Friday, November 12, 2010

Have It Your Way 12-05-09

Coming into Christ was not that difficult once revelations came. My selfish soul had no problem accepting underserved benefits. No hell; check, prayer listener; check, meet all my needs; check, etc. This toddler of faith seems to be the greatest level of maturity among believers. Look at my critics; they only know a Jesus that will powder their ass. I don’t like Dorean, bitching clients, or my personal sacrifice and suffering. But relationships involve on another. What do they need, like, and desire? I know Jesus, and I love Jesus. Knowing Him and becoming more intimate is my greatest joy. The injustice I’ve suffered doesn’t hurt me as much as it offends me because my beloved hates it. In the federal prison they have a thing called UNICOR. This is a program of slave labor disguised for political reasons and moral rationalizations as a vocational training program. Prisoners for .20 to $1.20 hourly wages work on military contracts. It’s ironic our soldiers are pondered as freedom fighters of righteousness and truth in uniforms made by slaves. The government has a profit incentive to make out bogus crimes, stiff sentences, and hypocritical juridical processes. We all ignore and show these uncomfortable issues because we don’t give a damn about Christ’s interest. Our relationships are all for self-gratification. What I like about the evil that has befallen me is now I truly know what offends my beloved and can now enter into the fray to bless Him. That’s what love does to the other when it comes into contact with things that disturb or are important to their beloved. Stop with this toddler expectations and treating Jesus like some genie. Who cares what Jesus would do (WWJD). If you care about Jesus and what concerns Him the better questions is what would Jesus have me do? The answer for me is simple; oppose injustice, fraud, and with courageous faith diminish and defeat it so it cannot be so easily practiced. Oh, I thank God for Alsup in more ways than you can imagine.

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