Friday, November 12, 2010

Save Me And The Conversation 2-22-10

As I’ve said the save me prayer is arrogant and flawed by all the character of a sinner’s nature. But that does not mean all save me prayers are about a justified expression. Here is the thing about God bring a plural personality, a singular being, and a unified will that as a character trait sets the doctrine of His kingdom. The bride of Christ has been invited into this being. To relate as He has always related within Himself. The body of Christ copies this relationship in that there are many personalities, one body or being, and a unified will. If the save me prayer should come from one of these personalities in relationship without a violation of the being by usurpation of the unified will then it is a factual part of relating Jesus said the save me prayer under these conditions. His personality was not excited about the suffering before Him but His spirit was joyed by the direction of the unified will. For Christ not to relate His concern would be disingenuous to an honest loving relationship. If we find ourselves in trial not liked to which deliverance is a desire a save me prayer is appropriate to the standing of servant and Master. But if the desire of the Master should say “my grace is sufficient for you” the will must rein in your spirit. Then as Christ, an addendum must attach to your save me prayer, “not my will by thy will be done.” Many times I have expressed my prayerful desire to be done with this trail but always this expression was not a dictate twisted out of a faith lever to move God but from one trusting his lover enough not to omit the truthful expression of them self. We were invited into God through Christ to be at liberty to our true selves, naked without shame. Completely free to relate. This save me prayer has been thoroughly answered in Christ which is ample evidence that we can have a desire but still surrender our will. The deliverance and victory at the end of this course will always impregnate your spirit with joy and courage far superior to the momentary suffering one desires relief from. So if you know of your deliverer and His salvation pray for me also for our answer is trustworthy.

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