Monday, May 09, 2011

The Great Profession 1-27-2011

The world has many strange professions of love. Take a man who beats his wife, after every episode will come the profuse apology and restatement of devotion. The adulterer the same pattern, over the years I have seen many come into unexpected blessings and are

Sure it’s from the Lord. In thanks they make bold professions of devotion. If things continue well their commitment fades. If events turn they blame God or forget Him. It matters not really how the events transpire the profession was always a fraud. On the other side in great tragedy or desperation great professions are made. Whether things get better or not God fades. I’m certain the beaten wife would rather have the real love instead of the profession. She would prefer hands that caress as opposed to injure. I’m also certain God has had His fill of every fraudulent conviction.

What I hate about the modern church is they are structured to obtain these bogus profession by programs and formulas that conjure up this emotional response. A few legitimates sneak in through this process but is it worth dealing with all the phonies? I say no!

The word says the world shall know us by our love, we should teach the real love of God, ignore the professions, and measure the devotion of men over a season of faithfulness. I know my wife loves me because she is faithful. I enjoy her professions but they are not the proof of her love. They are not bogus and that is the joy inherent therein. Can God desire any less?


dr. ira gilac said...

yo gotta forgive harry, as hes now a febble ole sure that like everything else, his org has bin filtrated and those who tried to discredit him can now have their day.

nun da less, harry brought the most important concept ever to light:


dr. ira gilac said...

hes is incapable of keeping his org in line, and the filtrators have now won....filtrators??? ho else, zoinists in his org.

dr. ira gilac said...

coss only da zoinists can keep da wars gong....zoinists filtrated into da so call chirstian relgion can easily fool dose wit no HS into bleefing dat christ sanctioned killing in some circumstances, like war, etc.

so now, christains wrongly bleef christ sanctioned killing, so all da zoinists gotta do is crate an 'enemy', using false flag ops like 9/11, etc.

just blow some sh8t up and blame a certian group fo it and then crate a war an all da fool christains join da miltry an go fight it fo dem....retards, no HS

dr. ira gilac said...

real christains no dat there were no circumstances under whihc chirst sanctioned killing anyone, so a reel christain cannot join the milityry.

no sloders, then no wars, simple. da killing stops. but few IF ANY today have the HS to do their own thinking. they just leef it up to a 'paster' ho cut an paste his nunday cermons.

then they walk out the doe and nohtings changed. they still worship stan.

dr. ira gilac said...

dats why christains will be kill in da end times, because they bleef in killing, so they will be kill because they too stoopid to no dat they was set up by a flase flag ops by the zoinists. fools.....


yeshua sitting next to a man whos child has just been killed.

man: "...yeshua, the guy that just killed my child is standing over there...can i go kill him?"

yeshua: "depart from me, i never knew ye, ye worker of iniquity..."

in ohter words, you never learned anything from Me.


now notice, i did not say that christ would prevent the man from killing the killer of his child, just that He would not sancion it, ie., give the man an "OK"

he can kill, but from his own free will, not from yeshua...meaning that you cannot kill in yeshuas name...same as saying that He would sanction it.

this is waht christians in the military do today; as "professed christians, they kill in "yeshuas name"

dr. ira gilac said...

an obamanation.


dr. ira gilac said...

this is waht christians in the military do today; as "professed christians, they kill in "yeshuas name"

and thats why christains will be hated and killed in the end times. because they kill others and innocent 'collateral damage' women and children as well, like they did in eye rack.

dr. ira gilac said...


Robert said...

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Joseph said...

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