Friday, November 12, 2010

Condescending 2-25-10

This is a word that expresses a movement of one superior to the inferior. I’m not sure the movement is anything but benign. It is the will or heart motive behind the movement that is most telling. We have all faced people of superior position who guarded their standing with pride or jealously. Worse than that is one who lacks any real superior standing except for their perception who tries to own this movement. What I opposed on this blog was the arrogance of these perception idiots. It was so easy for them to rise up in judgment and to condescend in pride. The condescending practice from these is the same as reaching down to secure the inferior to assure there can be no faltering when the inferior is stepped on to elevate the other. Many wrap this in religious robes and call it holy. But it is not the practice of God when they attribute it to but is the way of their father the devil. God in Christ left His throne not to step upon creation but with a reach full of love condescended Himself with power to lift and love to elevate. You must ignore Christ to miss this truth. I know this thought may have never crossed the mind of my superiors, but what if God caused Scott and I to suffer as a vehicle of God condescending to elevate others. Why have there been every opportunity to elevate ourselves at the expense of others? This temptation will not cease with victory. It did not cease for Christ at the cross for through His body in every variation He makes a stand not to condescend in power of pride but the power of love. This battle is wrought in the inner man so there is only circumstantial evidence by which judgments are cast. Yet the devil’s agents are never slowed by this evidence deficiency. Their judgments are harsh and their tongues are swift. Perhaps others who knew their standing and have experienced this loving condescension through Christ and His body are possessed with a real factual evidence to ponder with gentle reflection and slow tongues. It is my hope knowing Christ’s style you can interpret if in the circumstance of Dorean and in the hearts of Scott and I. Let us leave off this wicked condescension for the self-righteousness witches and their irreverent courts and love one another as Christ has loved us. Can we be known by anything else?

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