Friday, November 12, 2010

Trust 12-14-09

If there has been any one thing I have desired to inculcate to your knowledge through this display of my life and Dorean in my blog writings is that God’s love is real and His person is trustworthy. Dorean has attracted very powerful enemies. Their evil intentions appear to be unimpeded. This perception can only come to these ignorant of God and His style and plan. The crucifixion under the same perception misses God’s involvement in addressing the nature of sin which destroys us. A loving Creator protecting His creation like parent would a child. This was not a wrath of vengeance but of purification. This one truth exposes all my critics who have judged me by their righteousness not of God. This purification is a foremost thought in all His loving acts. Dorean challenged money frauds. First it was the bonker’s fraud. Then, the moral fraud of the government, and in the clients. Last it challenges the spiritual fraud which causes you to misunderstand your suffering and the overall Dorean trail. If you were trying to get over on the banks your motives put you in check so you think Dorean is a punishment. If you think you’re good you can’t reconcile this suffering to your behavior so you blame me and question my integrity. If you are lazy you don’t study the issues to their logical conclusions and become apathetic and indifferent hoping only to survive the event. If you are well informed you may have concluded by the strength of the enemy you can’t fight city hall and want to distance yourself from the issues. The truth of the matter is everyone of these calculations and their variable are all fraud. The spiritual reality is that God’s motives are not measured by your knowledge of good and evil. He is a nurturing parent, a loyal friend, a brother, husband, and lover. Every relationship runs on the rails of love and trust. We have been created with this freewill capacity and desire so when God reveals His love towards us we can love Him back. Love must have trust. “The satanic presumption is that men and women cannot love God for His own sake.” Jesus showed us perfectly the way of trusting God’s love; “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.” Admittedly I did not settle so easily into this peaceful state of well-being resting in a perfected love. But the more you do the more your understanding increases. I can clearly see Dorean as a love gift with many facets. The most important one being a gift of revelation of God’s love. Others are not the truth falling prey to the lie but the truth overcoming a myriad of lies. That His care was not absent through the suffering but the suffering was evidence of very profound care. That none of these events are outside of God’s care for me or the clients. That love always prevails. Oh that you would settle upon his love and pout away such foolish fears and phobias. Don’t take Jesus through your life, take a journey through His. This trust is justified by one extraordinary love proven in advance.

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