Friday, June 22, 2007

The River Chosen (06-02-07)

Cool and crisp crystal clear
meandering peacefully or in a rage
sometimes far sometimes near
like a river you flow through my life

Living water from an eternal source
expanding, contracting, consuming its path
no one can resist its will, its course
and all its surprises are risk, is life

No reason, no obstacle can restrain your flow
and I’m amazed at the places you’ll take me or go
still in my ignorance I must trust that you know
how to make a show of this life

For the glory of thy Son you have made me whet
and for these glories my life has been set

I wrote this sonnet to reflect the truth of a prevenient relationship we have with our creator. The river allegory reflects to me the indeterminate course our life takes but also reflects a certain life giving presence. Like you I didn’t see the extent of the difficulties standing for the truth would bring me but that fresh living water is still there to refresh me and to whet my appetite for the promised victory. The victory is as real as the river and both are evidence of the other. I do not wish your suffering or mine but in the end will you be embarrassed by your faithlessness or honored that God taught you obedience by your suffering? When God is working you just have to let it flow. Now that’s life.


near the end said...

notorial dissent, From what you have posted;

I've determined; YOU must already be in HELL.

Your family must really hate you.

I bet you and Neo are the same person.

mogel said...

Zimbabwe's currency crashes & incredible inflation is setting in the forecast:

neodemes said...

"I bet you and Neo are the same person."

You lose.


sop12 said...

Just lost another good privacy shelter to Uncle Scam.


Nevada partially lifts corporations' veil of secrecy

By Kevin McCoy, USA TODAY

Reacting to criticism of its business laws, Nevada has enacted reforms aimed at making it easier for law enforcement officials to identify the owners of any company registered in the state.

A Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations hearing last year spotlighted testimony showing that Nevada was one of several states where a company's true owners could hide their role by listing the names of stand-ins in state records.

Separately, USA TODAY reported in February that a thriving mini-industry has capitalized on gaps in incorporation laws and virtually non-existent oversight to promote Nevada and other states as secrecy rivals of traditional offshore havens.

The gaps prompted an IRS warning that anonymously run firms are facilitating "underreporting of income, non-filing of tax returns … money laundering, financial crimes and possibly terrorist financing."

Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller said reforms enacted during the last week would:
FIND MORE STORIES IN: Nevada | Miller | Asset Protection Group

•Require companies to maintain a record of its beneficial owners and make the information available upon request by the secretary of state for law enforcement investigations. Previously, investigators were forced to subpoena the information. They then had to search for the ownership records.

•Ban the controversial use of so-called bearer shares, which are used to transfer ownership of a given company to whoever physically holds the shares.

•Authorize the secretary of state to craft new regulations to address fraudulent or false business registrations, and to oversee resident agents that serve as the contact point for Nevada companies.

"We hope this strikes a balance between giving law enforcement officials the information that they need and maintaining Nevada's pro-business philosophy," Miller said Thursday.

Nevada, with roughly 310,000 business entities currently registered, ranks second after Delaware in corporate filings per capita, according to Miller's office.

But the state has gained an unwanted reputation as a haven for firms suspected of hiding from government and law enforcement authorities. USA TODAY's report highlighted the operations of Asset Protection Group, a firm that registered more than 1,000 Nevada corporations with the same man — William Reed — listed as their sole corporate officer.

Reed is Asset Protection Group's owner, as well as the target of an ongoing Federal Trade Commission lawsuit. His firm advertised its purported ability to use Nevada corporations to shield assets "from capricious federal judges and any government agency."

A federal court judge issued a contempt order against Reed and his firm in April. The Federal Trade Commission on Monday filed a new lawsuit aimed at requiring him to repay hundreds of consultants who paid $9,800 each to learn Asset Protection's tactics.

Copyright 2007 USA TODAY, a division of Gannett Co. Inc.

sop12 said...

"Now that's life...."

Sung by F. SINATRA®

"...I've been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet....a prince and a King....I've been up and down, and over you know what I mean....???"

"Now thats life....thats what people say....."

sop15 said...

Now that u b getting you dg money, make shoo that u spritual bank account is full also, as u know that the ptb of this world dont give up spit fo nothin', so when they do, specially when they been cornered and they have to, yo no that something BIG is coming along with it, sort of like a "rider".....


sop15 said...

put you miney in southern belle privat bak to open up soon in a theater near yo.

take yo money out of fissionats, as it seem to be nothing but losing money. so much fo 50% month, unless they mean they will lose yu money 50% a month. yo better off to go fishin fo real.

G-FORCE said...

--Yeah, go with the flow. When you know God has his hand in everything you do, you know everything will be alright, in every area of your life. Remember the story of Joseph, From the start, things did not seem so hot, he made mistakes, was taken advantage of, lied about, thrown in jail, forgotten, etc., but God prepared him to be second in command of the most powerful nation on earth and used him to save the future of Israel. Everything is cool, relax even when you make mistakes, the Lord will keep you form falling. Ps. 37---Minister to those around you. Be a blessing to those who need eternal hope. Your redemption is near!

~~The Swami~~~ said...

SOP, you might want to stop building so many model airplanes. The glue and you don't mix.

To summarize all SOP posts:

" The Sky is Falling at Ten O'Clock!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Story at Eleven." ;-)

mogel said...

SOP said: "take yo money out of fissionats, as it seem to be nothing but losing money."
Actually fusionats is up almost 10% since inception. I believe things will improve, even though they got off at a slow pace.

