Friday, November 12, 2010

Great Power Meets Greater 2-02-10

It has been said that “necessity is the mother of invention,” but I have discovered another mother. Great power is the mother of great domination. I have been exposed to Alsup’s great power and offended him when I revealed to him the relative domination. But have we all not this flow? Recently I felt called to pray for a man, stranger to me. I felt the unction to a specific time and place that this prayer should take place and felt this God’s will. Well, though this guy had a need he did not share the revelation of God’s unction within me. My first response was what arrogance for him to dictate to God time and place. This judgment gave me power over him in that I would not pray for him under his terms. With this great power comes great domination. It is the same practice of all the fruit inspectors who have passed through this blog. When I went to the Lord with love for me and judgment for him I was confronted with the hypocrisy truly I needed to remove the log from my own eyes before I addressed the splinter in his. Besides love desires relationship. Relationships require communication not acts of presumption. I judged arrogance but truly I have no idea of his motivations. What if they are sound? What if he was shy or fearful? Wouldn’t love reach to his weakness instead of crushing him with condemnation? David in psalms 26:6 looks to his own sins and to the Lord. Not to his power. I chose to do the same and resolution and love prevailed. God was honored.

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