Friday, November 12, 2010

Proof 1/19/10

There are many proofs of God and His work through Christ. Pascal listed 5 I have shared with you: (1) Morality, (2) Doctrine, (3) Miracles, (4) Prophecies, (5) Types. Each of these Christ confirmed as ways to know He is God incarnate. Many have accused me as having a Messiah complex to which I declared to be false and that my profession was to have a complex Messiah. Though He be complex the nature of love by which He functions can be simply understood. Love is unique in that all counterfeits are easily distinguished by the original. The love of Christ that established His completed work is still active among men today. Men such as fruit inspectors like Pat Robertson say foolish things like Haiti suffered devastation because they made a pact with the devil to throw off the French. This logic is devoid of any real knowledge of God’s love. Every one of Pascal’s proofs is a byproduct of God’s love. It is God supplying evidence of His love to justify your reliance upon its trustworthiness. Christ used miracles of kindness not earthquakes to vouch for His credibility. He said if you don’t believe my words believe the works. Also He spoke of things to come before they occurred. Out of that style of God’s love I now prophesy a miracle made known to me. As you know these blogs have the date they were authored and the date they were posted. On Feb. 20, 2010, a man born with a cleft pallet will be healed. Missing teeth will be restored. This man is a convict who does not deserve this mercy, nor do you deserve another witness that Christ is the Messiah of God. Yet he still gives His proof and still expresses His loving kindness. I will pray for this man. I, who am the least of all my critics, I too am a condemned man unrighteous. No good thing can come from me. I am a fraud and all my motives are suspect. Your judgments are true so then how do you judge this work? Can a wicked man tell you of a good work in advance or heal another wicked man of a defect from birth? If not how do you explain it away? How can I be confident in what I have proclaimed this day? The answer is love. God’s love once understood behaves as love should behave. If one should surrender one’s soul over to the dictates of this love it will gain insight that transcends time and evil. I will not send you reports of how God’s love worked here in prison. Let the works find you. I have my proof and I am confirmed in this love. I don’t have fears that a perfect love cast away. Will you see the works of God’s love entering your prisons or are you too righteous a judge for facts and evidence. God knows we have enough of those for countless generations. Maybe we all suffer a little too much Alsup within us.

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