You mean Southern Star Private Bank? I don't think they are accepting deposits yet, hopefully soon though. At least the bank got their back office up on the website finally so their banking software seems to be in place. I think that means all the governmental regulations & licenses have been satisfied now.

notorial dissent said...

near the end, how one person can be so wrong, naive, and so stupid all at the same time, and there's Moogey as well

sop15 said...


24 Jun 2007




cmon now! how yo gonna set inferest rats if yo in the can??

unless yo talking about prison lending rates on a 30 years sentace.


sop15 said...

hey, greenie....what yo mean when you said 20 years ago that the "stock market exhibits signs of 'irrational exuberance'????

yo mean that yo knew taht the sock market was a scam from then????

sop15 said...

who dam writ it???

did yo writ it???

yo dont know how to writ??

what the matter wit yo???

man, damn us writ it.


stop drinkin' that mooshine.....

sop15 said...


from a blahg:

Posted on Saturday, June 22, 2007 -

Latest update.

"The trader at MB is really bad. 33 losses v. 21 profits in 3 weeks, for a 17% decline. I have dropped out. The FX trader is up 10% in the same period, and looks OK. He has a totally different style."

sop15 said...

The mainstream media is fed by their Scarlet Beast
to keep their lies flowing.

Please help resist their lies.

You will enjoy Zeitgeist-the Movie "Spirit of the time".

Learn what Christianity, 911 and the Federal Reserve Bank have in common.

In short the government itself has become a Religion, and non-belief in their lies, laws and imposed beliefs results in punishment, either economically or by a jail sentence.
The courts have become inquisition courts where the truth is suppressed, the innocent are convicted and the guilty go free because they are either not charged or are not convicted for BS reasons.
If the innocent cannot be done in by the courts or court action would be too revealing (evidence suppressed for National Security reasons, the Act protects pedophiles!)

The innocent "happen" to committ suicide.

The power of the Scarlet Beast is almost total now.
Soon the inquisition soldiers will begin their work in North America.

sop15 said...

"Learn what Christianity, 911 and the Federal Reserve Bank have in common."

above should read, "Learn what FALSE Christianity, 911 and...."

~~The Swami~~~ said...

sop15 said...
who dam writ it???

did yo writ it???

yo dont know how to writ??

what the matter wit yo???

man, damn us writ it.


stop drinkin' that mooshine.....

It's becoming clearer and clearer that sop has been incarnated by Tex Ritter, Hank Williams, or Pa Kettle...........take your pick. I've already had to give phone counseling to sop's high school English teacher. Honest Ms.'s not your fault.

sop15 said...

"It's becoming clearer and clearer that...."

satan is the most s-u-b-t-l-e of ALL creatures.

It has occured to me that the very method that is going to be used to beat the Feral Reverse System is whats going to be used by the "beast" against christians.

The way to beat the Fed is to use the citizens unlimited "Right to Contract (or Not contract) with whomever they like/not like FREE FROM INTERFERENCE FORM THE GOVT.


So, now what happens when the beast (govt.)puts in the "MARK" on you hand or forehead??

cannot the beast now say that yo have the right to contract/not-contract with the beast?

however, IF yo say "NO" you will not contract (take the MARK) to do business with the beast, then what IF the beast say "OK, then you may not buy or sell, unless you contract (take the MARK) to do so??

then we all in deep s**t!!

anyone know how we will get out of that one.

there wont be a dg program then for getting out from not taking the MARK.

seriously, anyone think about this???

sop15 said...


c'mon, yo really expec me to
be-LIE-ve this????????????????????????

that they put the FATHER of INTEREST RATS IN THE CAN???????


the hubby of "sweetie doll" andrea mitchell??


During the week ending 15th June 2007, ‘unspecified very senior officials’ in the United States were arrested and jailed without bail, in connection with corrupt financial operations exploiting the financial assets belonging to Ambassador Sir Leo Emil Wanta (1) as sole Principal.

The former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, Dr Alan Greenspan, who was in office when these illegal and corrupt financial scandals to the severe detriment of the American people, the US Treasury and the Ambassador were embarked upon, is among those in jail, and has likewise been refused bail. This is only the beginning of the belated sensational consequences of Wantagate.


On 18th June, the Ambassador filed a Writ for Mandamus in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. The case Number is: Civil Action # 1-07 CV 609. The text of the filing is given below, minus the Exhibits [see notes at foot of the text]. The Judge in this action has the power to compel payment of the illegally diverted and exploited $4.5 trillion Settlement to the Ambassador/AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc..

sop15 said...



Irrational ExuberanceIrrational Exuberance, Second Edition by Robert J. Shiller ...

The definition of "irrational exuberance" has its origin in a speech Alan Greenspan gave on ... - 8k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Irrational exuberance -

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Irrational exuberance" is a phrase used by former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan in a speech given at the American Enterprise Institute ... - 17k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Irrational Exuberance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaRobert Shiller's plot of U.S. home prices, population, building costs, and bond yields (from Irrational Exuberance, 2d ed. Princeton University Press). ... - 17k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

sop15 said... I sade, yo dun need an IQ of 162 to figure it out.....

sop15 said...

yep, sade (SHAH-DAY) sang sum good sawngs in the 80's......

~~The Swami~~~ said...

sop, now you're making sense. Yes......Sade is greatness. I've seen her in concert twice. I wished she made albums again. She hasn't had a new one in seven years, and eight years before that one.

notorial dissent said...

And when did Leo the Loon get knighted? Or is this just another of his ficticious honors, awards, and titles?

The only ones that I know of that he came by honestely were fraud, con-artist, and tax evader.