Friday, November 12, 2010

A Champion’s Comforts 3-02-10

Many of you have noticed my courage, compassion, and consistency. Many of you have mocked. My ways are not my own but Christ who lives in me. I’m the book of John chapters 14-17. Christ is very much the comforter. He says so many wonderful things about the relationship He established for men in love. I can picture the Lord knowing the times of the spirit and the great work before Him. He’s sitting wanting to take these moments to lavish loving and comforting words upon His disciples. He touches on the timing and is inspired at the end of the chapter 14, verse 31. Knowing His time is at hand He is eager to do God’s work regardless of the pain and suffering. It hits Him “Let us rise and go.” I now picture Him standing but collecting Himself from that moment of courageous obedience and realizing He still has a few moments He continues His comforts of love through chapters 15-17 then in 18:1 marches off to battle. I know this place from public speaking your passions are hot for two important tasks. You pace and engage the people doing all you can to dispense the truth and engage their understanding. Also you know as much personal joy you gain by comforting others you must divorce yourself from that task to face your battle. That is the spirit that possess me. I cannot shrink back from the work of God even though I would have liked to stay with you and comfort you out of your fears. But it will not be comfort that delivers you, it will be my courage and trust in the Lord to finish His work. You have your words of comfort and your assigned champion. Can you rest in the Lord’s provision? That is an individual answer. The champion did not stay gone for long. When He returned His words on the other side of God’s work completed also completed the comfort. Trust in the Lord’s model He has not changed.
Notable Quotes Cont.
Brigid Martin (bold) Sentencing: “Because we did not allege and have the jury make a finding on whether or not a financial institution was defrauded here.”

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