Friday, November 12, 2010

The Reliability Of Love 1-21-10

In the biblical Greek the word “Agape” was used to describe the love of God. It has been defined as an unconditional love. Though I can appreciate the sentiment behind this definition I consider it too vague to help me comprehend this love. A better definition for me would be a love always functioning within the quality of itself. This love is not object oriented but finds its quality of character from origin or source. Concerning God’s love we now have a love that is always consistent with its source regardless of the object. Since our knowledge of human kind brings us to a conclusion or unmerited conditions from the objective point of view this love appears unconditional. But to ponder this love from the source with the help of revelation from the person of God we will find some conditions. One condition is that it must be of the quality of the person of God. God must be of a nature to which this love is inherent within His being. Love is a quality only relevant to relationships. Therefore this source must have some quality of relationship within His being for this quality of love to be relevant at source before any creational relations. Second the love must be as timeless and changeless as the originator. Third this love of God must possess all the “omni” traits as its origin. It can not be conditioned from within creation but must be conditioned upon creation and present at all time and space as God possess. Last its affections must be “super” to the needs of the object in all the same ways the origin is “super” to creation. One only has to look to the relation between Father, Son and Holy Spirit to understand the conditions, quality, and behavior of this love. Christ as a man could judge this love reliable. Reliable enough to know His prayers were answered, His compassion were sanctioned, and His life was secure. It is this quality of love that overrides my nature which in contrary manner seeks self to be walked off from source and all other relations. This love moves as Christ through me to lavish in the style only known at the source. Prayers are answered, compassions are sanctioned and my life is secure. Are you aware of the reliability of this love? If so does it testify of itself? God is loving to which the many gifts we have received can be compiled as evidence. But the greatest display of this love is not the gifts but the giver. He gave Himself which was all His love “super” to creation, “super” to any need ever to appear.

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