” then let me defend. But no, a mere slander feast without facts in on indefinite accusation is enough to make you all judges. Is it any wonder a world so stupid as stampeding its way to hell? Here are a couple of quotes from Blaise Pascul:
“And since man has lost the true good, everything can appear equally good to him, even his own destruction, though so opposed to God, to reason, and to the whole course of nature.”
“If we do not know ourselves to be full of pride, ambition, lust, weakness, misery, and injustice, we are indeed blind. And if, knowing this, we do not desire deliverance, what can we say of a man…?”
“If it is an extraordinary blindness to live without investigating what we are it is a terrible one to live an evil life, while believing in God.”
“If we would say that man is too insignificant to deserve communion with God, we must indeed be very great to judge of it.”
“The just man acts by faith in the least of things,…”
“The law imposed what it did not give. Grace gives what it imposes.”
“There are only two kinds of men: the righteous who believe themselves sinners; the rest, sinners, who believe themselves righteous.”
It is clear by this thinker’s quotes that men are not very good judges and cannot discern justice. Even if I could trust the facts and a real low to your care would you grant me justice? If so why have you been so quick to delight in calling injustice, justice? Truth is exclusive and force and numbers do not convert a lie to truth. You will learn I have never committed or been changed with a crime.

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