Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sweet Water in the Desert (05-31-07)

There is a little well of refreshing in the Tucson desert. She is not a client but can see the eternal purpose behind this epic battle. In the cares of the world she doesn't withhold prayer for us or God's victory. We may be the one's called to slay the giants but what a refreshing for us to know our armor bearer is alert and diligent which renews our strength. Many of you have played this role. In eternity would you rather be known as one trusting God even for a small part in His victory or have your retardedness documented here as a legacy to your cowardous? This lady doesn't know much of the case or the subject matter but she knows God and how to listen for opportunities to obey. This is brave and contrary to why the retards prophetically vomit out their vain imaginations. Thank you to all of you. From the children praying to those wise adults who know how to enact childlike faith you are loved for the refreshing you supply and for being just as important in the ministry of Christ as ourselves. The Bible says a man's gifts make room for him. I look forward to seeing you further down the path of blessing your gifts have prepared for you.


BigO said...

May our God bless you both for your faithfulness, and all those who have stayed the course. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME !!!

BIG "O" 1+1+1=1


~~The Swami~~~ said...

Mogel, check your e-mail.