Friday, November 12, 2010

Bring It On 3-04-10

Jesus is a champion’s champion. Before He rises up in John 14:31 He acknowledges His enemy in verse 30. I love that spirit in Him and how it is imbibed into His bride. The enemy identified, the battle clear, the will of the Father known, the love of the Father certain, “Let’s rise” explodes from your spirit. This is the best way to describe what happened to Scott and I when Alsup identified himself as His enemy. No fear entered only a “Let’s rise” to the occasion. I do not sit in judgment of my co-defendants, let them judge themselves. But I know the spirit that possessed me was the same as that which possessed Christ in this text. Never would my love for the Father allow me to compromise with a love for self. I know the courage Christ displayed was founded on a complete trust in the Father’s care. It is the same today. As a man I could never fathom the needs, pains, or sufferings of every client but surely God knows and factored that into his plan. Is it not wise for me to give myself over that plan? Shrinking back doesn’t seem to reside tin this place of confidence. God will deal with the enemy and I will deal with God in trust of His loving relationship. Cowardice robs so many of the precious knowledge only obtained in this course. I suffer to human eyes but the eyes of the spirit envy my blessings. I abhor the cross for it’s evil but I know what can make a man rise to the occasion. When you do you’ll say “Bring it on.” Then you’ll understand Samson’s riddle. For the fierce lion that attacks fills your spirit with something sweeter than honey.

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